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27.05.2013 09:19
is said to be in ancient antworten

> Three-shift second more, seeking sanctuary World recommended votes in the evening, since the recovery from the devil, hell, time does not affect the strength of the entire continent, a steady stream of demons into this world, until yesterday, completely sever the power of heaven Hell contact with this world, hell impact on the world has also been weakened to the point of micro non-investigation, past the moon was obscured forces of hell finally returned to the sky. Www! QUaNBEN! COM and master different world, this world is not the moon wanes, only the brightness changes, that night, the moon was bright moments though not the most, but after all, is gone for a long time, once again to reproduce, in all mind, this moon is very bright, this unusual moon in the past, it is now the dawn of all human hearts. Li Zhi did not go back to the main world, this is the world of Sanctuary came after his first night here, the reason is very simple, this evening may be very important to have a gathering in the mainland Candelas upcoming human power to fight back the demons Eve, the group gathered together the old aristocracy Candelas want to do? Or, Monsieur the Marquis Macbeth want to do? In particular, tomorrow, Wisconsin Ticketmaster royal family will come. Wisconsin Ticketmaster royal family at this time to do what? Li Zhi even though the political sensitivity is not high, but saw a lot of kinds of TV fiction, but also know that they have a purpose this time is coming, and Macbeth Marquis gatherings also associated with this, Li Zhi bold speculation, this is definitely a The key party critical moment, so not to be missed. It is surprising that Macbeth is not the Marquis dinner held at Candelas aristocratic district, but in the spirit of Roger's death camps guild resident, know that this point, Li Zhi also vaguely guessed,Coach Handbags, the reason why the Marquis invited Macbeth him, and perhaps quite Stevo elders relationship. In the evening, Li Zhi was originally intended to go to one person, but he was Mase Fu stopped, saying that a man went to have taken, and finally by his arrangements, Li Zhi a man in front, Wade and his teachers are to Li Chi's entourage identity in the past, Li Zhi this time realized that whatever the outcome, now is a "big man", they have to talk about some decent, not to make things have taken. "Wanstead adults come." Zhi although the last time and comparing Stevo masters talk, but to Rogge camp soon, and everything go-ridden, so the first time to the resident Necromancer guild to this Although the area is also large resident, however, and the Church of Zakarum Paladin camp simply can not be compared, which is building a lot smaller scale. "Wanstead adults come." Zhi facial features too obvious, one to Necromancer guild, he was recognized, he now has a great reputation, most people most of the camp had heard of him, as long as Black Black Eyed know, how people would not know him, say hello too are Candelas old nobles, there he Swinger Kerim four earlier, most of these nobles are thankful to him. Li Zhi eleven compliments in return, these people although he disdain, but not lost etiquette. "Wenshite you, Monsieur the Marquis Stevo elders and Macbeth is waiting for you, please come with me, you we will arrange these followers." One-to-gate, even the invitations do not have to produce, since people come to escorts, showing that the owner of his value. Zhi heard around the aristocracy was Stevo elders and Macbeth Monsieur the Marquis direct invitation past, suddenly talking about them, one by one will be astonished gaze on Li Zhi, see their own primary home owner so valued, Wade a pedestrian have also straighten the spine, sharing their glory adults, and even hired three mercenaries as well. Merely an invitation,Coach Sunglasses Clearance, Li Zhi was here aristocratic masters and unusual separated, placed in a very special position, it is no wonder nobles talking about, but in addition to individual without opening the eyes of the people, they are pretty Xiangde Tong They are now almost lost everything except their own body strength once proud heritage of blood and almost nothing, but Li Zhi was recently set off a storm in the camp Rogge powerful sorcerer, but it is better than no . "Wanstead your way, please." Young wizard continues to lead the way into the yard Wang Qianmian not actually go to the hall, but he went to the side of the lead with a small house. "Monsieur the Marquis, gentlemen, introduce you, this is the recent extremely famous in the camp of Wanstead sir." One door, the house where people have stood up, clearly showing his attention, Stevo Elders is the first to welcome out, be introduced to the crowd. Li Zhi casually glanced at the house by his income in the eyes of all men. In addition to his time outside the house, a total of five people, one is Macbeth Marquis, this man looks about as over forty years old, dressed in extravagance, standing there on an own style, in addition, his facial features are extremely Obviously, silver-haired silver eyes are covered with skin reveals a silvery white, flowing body more powerful force, Li Zhi's wild heart induction, you saw a burning torch. "Wisconsin Ticketmaster royal family?" Li Zhi today cramming a lot of nobility of knowledge will know, silver Silver Eye in the whole world of Sanctuary, Westminster Ticketmaster only royal one, is said to be in ancient times primordial human Nai Falan ( mythical American) heritage angel blood most complete one, naturally control the mysteries of the Light, and ordinary human beings can become a shaman compared to hard practice, they are born shaman. Their coat of arms is displayed on the strength of their roots, the legendary paradise St. inflammation, but everyone knows that Macbeth Marquis Lexus multi-family ancestors were pilgrims, is Zakarum Paladin, how to become Now Wisconsin Ticketmaster royal of it? Some legends in the world, the world is made a sanctuary angels and demons creation, humans are born of this combination of angel demon offspring, but the blood are far and near, but Li Zhi did not believe, because the angel actually in the later overturned by humans directly, think of it all laughable, personal creation of the world, and the world is its own domain, all the rules by their own making, the founder was himself a world of ants down is a joke, and more The irony is that this angel is dead, the world also continue to run, and run better. Have to mention the names of these two angels called 艾纳利尤斯 is an archangel, demon called Lilith, is said to be one hell Andariels four small devil's mother, is this two shelters constructed cheese the world, you know, is hell strongest devil Diablo Sanctuary world went down by humans, this two energy creation? Only ignorant fools and the guy was completely brainwashed to believe. But who created the world in the end, has no one knows, but the original human blood has been passed down, where the angel appeared Ticketmaster royal bloodline of Wisconsin is one of the leader, in addition to many abilities some weak, and that is major kingdom nobility, degraded even worse, is there beyond the ordinary, but not much beyond the mercenaries and the like,Coach Poppy Collection USA, and with the presence of these people, angels demons creation of the world, seems to have created man has a certain basis. <

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