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27.05.2013 09:14
attempt to lead the gods antworten

> Extraterritorial sanctuary world, in the world when Li Zhi I entanglement with several girlfriends, his several incarnations have not been idle, did not affect, thought that Buddhism among the Ariake king, sitting on hundreds of millions of Ming Fei, especially to handle over, although he was at this time the realm, strength less than, dare to emulate these figures, but several incarnations free operation, its own way but it is harmless. Www! QuanBEn! COM time he sits on the world's three major incarnations stone vanity level, both can integrate with afterburner stone world, but also to join together, far more than the usual eight bands displaying the power of the Holy One of omniscience Vision can lock them anywhere, cast spells, there is no distance limits. Extraterritorial emptiness, either heaven or hell, can often see a brilliant red sweep, this brilliant flash that is gone, just like the same brush, brushing past eight bands will lead to countless demons instantly disappeared below the extraterritorial This extra-territorial demons, though many, are extremely powerful, but for him, it seems that only a large amount of resources, and it is the world of the red SG glorious destruction of the oven, a brush, it will be thoroughly those extraterritorial Omen grinding, brush into the earth oven, transformed into demons he wanted the extra-territorial structure, Daqian universe assisted many civilizations that bracelet is one of the areas. Crystal wall system within the extraterritorial Omen Omen is not the kind of gold cents level intensity, but the ten highest order, Kankan juxtaposed with one supreme god the world, and has just become the world's main strength is not bad by far, is the Lord of the world There are gradations,Oakley Holbrook Online, like heaven and hell Tasa Mette Anu invocation that can unite the world around them the source of power of the God of the first paragraph of the Lord of the world, the god of this thorough control of the world around them, into the world is a body, and fully grasp the body after a road-related comprehend the ultimate rule and related supernatural is paragraph. At this point of course, will not go to those at the top Zhi Extraterritorial Omen fork, eyes completely on the following eight bands and eight bands extraterritorial demons who, crystal wall inner demons actually extraterritorial extraterritorial lot of money is the real demons, they just gold Extraterritorial Omen cents level sow the seeds only, and that the extra-territorial demons grew up completely different in nature, so the means to display at this time Li Zhi, the realm of the whole map saint cast absolutely no danger of break, you can enjoy the display. "This revenue will also be the world to shelter large gains in exchange, harvesting the power of the harvest is finished, part of the region can only supply the world needed for growth, and this source of comparable strength that out ** is enough to supply the world's most desired. "That the world after the source matrix with the versatile features, can be transformed into everything in their power, and the source, the power of the differentiation of strength and spirit particles. Collection and extension of these two forces in Vientiane, with corresponding limitations, the Almighty falling as universal, strength and determination combined with a variety of evolution, will fall from the world's four major elements of universal, so everything becomes functional, since then, the more downward direction to the evolution of the more narrow and eventually become a single, like the strength of the harvest harvest mostly evolved out of a single power completely decomposed. The almighty power handed world, Li Zhi can be transformed into a relatively small number of the source comes from the matrix, which is the core subject will directly powerful, can also be used to strengthen the various incarnations of authority control efforts and promotion of universal merit, more can accelerate the fusion of the world stone. Circles the world of Sanctuary three pieces, from the day heaven Anu battle with Tasa Mette settled after many, heaven and hell, a few of the devil archangel who are busy fighting with that extra-territorial demons, but it is no spare time care foreign objects, and that the trouble lies in the extra-territorial demons have infiltrated the world inside, outside is extremely powerful, if not extra-territorial demons no unified command, into the system, their own way to the huge number and strength of the two pieces sector may have completely fallen, and now either heaven or hell, are serious disadvantage. Do not say that the world outside the outer boundary bubble real void infinite number of extraterritorial demons, just outside intrusion into the internal world has been extremely troublesome demons, demons has been in charge of these extraterritorial some relatively low-end clergy, or lords of hell , the existence of these extra-territorial demons into the world already inside the tumor, the constant diffusion, especially when extraterritorial extraterritorial demons will summon summon demons to gain power of visualization methods and pass out,Coach Online Sale, whether it is heaven or hell, in order to gain power and Extraterritorial Omen summon creatures one by one, cited numerous powerful demons into the world outside where the interface among entities, already vaguely shaken the foundation of one interface. Extraterritorial battle with demons, in terms of heaven and hell is bound to be a long battle, if there are no accidents and powerful demons to deal with extraterritorial means or perhaps will always continue, but in Li Zhi, the Heaven and Hell have to deal with the extra-territorial demons, which I do not know him much less trouble, shelter the world can develop freely, while he himself, but also reassuring blend of rock this world. So many extra-territorial demons, he continued daily harvest more than half of the extra-territorial demons forces are instilled into the world to go, in exchange for return of the huge merit matrix, also makes him the world's Stone control efforts increasingly deepened, according to this rate , the original take years or even ten years time is also greatly reduced, then harvest the extraterritorial Omen Zhi hardly do anything except humanitarian supplies required Daqian universe constitutes extraterritorial demons resources to give all the world to Find the fastest speed to grasp the fundamental authority of the world of Sanctuary, really get into the Holy Word, the Holy One under all is vanity, only achievement saints, have his place in this universe, this is his fundamental. I hope the authority, then the authority is already getting out of the unusual strength, no longer limited by the ordinary world torrent, integrate the world of the stone, so that the foundations of this authority by the torrent of the world go to the origin of the world to go, this incarnation of exists already into the origin level, along with the blend of the world's Stone, I hope, under the authority of a move, you can motivate the origin of the world and the world from that projected flood support, this incarnation, different other incarnations, the universe is great, except for Daqian universe has passed quarantine origin of the world outside, empty interface can go to any point are obtained, already masters of the world have a little weather, but power is only just into eight bands, a combination of efforts is not enough. Three Realms stability, Li Zhi in the virtual community of several stone circles incarnation An Shoushi strive blend, this day, the Brotherhood was established in Horadrim plateau arreat locking three interface mage tower after horadrim Brotherhood a field of up to half a month congregation legend under construction, has also been completed, with the condemnation of humanity incarnation piercing Zhi came to prepare the world of Sanctuary remove the last point of no return horadrim Brotherhood forces within the system. "Ivorian president, you are ready to Master the power of the tower Unicom, the mainland crow, go to the Boolean Kessel ultimatum, at this time if willing attributed horadrim Brotherhood, Stevo president of the war there under the area him a position, if not, it gave him to total destruction. "horadrim Brotherhood gathered in various areas of legends, mage tower power increase, another incarnation of existence of large Li Zhiqiang, Boolean Kessel war Throne cumulative infinite power, but ultimately only six bands, all Horadrim Brotherhood hands to him, is bound to be relentless momentum. "Jinzun Mr. Fazhi." Lu Weixing Li Zhi crow to a ceremony, turned into a fierce lightning disappeared in emptiness, which Leiguang escape method, he is extremely proficient use, penalty authority in charge of day, he and Li Zhi Like, is not idle, I do not know how many extra-territorial demons fall under penalty of his thunder, was labeled crushed, then he reverted to the world, allowing him to quickly enhance the strength, on the day of penalty authority to control growing. Increase in power, he was able to use the means is more and more, this is one of mine escape his realm of legend relative to other areas of clever and more, this is already mine escape did not fall in the day after tomorrow, but congenital mine escape, marvelous extraordinary, lightning a cross, between heaven and earth where can go too, it seems that the war Boolean Kessel throne, he seems to hang out their own backyard, this side of the electro-optic just disappeared, the next moment he had appeared in the Boolean Kessel war Throne being. Lu crow a go, Li Zhi of the height living above the clouds, eyes closed curtain, just waiting for a reply that Boolean Kessel, other areas have their own various legends silent and do to prepare for the next battle, if Buer Kai cable should not, and will not be shot next Zhi, everything is to look at them, these legends achievements in the field is too short, it would like to take the war to the line hone things. Suddenly, Li Zhi opened his eyes, omniscient vision locked to that seal off the natural character to go, he took this to seal off character, in the realms of the channel intends to break the blockade imposed grazing, this channel will be under control beneath. At this point he suddenly open eyes, but said unfortunately, turned out that Anu will break at this time was actually disappeared from grazing, leaving only his master piece of the world of the stone, which Anu it is also stupid to him holy realm, if not holed up in a world of stone stone bound for the world, omniscient vision under the endless void, Daqian universe, where he can go too, the results ran in the world of the stone, the stone of the world beam, not from a stone in the world equal to being locked up in prison, he happens to be the language of Li Zhi induced, since that is not the slightest way to fiddle with his Zhi, Li Zhi a result of being together with him where grazing operator Stone of the world that point with seal captivity, but it is not even the world of stone have no chance. Not out of the world of the stone, can not break the fan breaks the seal, he can only wait for someday Anu Zhi feel good to put him out, then he was gone from grazing breaks in, it is no wonder Hsin Tao Li Zhi Unfortunately, the Holy book on the character, he Anu limited power is impossible to break, and can not be broken, he can only wait for the world's Stone Zhi day of release, and in fact, it does not Zhi permanently imprisoned him, but some angry, just waiting for the dust settles, since proper placement for him, that time, he has become a saint, with Anu scores that point then what, infinite universe, give him a compensation arrangement and not a bad idea. Unfortunately Anu time gone, there is no recruitment, this disappearance is not normal,Nike Jordan Flight 9, then the result is only a possibility, Anu after the two roads into the Sacred, choose a light with the dust and thoroughly give up their own way, or, in the grazing operator, this time he suffered setbacks too much, a blow under the will of his heart had already tumbled almost collapsed, and want him to Anu, from an origin Since that is a party to dominate the world, but for the sake of Celestine, achievements saints, he spent much thought? Results can they do? The first time he played himself into a madman, this is almost completely fallen, and the residual little sense to go to Mesopotamia, again achievement, alas, the world has entered a period of recession end, under a last resort, he chaired the Babel Tower of creation program to his former masters of the world's identity, how to construct one of the world is no problem, in an attempt to lead the gods to escape, but the critical moment, and again suffered great destruction and disaster, but also a little awareness residues, this time he weakened to the extreme, two huge blow, but also gave him into the sacred land of opportunity. This time, he was with the Baltimore residual meaning that point back to the shelter with the world hell interface, the channel is countless years of effort has ushered in the harvest time, as long as he was again in charge of three film industry, when can immediately enter the Holy One the road, since very undesirable grinding, so also worthwhile pursuing his staunch, so to omniscience visual layout secretly guided this time, ready to rely on his past incarnation of the collision two obsession complete a thorough recovery key results moment, someone broke, do not plan to fail, said he was actually also imprisoned, locked up in a small space, it appears never a way out. At this moment, Anu is already in self-achievement can not see a way out, and comprehend Celestine seems to be only two choices in a way, the final selection of Anu and light with the dust, the universe has since become a part of that instinctive thinking negligible completely lose themselves, so it is not surprising Hsin Tao Zhi Unfortunately, a saint of the environment, is so to go, that and light with the dust of the road, although it is way out, but in the pursuit of their kind of people, I said, Since it is absolutely dead, that though in another form Anu continued survival, but in a sense, he was already dead, the future is not now Anu Anu again, and he was just thinking of the universe instinct a part of, a sacred land thus reduced. Feel Anu will disappear, Li Zhi integrate the world once again perceived urgency of the stone, only to completely integrate and master this piece of heaven and earth, he only foothold of the capital, after a moment, Miss Crow has returned Boolean Kessel they failed to carry the dead down, absolutely powerful force in front, he chose a piece of way out of this war also be unlikely, and now, in the upper structure of the world of Sanctuary already completely dominate it. <

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