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27.05.2013 09:08
performance boxing a rite in Zhou antworten

The vast, the night s è empty, quiet new earth, insect sound penetration. The king of Wei wuchengsi home study, the candle is bright as day. The door gently knock three times, a man came in quietly, impressively is now R ì in Yang Fan wedding high God performance. The study had seated two people, one person at the first heavy eyebrows, wide mouth, a beautiful beard hanging chest, is the inheritance. The first one, God eyes, elegant and easy, looks very gentle, is the president of Xingbu Zhou xing. Two people had the high God performance will come to see him in the door, not surprisingly, wuchengsi made a gesture, the high God performance boxing a rite in Zhou Xing, sit down opposite. Wuchengsi asked: "you are also going to the wedding to Yang Fan?" The high God performance: "!" Wuchengsi shook his head and laughed, Sun Road: "Wu Sansi is is back, had to report the statue to holding a Lang will field. Yang Fan but now is Habayashi Ichiro, although can draw from their own use, but in the event, who now use it co.. We the Liangwang, seems to be a little hungry, ha ha." The high God performance smile: "the identity to you, really need not be so condescend to simple men, but in the end will look, you even know Xue Huaiyi will go, so just to hold Yang Fan's field, only to Yang Fan the teacher." Wuchengsi suddenly: "so that is what it is. And, if so, it is possible." Zhou Xing light say with smile: "unfortunately, he never thought of," the early bird catches you already, get Xue Huaiyi promise." Wuchengsi proudly said: "before a man, his only five dogs, can big? Hum! The king had not put him in eyes, really difficult is the emperor. Wang Qingzhi has repeatedly petitioned the emperor always plead for the king, not to say yes or no. Oh! I don't know this time please Jean-Claude Xue Huaiyi, can make you determined to." Zhou Xing refined and cultured on smiling, way: "Wang Ye do not worry. As long as Xue Huaiyi according to our words suggest, you would never get the idea,Nike Jordan Superfly UK, the idea is to move on the move. 'you want to. His majesty is old. Could no longer bear children, now the prince once the succession to the throne, will restore the Tang name and surname. If so, your majesty all efforts are not cast to waste it, she why rack one's brains for the emperor's position? If the Zhou Jiangshan is not handed down, but the recovery of Li Tang state, so the emperor emperor move, later how to explain? There is only one explanation: is this usurpation, this is treason! At that time, but his majesty of Jiangshan not down. Worse her fame. His majesty is a man of great wisdom,Air Jordan 13 UK Sale, once figured this out, she would take a pass on to Li later? On down to see, you are indecisive, is not willing to the throne to the posterity, but between 'you and you,Women's Nike Jordan Shoes, you do not know how to choose." The high God performance in favor of tunnel: "Zhou Shangshu said at the end of the rational, it is the. If this is the case. We can find a few more powerful human prince intercede. Don't expect only some people in Luoyang led by King ip. As the prince took the prince set! The Holy See >

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