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> "Rui Kete!" House came a gasp, and Rui Kete has a plow on the ground, his neck was caught a pulpy, gushing blood flow in the ground floor. wWw. QUAnBEn. cOM Zhi no stay, stepping into the room, his eyes looking at the flat where the body wrapped in a black gown Sarin, see if in view of a dead thing. "You, you." Sarin wrapped in robes body started trembling: "Do not come, do not come." Shaking his side, while it stepped back, not two steps back, it has come to the wall. And Sarin different Kerim see Li Zhi came to kill, to ride than the previous anti calmed down. "You do not come ah." Sarin scream, but Li Zhi pressing harder and harder,Nike Jordan Take Flight UK, and he no retreat,Air Jordan Shoes, he almost mad, this is a continuous kill Matt and Rui Kete strongman ah. "The devil, the devil." Sarin sharp swallowing throat, and finally could not resist, black robe of a Young, a whip in his hand like a crossbow as a special catapult out, like a whip whistle length metal spear tip line Li Zhi . Li Zhi not flash does not avoid seeing the tip close to his chest, revealing incredible ecstasy Saleen eyes, I want to succeed, I'll kill him. Slow point it, Zhi eyes still calm, tip to reach the finish line at the moment, stop forward, one hand does not know when to be there. "How could?" Sarin's eyes, a shadow brought out five pale blue light, that shadow is what? The hands, good fast hands, and that blue light it? Sarin no effort would go on, and his strength is that he was arrested from a pulpy neck spewing out effort getting smaller and smaller, rapid loss of body heat. "Cold ah!" He was back at the awakening of the winter night, cold is the same day, he almost died, but he was alive, but, this time ...... Saleen against the wall of the body's inability to slowly slide down, Li Zhi's eyes fell upon Kerim Kerim body like an electric shock for a moment, Meng Yi Chan: "You, you can not kill me, I did not attack you, you fight back is illegal The. "said Kerim trembled with cold, eyes like a demon, like this man, kill two consecutive, his face should not even hint of expression, this time, he noticed that pure Li Zhi Black Heitong is so specific, are not more desperate. "Really? Honorable Kerim adults to teach me the rules do?" Zhi said coldly: "But honor, you are noble, they are your followers, your followers want to kill my dog, also tried to kill me, you gotta pay some responsibility, and I suspect that they are your instigation, and in the final analysis, they are just an accessory, you are dominated it, Kerim adult, you teach me how to do it. " "No, no, no!" Klimt speak, covered in cold sweat, only this time he thought of it, he did say that in the past, hateful ah, Rogge Why are performed so rigid rules, otherwise it kill God how would find the door, this time, he totally forgot he had previously executed command is rigid drill loopholes Rogge harmed many people. "Kerim adults, say ah, I am here waiting for you to teach me how to do it." Zhi pressed road. "Said Wade Where?" Kerim body flick, his face like a dead father and mother, this time, he no longer hard gas is not up: "In a small house next door, sir, I am, my take you, he had good, we did not torture him, really, do not torture him. "Kerim stumbled out of the gate, the small room next door open. Little corner of the room, Wade covered densely with ropes wound, from afar, the rope wrapped around the body like a cocoon, like some insects, this is no way to bind a force who do not come is certainly not The. "Adults." To see the emergence of Li Zhi, Wade look of surprise, then face a change, help the tears flow out: "I'm sorry, Wade let adults disappointed." Zhi nodded his head: "do not blame you . "said Li Zhi more so, the more hearts Wade hate themselves, hate their own incompetence. "Kerim adult, I am a small entourage, on the value of one thousand gold coins, adults How about you? As my prisoner, how much money you should redeem ourselves?" Poor Kerim this time finally heard a turning point the heart under stable, it is also a look Routeng. "How, Kerim adult life was not worth it?" "I, I, my lord." Kerim look of bitter phase, weakness Zuodao the ground. Go back, Li Zhi a person walking in front, behind him is the look of shame Wade, Luo Suzanne is now next to him: "Wanstead Sir, you can kill Kerim, his property is also your last , why should let him go? such scum is actually nobility shame ah. "Lo Sandee As Rogge soldiers, and some also sloppily temper, but not so much want. "Lo Suzanne, do not you think all is lost Kerim, more painful than the dead do, not to mention, he had hurt so many people, which he in trouble, and those who will not let him." Zhi Kerim hearts still remember being scared him almost broken off will have pain after losing everything, that is the real despair yet. Sandee Lo Meng shivering, looking Zhi like to see an evil, as if such a man is the enemy, that this is how terrible. Acala tent, Flavian standing next to a crystal ball around her, there are many people, the whole camp VIP Rogge use the portal are a thing because Zhi concentrated here. "How do you see?" Akala asked. "That portal,Oakley M FRAME Online, I felt the breath of the world is different from the shelter, do you think he trusted you and Stevo says." "Death is not evil, but the world as part of the natural cycle, in this case, most people say out. "Mora Mozart said:" In fact, no matter what he says is true, people can freely use the portal, is not unusual shaman, we need to know is that he is an enemy or a friend, gentlemen, that he is Our enemies do? "" If the devil is a party, or other enemies, he would have to use the portal to the enemy brigade brought over, we can watch a movie in the quiet here? Also, you do not pay attention to his earlier acting techniques, Although some intense, but also in accordance with the rules in the offices of Roger camp, his words, whether you believe it or not, anyway, I believed. "Stevo that day, after listening to the words of Li Zhi, go back some food for thought, vaguely peep to the legend of the field strength. Guilds ancestors left behind a legend reborn surgery spell he vaguely understand some, but before he did not read, with this harvest, plus he had to have a good perception of Li Zhi, At this time we are willing to talk to him, and, to use the portal to see Li Zhi, Li Zhi he vaguely want to pass and contacts for more, this time Li Zhi in his eyes, that he peep field strength, become tarascha there is so legendary hope. <

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