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> One hundred and twenty second chapter tailspin "This is beyond all power of law really is terrible. WwW, QunabEN, coM" Li Zhi incarnation of war in the sidelines, the paradise of the archangel mén and dark teeth Battle exhaustively eyes, then archangels means to end the use of near-rogue,Coach Bags Outlet, the spatial variation operation to the extreme, and let you another powerful tool, but with no human can they do, the devil of hell, who can only be thrown off balance, there have been first After the failure times obliterate the devil of hell, gentlemen archangel no longer exist to kill Zhumo delusion, just change them trapped in space, while the power of law to force to interfere with each other on the other coordinate perception. If you have the coordinates, can run out of space power by a small direct thousands of the world, they can jump out of a certain level, and then lock the coordinates, you can step across thousands of miles, the curvature of the modern scientific conjecture to achieve the ultimate principles of flight, that is, This phenomenon, but in terms of science, the curvature of the flight to get out of a level, I do not know how much power is consumed, but for supernatural powers, wandering little one thousand, across space just like a child's play in general, at this time these archangels but it is never done to interfere with the power of law on the coordinates of the perception of the opponent, no coordinates, hell three dark devil's teeth can only be steered forced to smash their space, not space out of diversion. Archangel who do not actually stronger than the power of hell three demons, front against the enemy may not be able to prevail, but tactical properly, hell three dark magic of the teeth at this time already manufactured completely trapped in the layers of space law, actually is unable to break through, how much damage the teeth dark space, archangels how much space can be manufactured, so, already been completely delineated, war hit the point where it becomes a force is purely a war of attrition, but the strength to achieve this level they , power is simply endless. For these and other strong in terms of the so-called forces of attrition is a joke, this consumption, enough for them to consume the end of the universe, we can say, at this time the situation is extremely unfavorable for Zhumo hell, because the initiative in the hands of you archangel They are oppressors, when such a case, if there is no stronger means they can not break through this situation, and there could be eternal in the consumption of repression. "Heaven's archangels are gutless do? Will only hide behind the front jiāo war not dare do?" "Haha, Baltic, is not that positive jiāo fight anyone? Present situation, we can repression you into eternity, you have completely lost the battle, several powerful weapons that can be mastered by yù that is, but I do not know depends on the use of a powerful weapon of the people, this time two way set before you, a was imprisoned us back to high heaven repression to eternity, and the other one is honest and will power jiāo out, we can also put you a way out. "" Mephisto, do you hear me? captivity they want us to eternal life with the world does. "Barr mad laughing:" So, we do not làng time consuming, let us use them absolute power completely suppressed, Anu will Tasameite. "Tasa Mette? Archangel of you suspect huò Road, Stern blocked by layers of dark space of the dramatic changes in teeth shoved up a whole hell of a time actually made no get world torrent source added that the source of the power of the whole hell give all across the world Empty the dark of the teeth come together. "The evil will Tasa Mette Anu." Tyrrell definitely said: "Tasa Mette is Anu's evil will in hell language of the call, quickly, we will combine supreme authority, called the origin of heaven, collection of Anu will be able to fight with them. "With Tyrrell words, sharp teeth, turned up in the dark. It was blocked in the dark world of the infinitely small teeth in the side crash while trying to break through the layers of space, the endless black sè light suddenly began soared, Gris Parliament Zhu archangel to build the power of law to create endless space ability to destroy finally over, but the speed, the teeth break through the dark already at hand, the teeth break through the dark is not a problem, the problem is that the problem lies in the eternal heaven Anu Some opponents are in some form will be three devil again revived. At this point the teeth dark forces are rapidly increasing, then, that black sè Jianguang vaguely Sinochem out a dragon's image, it is the source of hell, evil incarnation Tasa Mette Anu. "Roar" Tasa Mette roar, body exploded, at first just unreal, followed by the unreal and turned into an entity, Gris archangels cloth under the absolute power space block in the next strike breaking, after millions of years , had already fallen for years Tasa Mette is in another form in this piece of the sky to reproduce. Endless darkness, shining black sè brilliant, yes, black sè glory, which already has the sheer glory, but distinct, dark of the teeth Jianguang, up to this time has turned it into a towering dragon This is a skull with seven perfect creature, at the moment, and his seven heads are eyes closed, as if not to wake up from slumber, but just so, Gris Parliament archangels space has been blocked get rid of it yet awakening dragon head, it has such a terrible force, which is the world of the power of the Lord, beyond the tenth stage, reached the world of the Lord, Kim Sin-class, running the whole world to fight the power source, far from being the tenth highest divine order can match. "Roar" Tasa Mette roar, seven heads of the three head shoved opened his eyes, which heads the sleeping dragon magic finally stretching out its hand, opened his fangs, three head It is the core of his main header, which three heads a wake, and the remaining few heads too hazy opened his eyes, but not flexible enough, there is only instinct, in almost the same time, the devil of hell while the other four felt the divine loss. "Unfortunately, the tooth is not completely dark, or the whole hell I am deprived of any authority." Baltic mind not without regret, but that is only the dark of the teeth just gave birth, this time Tasa Mette's morphology does not last long. "Gentlemen, a quick fix to the absolute strength will crush them." Tasa Mette one born, Li Zhi looked almost perfect creatures head, and feel things have begun to evolve beyond his expectations, and the tower Samet is hell masters of the world, the world also has a near-omniscient internal forces, he comes out, the whole hell of a mí fog becomes very intense, almost let him see the direction. "Hell has Tasa Mette, that heaven has Anu." Zhi Xin said, then his mouth with a hint of a smile, the realm of the Lord of the world than the holy realm low a level, how can they mí fog obscured saint's eyes, as long as the power of a saint into the corresponding world, mí naturally not mí fog fog, Li Zhi incarnation stand Demons fortress void, spend a saint mí fog itself covered, lest these two in the world with full knowledge corresponding visual check on the presence of his presence, and he personally is in three pieces sector jiāo circles, omniscient visual permeability in the past, which had been covered mí fog suddenly wide open, only Tyrrell body that point mí fog still lingers. "This war is definitely a lose-lose." Zhi repeatedly deduction, are the result, of course, is the big variable Tyrrell same circumstances. "Anu's will." Tasa Mette has not yet formed, when Gris parliamentary authority archangel who began their unity, which is the authority of the will of debris Anu, the supreme realm, debris has been relatively integrity, unity of time, you can temporarily wake Anu, to mobilize the strength to fight the whole world. Whether it is good or evil, anything to the extreme, there are nearly perfect, Tasa Mette is a dragon with seven skull, the body has wings, and its stature in the West dragons look, but not bloated entrenched the void, as if about to attack cheetah strange, its body has scales approved body, black sè light shade sè with a different tone, circulation throughout its body, streamlined body, showing a strange beauty . Anu has different forms, Gris archangel run simultaneously several forces combined their power, the Lord of the world's good fortune artifact, this invocation origin of the world power of heaven, in heaven Anu's body on the origin of the world Gradually the power of combinations of performance, Anu incarnation of the dark side of the dragon form, its bright side incarnation is the shape of birds, Zhi look at this first biological one appeared on her body placement of the phoenix tab. Anu form is the form of birds, as if the whole body is constituted by a crystal, pure and white, no longer have any other miscellaneous sè, this head shape and normal birds, birds naturally different, it can be said, in her body, You can see all the birds in all forms, in the form of countless contradictions and unified attributed to her body, as with many other mammals Denon image, like Anu appeared, opened her wings. Her wings have plenty right, it looks as though each pair has a world, the world has hundreds of millions of lives, and countless world under her wings flapping repeated birth and death, but only five pairs of wings unfolding in the world in the rotation is not permanent change, flapping her wings every time, have brought out the endless glory and holiness, hundreds of millions of brilliant round enveloped him, and Tasa Mette dark body in stark contrast. Two strong presence from a forming, initially either three or five archangels demons have not noticed anything, but when the two wills Anu real time face to face, they feel that things seemed to be out of control, that's right , a strong instinct has two world awakening to their power core actually feel unmanageable, two body will move spontaneously, after millions of years to start again in their eternal war, either heaven or hell party one supreme strong they also felt that the situation seems to have been out of control, can not control to slide into the unknown road. "How to do? Anu beyond our control." Said Imre Paris worry, he repeated attempts to try to dominate the tiniest bit of strength Anu, actually are not, and Anu uncontrolled, which means the situation has out of control, who have the war field Imre Paris, this world is not worse than the situation out of control things, this means war, it seems that each of the parties will force an investment, can only wait for the outcome, everything can jiāo to an unknown fate. "Do not worry, the other not much better than us, and we will complete the body is Anu, the opposite may be only three, and the remaining four forces is not complete, we have the advantage." Tyrrell said calmly, will point out the pros and cons of both sides, there are his words, Imre Paris a little cool some, several other archangel had also some concern, but also relaxed, Tyrrell're right, the two will Anu incarnation of strength in the same level, there are millions of years jiāo war without victory or defeat, but if two different incarnations full extent of it? "We win the game." This form of control, almost simultaneously. Whether wisdom or Anu Anu's fate also made predictions of victory to finish completely against the whole body, and its results directly to put up in front of everyone. "Win fixed?" Li Zhi sneered, are in outsiders, but also omniscient vision, he saw the archangel who can see far more instinctive with Tasa Mette wake, three devil of hell while losing control of the authority, all Tasa Mette seemingly endless, but in fact, since his instincts a wake, he actively reclaim their own power. "Damn, we should have been adverse impacts to fish." It sounds heard shouting from the Bei Lier, Bei Lier and Ards Modan had signed an agreement, made up his mind to be a good audience, both sides will suffer only to be made after they re- force, which wanted the audience who turned out to be embroiled in unnatural, so it is no wonder Bei Lier breath, but there are more depressed than they, Tasa Mette instinct awakened, they pulled together directly from and also whether they like it or not, while the other two did the audience when, far hid while also pulled in, this is even more sad reminder. "How is it, the rest four pairs Tasa Mette opened his eyes, turned out directly chōu Tasa Mette took the power of the other secondary devil?" At the core of Anu, Anu are all aware Archangel grateful to share Anu omniscience clear so that they realize that things are slipping towards a bad direction. "This continues, it will only be a lose-lose." To set foot in high strong, as Anu will, for Anu's past which layer they know, and now the two incarnations Anu awakened by them, strength comparable, Once the war, we can say everything is a repeat of the old Anu two incarnations. Two former incarnation Anu fought hundreds of millions of years, eventually launched their own strongest force, the results will suffer, the two will break up the core of their being, since only the heaven and hell, when the two incarnations of Anu completely destroyed, this time two incarnations Anu how Dead blow, hit this time, the core strength of the respective parties are two of the world's supreme strong, have a memory of the past Anu part, can say, without Who does not know the final outcome of this battle. Whether this is a heaven or hell archangel five three culprits and four secondary devil, hearts are straight drums, paradise past two incarnations die, die again, this time if they can not discuss these people are good, Anu that kind of powerful presence are extinguished, what these people can be immortal? Understand this situation, no matter who, what hearts do not panic luàn? Do not look at these strong live I do not know how many years, once run into this terrible situation, how can I not panic. At this point the only Jew in the old gods will only Tyrrell, and in this case, gentlemen archangel natural to look into this aggregated archangel who remain calm, his face hoping to look at him, and Tasa Mette party, it has been Skywarp, and four were secondary adverse impacts to fish hell devil is using the most vicious language greeting three culprits, who pointed out that the three culprits millions of people unsightly flaws, three devil if peacetime, probably already to the absolute power of their repression, but now, where they have the ability to suppress, we are a boat, while the boat is being slid along the river falls, and they could only watch as things happen. "Tyrrell, Is there any way to you?" Hopefully Angel will be full of hope gaze Tyrrell. "Is there any way I can? Our strength comes from Anu, Anu impossible to contend with, in this case, in addition to quietly waiting for the arrival of the outcome, panic will not help to solve any problems." Tyrrell Shake shook his head, in fact, this seemingly hopeless situation, in despair, it's not him, not only not despair, but hope. Tyrrell's Word directly into the abyss of you archangel, but there he was this sentence, several archangel no longer panic, only to wait two Anu incarnation expand the war, and then bring them into completely destroyed , the former incarnation of Anu's two wars in the void in the destruction of millions of years before the final, this time will be like it? If it is repeated, and that millions of years of struggle,Air Jordan UK, the depths of two incarnations among Anu only to die, this is how sad ah. "Of course you will not worry ah, Tyrrell, hole cards you have it, that the world is the best time to rock fragments cards, Anu incarnation If the normal condition may be fighting a millions of years, but one hundred million years down the yellow huā dishes are cold, so the key to the world of stone fragments in the egg, and in the end what is it? "Li Zhi squint, omniscient vision was obscured in the case,Air Jordan 10 Sale, he can only rely on the wisdom to analyze the situation in front of the complex. Tasa Mette's core, this time seems to have become as busy markets, four secondary devil is chatter diatribe, but yelled for a long time, three devil is still indifferent, which has gradually unilateral abuse curse not go, cursing ten thousand would not change the current situation. "Baltic Majesty, you still have a life is not, otherwise you could not be so calm." Bei Lier and Ards Modan start to calm down, they know that three Beelzebub the world in shelters a big move, the target directed at the world of the stone, this plan has now been carried out to the end, then the world is three pieces of stone dominate the sector-level authority, even though we can not completely control, by virtue of the power of the world's Stone can definitely break the current embarrassing situation. <

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