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27.05.2013 09:02
standing in the high wind roaring antworten

Yang Fan to love slave smiled: "how I this GUI?" "Mu wire mouth can't say how......" Love slave "choke" sword, with a flash, arrows a force will do her sword fly, sword "or" but also the sheath, the whole action clean, very beautiful. "...... Military aircraft, deliberately disclosed to others?" This sentence, sword,Nike Jordan Take Flight Sale, splitting the arrow, sword action already make smooth reading, and she spoke, tone, devoid of any strange. Yang Fandao: "he just to get good, specific speech can let the people around him to do! As I pretended to be his marauding Turkic tribes." Love slave said: "how can you determine, he still can't speak?" Yang Fandao: "if he can talk, not better? I just learn a few simple Turkic have any difficulties?" Love slave said: "his voice you heard? Are you sure you hear you speak not heard Mu silk?" Yang Fan, Zheng Zheng said: "this...... Of course, not. However. He also can't I leave the Turkic speech, he should not talk now?" Yang Fan said,Coach Sunglasses, not looking to the distance, there stood a tall towers, several figures on the watchtower. Belvedere is very high, even higher than the first three Zhang, here is the desert, standing in the high wind roaring, biting at upstairs, few people have cold look upstairs in the wolf fur-lined jacket, pants, leather boots pedal wolf, head wear dogskin caps covering the ears, and a large tent outside the wool felt, wrapped. Munn, Mu silk is upstairs, of course they afford to wear expensive fur,Coach Classic, but expensive fur has long lost the meaning of warming, and become a status symbol. So the skin save cut production styles but elegant, fully to the wind and cold effect, wear a fur here, neck as long as there is a little gap, the wind is whistling poured, even wrapped in a dragon leather fur coat has no mouth but the wolf. In fact, cold effect a little dragon skin than the poor, but not good-looking. "If we can eat fox mouth of the five thousand previous Tang army now call Mingwei garrison troops, they use, will feel exhausting. Can hold",... Liangzhou, as the troops coming this way, still have to consume their forces, is likely to break the city!" It was Moon's voice came from the thick scarf, still sonorous powerful. His face is covered face, showing only a pair of eyes, facial tissue along because of the heat dissipation, has set a layer of frost, the eyebrows is a layer of cream, a pair of cold fierce eyes, revealing a stern look. Next to a similarly attired, Mongolia towel man with a hoarse voice said his voice hoarse and guttural than, ugly, like a cloud of sand rubbing out the sound, sounded very uncomfortable, but what he said was not heard, the sound too low, an outlet it was the wind blew away. Munn frowned, he asked: "what do you say?" The man turned back the wind tore down the face, just bathe wire. Don't know what it is known is harmful plant ash can really cure, or Mu silk voice not finished >

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