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> Chapter 85 the number of significant easing of hope through the street, the crowd walked everywhere, the Lord of the sky, such as in Wanstead collar into the no man's land, no one discovered his presence and attention, and even scholars from home , shaman college, too, finally, he came to Wanstead School Master sorcerer collar tower, far away, a little girl will be blindfolded, and several human being maid playing games. wWw, qUAnBEn, CoM [Please remember our website novel network], "This is my same family, my brothers and sisters'>?" Lord of the Sky surprise, he wanted to come, be able to play Titan one of the same family must be a record in the practice of penance on countless years to the gold black blood, Titan stimulate blood, which would have thought such a scene. "Oh, Belle child sister, I've got you," Xiao Jin Wu hugged Belle child, and then removed the bandage, said grinning. Watching this scene, Lord of the Sky involuntary laugh, dignified Titan play this childish game, that point bandage how to live her sight obscured oh. Just listen to the words of Wu Xiaojin he some discomfort, dignified black gold royal, Titan so called noble presence even as an ordinary maid sister. "Belle child sister, it's your turn, oh." Oscar Belle Ukraine will bandage to child: "Sister Belle child must be kept tight, not allowed to look oh." While he was talking, she also than the ratio peek posture, giggled and laughed, and then retreated to the side. Wu Xiaojin playing games and not just one person Belle children, as well as teenage wizard college students do not, and even some leisure female shaman are involved, but Oscar Ukrainian scratching Belle children are caught, will never catch to other people, while others can never expect to be caught Wu Xiaojin, could catch her just Belle child, it is actually because Oscars do not like strangers touching Ukrainian Belle child is not only not a stranger, or will do eat eat something to her, with this hand, Belle child naturally upgraded a sister called. The blindfolding game started again, Belle child with open arms four caught up, in accordance with the usual original screenplay,Coach Bags Outlet, Xiaojin Wu will wait round in a circle, and then bandage the hands of time Belle child will let her catch live, but this time did not walk a few steps Belle children felt the little gold black on the front, in addition to participating in the game here, vaguely female shaman practitioners, there is no one is ordinary people, both with a strong will to perceive, plainly, this Games are just around Xiaojin Wu, is to make her happy and expanded. "I was caught, it is my turn." Oscar Wu excitement Road, Belle child will bandage to win, Wu Xiaojin puzzled look, just to bring it was caught, too strange. Belle child will bandage to win, almost rushing Xiaojin Wu took from her hands, hands coming all the wizards not see action, but eyes flash, Xiao Jin Wu hands on more block bandage. Wu Xiaojin action quickly, the bandage quickly set up, then bumbling open both hands up. Her movements look very awkward, as if you do not see anyone, confusedly meal poking, flies a will, Belle child smile on his face with a wave of her this time is to know how she caught Wu Xiaojin , and saw the distant Lena Mrs. '> has finished their things,Nike Jordan Play In These 2 UK Sale, went to the shaman College Square up. Sure enough, Xiaojin Wu meal scare arrested, a "careless" Lina went to the front and shoved hugged Lena legs, happy cried. "I caught." Lord of the sky at this time has come to middle of the crowd, but no one actually noticed his presence Morohito presence Lena was about to pick up the Oscar Wu, Wu Xiaojin but actually gently hide open, unlike other people do not see him, Xiaojin Wu was actually a saw him, a pair of clear without any turbidity and variegated eyes full of vigilance, a way to face the enemy, spangle, Among eyes lit up like a sun in general, at the same time, the power of an invisible force was actually this little space isolated from the world of Sanctuary out. "Domain space with?" Lord of the Sky feel the changes in the environment, the body flash, out of the Oscars in a shelter Ukraine started an internal areas of the world space, but it is a slight distraction force field of space utilization, and then transferred outside from the inside, Jump to the outer body, and then cut by the outer layer, in the meantime, Xiaojin Wu also used almost instinctive with him to the field of outer space with diffusion, just because practices are not very skilled, did not use it freely, of course, not his opponent , which he easily got rid of. Novel network {} "I have no malice." Lord of the Sky for moderate, said Wu Xiaojin, and then the sun will construct the true meaning of the fire, pour out a small group of sun real fire, this time he has no gold black blood, but , powerful wizard can write their own strength blood, but blood will force those who can also be run through by the body and will, he had gone through this process, for the sun is definitely no stranger to real fire, a little run twelve, they construct black gold at the Titan unique atmosphere of a pulse. Feeling the familiar atmosphere, Xiaojin Wu's mind flashed a scene, a proud gold black fly in the sky, the body and turned it into ten suns, to the destruction of the earth bring extreme, this atmosphere the owner, is that the screen the bird black gold, ancient ancestors, but the memory of the blood lineage, the immediate ancestors of these people can not be regarded as the same level of blood in the black gold that would not generational differences. Wu Xiaojin consciousness slightly shaken, followed by another alert up. "Wu Xiaojin, how do you?" Lena looked puzzled and said Wu Xiaojin, while paying attention to the surrounding environment, here as the core of Wanstead collar, legends gathered in the field, it should be no danger of fishes, but Wu Xiaojin Why a guard look, even her field space were opened. Wu Xiaojin Although a child the way, and very cute, but had the experience of Sun Palace, Lina Wu Xiaojin naturally know how to exist, which I am afraid that in addition Horadrim Brotherhood outside Wanstead and Stevo, Legend of the field can no longer have any with her rival, this time Oscar Ukraine will certainly be discovered what will be so powerful enemy, aware of this, Lena did not ask once, did not tamper with, because she knows that such a powerful enemy she just cumbersome. However, she is not no supporter of the force, her body may have a right to seal ring yet. No random shaken, she was secretly through the body of the coordinates to a Li Zhi sent a distress signal, the right to humane seal ring force field against ordinary witches shoo, but the means to deal with particular areas of the legend is not, this is Li Zhi also with her that at this time in that case, she knew even Oscar Urdu guard, probably not the right ring arrived with India. "Do not tamper with, we are now in Ukraine in the field of Oscar." "Outside how, who embarked on a domain space?" Master core control tower by Côte d'Ivoire turn our attention to the shaman College Square, marvel looked at the commencement of the field of space. "Oscar was actually black, really envy ah." Côte d'Ivoire sighed Although he exclaimed, but he would not go over with Oscar Ukraine, which is a comparison of the world's most intolerable to him five hundred years of bitter forced to practice, If you go over everywhere, how come that these five hundred years, and air than those without any meaning, not as down to earth before the trip. Then he will not pay attention, concentrate on the things to own up, Côte d'Ivoire lamented, territory while most other areas of the legend is holding sigh of mind to look at, they are also the prototype of Xiaojin Wu know, Wanstead animal friends, But now it has reached this level, I heard a few other animals Wanstead Friends While no Oscars Ukraine's fate, but also the king of the forest the forest areas Salva. Huge Wenshite collar, in addition to and through the small Jinwu Ming Wu Xiaojin white hazard exists Lena, actually no one found the presence of the Lord of the sky. "I have no malice." Lord of the Sky Again, but no matter how he stressed that Ukraine is still not relaxed Xiaojin any alert that at the same time, a sudden burst of space Salva Black Forest vibration, a golden sun fierce self- fly over the forest, flash has been reached between the collar over Wanstead. For a time, brought over Wanstead much a golden sun, but the sun did not release this round hint of heat, only the golden glory to the earth spilled Wanstead collar ordinary people do not realize anything, only when a shaman college and come up with anything earth-shattering things to come, but the mage tower wizards but at the moment felt a terrible coercion coming from the sky, that coercion is the sun out from the sky, which is a Share unprecedented huge potential, though not against them and hair, but the will of the relatively sensitive they are able to feel it. Côte d'Ivoire once again turn our attention to the field, round the sun in the sky that he can feel that he can feel the infinite terror, the power of Tai Zhigang Sun Palace, is in itself constitute autonomous world comes the sun condensed out of the sun light real fire, real fire and then condensed by the sun out of the physical presence, strength, extreme terror, do not look at this time the earth was shining a golden, but it can be readily converted into light the flame of destruction. Legend of the strategic areas of ordinary cast witchcraft reached destruction, this Sun Palace itself spillover strength can be achieved at any time. "Oscar Ukraine is doing? Something like this should not be playing it, although scattered down from the sky is not the destruction of the flames, but the vibrant glory." Ivorian puzzled, and notified directly through natural flood Zhi, the small Children play does not matter, but the key play of who is to have infinite power of Xiaojin Wu ah, believe it will cause destruction, if it is in the field of space yet mage tower relationship, but over the city here, but, ah, this Oscar Ukraine Li Zhi's animal companion is, and only he can really bundle. Random play on children, especially children with a strong force, far more than is needed to bundle? In the main the world where there is a novel interpretation of the mighty, chaos will play the East China Sea are overturned day, Prince will be the Dragon King three ribs are pulled, and picked up the bow, just a stone's throw shot through the universe in turn thousands of stone Angeles boy shot dead, the first no matter what the lad, air transport is negative, just shoot an arrow across thousands of miles will be his shot, but it can be seen, with the power of children is indeed a need to bundle, but , Kim Wu is not the kind of lawlessness and spoil trouble of the Lord, otherwise it will not be assured Li Zhi, must be close at hand to her. By this time, the situation in Côte d'Ivoire is also aware of some wrong, did not realize the presence of the Lord of the sky, if it is Stevo here, surely that can be found, he was what, even if it is also seen when the naked eye does not exist, this the difference is too far from the spiritual realm caused it. The next moment, realized that he does not require notification of Côte d'Ivoire, and King Wu's side, a portal has opened directly across Zhi has been empty out. "Lord of the Sky." One portal, Zhi also eyeful vigilance, although he knew the Lord would trouble the sky, but can not think of trouble would come so fast, so-called mad, no later than ten years, the villain revenge, from morning to night, this long, Lord of the Sky actually has come its way. Li Zhi's eyes fell upon the Lord of the sky, but this time the Lord of the sky a little strange, not like when fighting a cold day as fighting machine, and now his face with a hint of humane atmosphere. "Master." Li Zhi came to see, Xiaojin Wu relieved, threw her arms directly, a frightened, the previous brave do not know where to go. "Master?" The sky's the main one of this title, an anger should not the origin of the outbreak, dignified heaven nobles, Titan blood even as people master, but he eventually turned on the 10th instead of the old gold black prince, and are says the leopard change its spots, but had a great impact on him enough after the event, personality can change. Lord of the sky at this time but it is much more calm. He observed that the age of Wu Xiaojin not large, both physiological age or mental age is true, and this is Druid Wanstead, so try to think of the day he beat three Senlinzhiwang means also immediately understood, and to understand the situation in the end Wu Xiaojin how it is, so anger gradually eliminate it. "I meant no harm?" Lord of the Sky is still that sentence, this sentence gold black useless, no matter what he says, even if he has a golden sun Ukrainian real fire, Xiaojin Wu feel his strong will only him as a great threats. Lord of the Sky feel different, Li Zhi and then a little attention, but also know that this is different from the Oscars Ukraine. The Oscar Ukrainian fear the same time, Lord of the Sky actually somewhat familiar. Li Zhi Wu Xiaojin asked directly: "The Oscar Wu, do you know him?." "Master, he is my memory of that blood incarnation ten sun's black gold." Speaking of ten suns, Xiaojin Wu whole body shaking banner, two little hands to hold the tighter thighs Li Zhi, the ten suns it, the kind of destructive force, it is no wonder Oscar Ukraine will be afraid, and she had only one yet. "Never mind, the owner over here." Zhi Wu Xiaojin stroking the little head comforted the little gold Ukraine's behavior also some moved, she so afraid, but when danger comes, is still to come forward and defend their master's mind actually overcome the fear, this is how easy. Feelings of animals than humans, more pure and blazing, Xiaojin Wu Although long out of the animal's level, with the wisdom, but many things remain essentially unchanged. Wu has sent huh voice, mood gradually gently stroked some enjoy the feeling of being the owner, a pair of eyes bent the moon. "Xiaojin Wu, will TYG removed it." Li Zhiping quiet watching the sky of the Lord, and he knew Lord of the Sky is independent from the world, but never thought he could even myth is that the protagonist turned ten days. "But the owner." There are masters in the side, Xiaojin Wu nor afraid. "Removed it, say it, he was your ancestors too." Said Wu Zhi on Oscar, even fight, can not fight in here, or the aftermath of war will be able to Wanstead collar ruined. "He was not my ancestors, he is my brother up." Retorted Wu Xiaojin, he turned away and looked at the sky of the Lord, and directly removed the Sun Palace, a huge sun on the sky and turned it into a small fireball directly falls her hands. "I'm sorry, children do not naive, nor is talking place here, we might as well go to that outer void go?" Lizhi An Oscar stroking black, while the Lord of the Sky said. "She said yes, I can only be regarded as her brother." Sky suddenly turned into the main body of illusory shadow disappear, the body has the shuttle to the outer layer. "Today, I did not come with a malicious, if you are looking for trouble, I was looking for you directly, the province of adverse impacts to fish, too much trouble." Void, the sky is no longer the voice of the Lord, as cold, Li Zhi and Wu Xiaojin twinkling Since the mid-level interface between also wear to the outer layer, much of the confrontation with the Lord of the Sky up, but Li Zhi but did not get involved, the political war is always just a continuation of the Lord in the sky on the attitude of Xiaojin Wu, Li Zhi saw the possibility of easing, although he is not afraid to get involved, but do not want unnecessary disputes, forces can solve the problem, but unless powerful enough to crush everything else never really solve the problem, the problem will only infinite expansion. Li Zhi forces not strong enough to solve all the problem then, but really reach that level, he still has what is wrong? At this point if he was able to completely kill the Lord of the sky can be, but the sky may not be the main battle front of his opponent, he is deliberately bailing catch, if he deliberately trouble from morning to night, it would be a great trouble, just as today, if he comes lurking secretly kill Horadrim an important figure in the Brotherhood or Lena, if not he is fully capable of Ukrainian Oscar success. "Well, you told Wanstead right, here is the outer void, if you need hands-on,Oakley Squared, you do not have to worry about adverse impacts to fish." Void, the Lord of the sky overhead standing, naturally bring out an aloof, stand no void of any gravity, it is extremely comfortable, very adapt this void. "Also from the main world, also born in Kyushu, beyond time and space in this encounter endless, we have considered fellow, you are more Xiaojin Wu's brother, so fate, why meeting knife or a gun, we can sit down and talk , if unable to agree that there really is life and death that must be the contradiction can be solved by that time, we fight again later. "Chapter 85 Chapter 85 hopes of easing easing hopes to URL < ;

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