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&gt; Volume IV Dark Dawn] Chapter 73 six-pole crash Chapter 73 six-pole crash towering Taymor holy, like an iron pillar brace days towering arrogance ground into the sky, straight chā sky at the top of Mount Athos, a mass of clouds is still not dispersed, Lord of the Sky could get rid of the last ray of clouds directly, to get directly to the authority in the hands, but the Lord of Neptune, and has the earth will send the identity of the natural come on mn, for which he would remain in the final step procedure, the supreme authority will be directly placed in front of two strong, dig a huge hole, just waiting for the two entrapped, this time it is harvested of the machine. wwW, QUaNBEN, cOm teenager wearing a black feather robe hanging quietly in the snow over the previous killings brought his face did not give the slightest different s-, just like a trivial thing to do, to him words, only the real strong beat that will make him a sense of accomplishment, defeating kill two primitive natives, then what? Hela Sen was cleared out of the court, brought mn Neptune also come down in a pool of blood, then naturally will kill just waiting to get the supreme authority, they will be his everything. "Windy." Wisp of breeze in the air lift drops Ripples, blowing the young brunette blowing over, he came from Kyushu, but the appearance did not look like a man of Kyushu, which he came to this world in order to The world of the body into the road after a crow sense of the world through the perfect road hindquarters, naturally, with the style of this piece of heaven and earth, but the imprint of his soul so that he still has the body of Kyushu is typical of black hair, black eyes, yellow skin . Light breeze, followed by the breeze into the storm, the wind volume hit a little snow is coming, if encountered in the juvenile side invisible barrier will bypass, young forward shrugged, the snow catch, gently close on the palm of your hand, feeling the snow brought a cold meaning, although ice cold, but his mind has unlimited hot, the road in front of him, you can get the boarding high, it can transcend this boundary d-ng to wear the sky, straight into the That large Luo Xian days. Replaced by other legends areas had high vertical is the seat of God, you want to break through the high strength still need many years of accumulation and insight on the truth, Feicibuke into which he was born in the wild, grew up in Kyushu, the most dynamic lu-n month and year, in that era is dominated buildings or invincible, on the power play, On the subject of heaven and earth in mind, is not lost on anyone, not boarding high and can not be detached, differing only in that point opportunity. By this time, opportunity is at hand, he gave up the day worthwhile with life authority and power, vanity come across this border. Wind, snow fall, ice and snow in the wind volume translated into a razor four seats chopping, the earth seems to be chopped, the real battle should be coming, although the will naturally dull, but the good fortune of living in Sin y- in many years, at this critical juncture is not part of the power of law cohesion is impossible. And that Wanstead, ru unprecedentedly powerful body, straight over the good fortune of the body, but also has infinite means, also from the main world, nor is Dengxianzhibei supreme authority who attributed hand, only to decide the winner among the three who are , and among, the natural will and Wanstead grudges, Lord of the Sky too clear, however, will naturally have this Wanstead, but also to have access authority of the edge. Snow and ice melt in the hands, young fierce breath, sharp eyes directly through the void, in the field of space, a huge space on the field waiting for Shiren his offensive emptiness that Wanstead condescending to Under overlooking previously Hela Sen fled when he moved off a wisp of Murder, which makes youth understand that this Wanstead have d-ng can wear space can be broken open space from the outer interface of the people on the field trip that space vertical blow, that power high degree of cohesion even space d-ng to wear in this power under the impact, who can escape? Hela Sen and he was destined to have a life and death battle, but at this time, the opponent will have the ability to completely obliterate the core, but he chose to give up, that he also had praise loudly good tolerance. Boy closed his eyes, past tens of thousands of uploaded vivid life course, endless combat experience, the limits of heaven and earth Avenue areas, filling in the former, the final stop at the front. "War" read like heart endless war eventually converging to a word. Meaning a hint of wild extended out from him, shoved limit expansion of transpiration in the day, the formation of a Babel of this complete Tianzhu, his body suddenly disappeared, the next moment is already aligned with the Nine Dragon Jin, a Since the world will blow straight chā Nature Sanctuary will field space where the true body, the land of natural areas will conduct space momentary collapse, and then launched his lore. "Click" the void space Zhi seemed to hear the sound of breaking the will of the natural space of the underlying field, he established themselves in the strange rock incarnation of the place as Hela Sen, Neptune, as the Lord of collapse instantly open sky, the next moment , Lord of the Sky fist already stretched out from the void, like there to resolve Neptune as the incarnation will be labeled as natural jifen. "Off." Will chanted between natural stone strange mouth shouted loudly off the word. This soon eliminate the word from an outlet,<A title="Oakley Sunglasses Lifestyle" href="">Oakley Sunglasses Lifestyle</A>, a sharp change in the whole world, a moment, a range between heaven and earth, whether jīng God void, material interface, the outer layer interface, the world torrent, which range all power with this sound off words as if alive, for a time, the sky all the world's main enemy, the whole world and everything became his enemies. "Boom." Bang off the word directly led to the collapse of the world, making the sky where the Lord of all foes in range collapsed, the endless wind water and fire from the four channels of the inner circles through a mysterious rush to fill the repair shattered world. Material world, young body rapidly disappears suddenly and reproduction, is still to maintain that position, hanging in place, as if I never touched, as in the eyes of Li Zhi, he went a little plumage plume mo, exceedingly terrible The Lord of the Sky, was actually deceived by a plume mo will wisp natural power of law. Naturally, this will not actually wield supreme law, a rule of force in the world to make their own determination of the stone will be transformed from a consumable and is not as strong as the supreme law of mana used as, once consumed, unless the re- go to their origin into the power of law, there can not be restored. Higher repeat itself the power of law, a full field of four bands beyond the legend bit unusual legends field, only set foot in the tenth-order peak can have to the will into law, the first condensate rule, sub-rule, it is the middle of the loss is too big. Although naturally will have the power of law, but this time not light use, the present situation is like a gunman, who faced a strong military, law of nature will have this gun, the Lord of the sky with a strong force. Gun naturally extremely powerful force, once hit, Lord of the Sky probably can not afford a strike, natural will "destroy" the word a direct hit of the material disintegration, the world crash, which other forces, really is Armageddon, but under a strike, actually only destroyed the Lord of the sky a feather mo, limited the power of law, multi lied several times, the natural power of law will soon be exhausted, the end will not be good to go than Neptune. Taymor sacred mountains of the north, a cloud shaped suddenly manifest out, which may not exactly Chang cloud that group already departed clouds of war? "Dominic Elder, why do we Querfufan, not with that previously reached an agreement Jinwu Prince do? Donghuang in his blood, and is set in the agreement before the authority will not reverse when eloquence is that the Emperor or how firmly secured of the place? "Sound is relatively young, this will certainly if Li Zhi who can hear. "We agreed with the gold black prince, how can you guarantee that the bit is high fairy king for his income, if the proceeds for others, then how are we, the elders, but this is just an excuse for the strong wins out of sight grateful." The speaker was previously clouds on the Road. "Overtly or covertly, the strong gathered, even if it is as strong as gold black prince may not be able to get, if he can win, we immediately went away, if not win, or if there are other strong beat gold black prince, we then shot later, This supreme authority, so weighing equipment, if we have the opportunity to get, how can fall on the hands of others, we have a seismograph, it is also considered running a half landowners, but also have the opportunity to get this supreme authority. "" amazing gold black Prince , the use of internal and external transformation reached a pinnacle in his hands, the use of the secret forces already reached this level of extreme force, it seems ancient legends really did not empty words, that Hela Sen and Neptune from either side of the force is not much worse than we are, but have been a hit and destroy him, but this power can only deal with the world of Sanctuary of the strong. "cloud expanded into a small void, Road in front of the light launched a round screen displays full circle black gold strike off Hela Sen and Prince Neptune scene, two blow under the two of them from the forces than the number of poor families join forces to escape one of the strong one off, really shocking. "This is the last time you've seen Wanstead, power is not bad, not at this level in this field empty force can break barriers, such bursts more powerful than gold black prince, it is coming to the government The Lord, one off under even a world collapsed, has transcended this level of strength that we have comparable Lianqi ten layers limit the power of God close to Yang, Yang operate at this level force of the Word of God, be able to use the is limited, these parties are each strong, it appears that the emperor of the place is to corner them out,<A title="Oakley Active Sunglasses" href="">Oakley Active Sunglasses</A>, Tianfeng, you carry While Talisman, escape the law of his land buried Rutai Mo holy mountainside in now to go? "" Elders, which is why? "Tianfeng took Talisman, with his eyes already can see the power of this vast Talisman, Talisman saver compared to his more complex, and observe this Talisman was actually a x-ng supplies, which other Talisman, one x-ng outbreak, that power will be earth-shattering. "Do not ask, is buried at my request." Zhang Tianfeng Dominion Road trip to a ceremony, north Excalibur Light Ming, suddenly turned into a red s-red light from piercing the clouds, fled directly to the depths of the earth, Since the holy land in proximity to Taymor. Tianfeng of rainbow and escape, leaving Zhang Daoming sitting cross-legged on top of head, eyes locked circle of light divine speechless, if not the year that field and the shaking of heaven and hell battle destroyed the classic, after making saver Almost blind alley, nearly two thousand years Accumulate supreme authority under which the war he wins the Zhang Qingli, did need to use so many means. So Shizhuwunai, that one man on the Prince's black gold comparable to the strength of his entire family, then definitely have reservations, Commander under the black gold prince little injury in exchange for his family, perhaps you can master x-ng command, such as Neptune,<A title="Coach Bags Store" href="">Coach Bags Store</A>, like that, there really is no chance, even no chance to turn robbery, compared to his injury can not afford ah Zhang, especially that related to the Emperor heavy bit, once involved, will have no escape route, and therefore concessions. Only concession attributed to retreat, the supreme fairy king's handle, you can get control of the fairy world clock, if it can get, heaven thirty-six d-ng day under control, between heaven and earth to make the best fairy pulse control, and the high road thus beginning, Zhang qi will have six road up above saver to time to Zhang's heritage, when feasible that hn yuan universe of things, so treasures, how can there he indisputable heart. This time, Kim Wu Prince if they can win an outright victory when he receded, gold black prince in authority simply set before the agreement can not go back. Jin Wu Prince if not victory, fluctuating forces under, he definitely is on a fight to fight, but if the natural will and that Wanstead escape wins gold black prince, he agreed with King Wu Prince naturally direct void, that is, The Bureau can not indisputable, if there is certainty of victory, but also willing to sacrifice, if not certainty, that Talisman should also come in handy. Emptiness, the whole body is enveloped in Li Zhi endless vitality among the deep void, the endless void storm swept bursts in the void depths mad ch-o, spread to the middle edge of the interface has been negligible with the investigation, he firmly watching the natural will and Lord of the Sky battle, especially Lord of the Sky. He has huntian Sigil brought him enough d-ng to wear the true origin of the pupil, the sky's the primary means of others seems very mysterious, but in his eyes it is no secret that this time the sky and the natural will of the Lord a war is to learn from nature will have one hit kill the power of law, just like mortals have a pistol, Musha to deal with this mortal, if retained, maybe it was shot and killed, which means once the show, it is necessary for him to obtain. Emptiness, space natural areas will shrink dramatically, by shrinking the field to strengthen their own space, the main province of the sky can be easily broken straight from the shelter he sustains, the contraction of the field of space, although the Lord of the Sky can still be broken, but if not instantly break, he will have a chance to prepare, the previous Lord of the Sky whack almost fatal, and even bī he had spent it extremely valuable rule of force. At the same time, the natural will also pondering ways to deal with the Lord of the sky, but since he lived for many years empty, actually facing this situation there was not the slightest, but is sorry to be here, Neptune how he died throughout witness, will mark the supreme authority on the difficult detachment, actually did not even retreat. "That's what will be able to unite heaven and earth Wenshite supreme authority of hope." One thought of Wanstead, it will naturally furious, and that he hoped authority and Wanstead decorum skin has previously been used in secret, but it not his condensed, vertical is onto his hands is useless, and finally had to break the huge world of Wanstead wears. "If there is hope that authority, what I have to fight." But to date, no good fantasy, nature will have to hit the foot of the jīng God began Defense. Snow above the sky sparkling eyes of the Lord, through the will of the action of natural vanity glance, looked at the void in the old gods still in the Li Zhi, he quietly suspended, seems natural wills in finding flaws , what you want to display in one fell swoop will naturally mystical means to kill, nature will have a supreme law, can be a bad front jiāo Feng destroy it directly, without the means to kill, and he is not easily hands. "Oh, there is also need the power of law holed up? If saved to invade the heart I still have fear." Lord of the Sky heart sneer: "This and other goods also to seize high s-authority? Let me you never Finally the dream break your tortoiseshell. "cohesion of natural areas will be prepared to fight a defensive battle space moves exhaustively eyes, Lord of the Sky already has a count. "Condensate." His black s-collard above six birds mo direct Tunxia, ​​Kowloon field plume directly towards the six mo rally up. Space for the entire field plume mo extreme strengthened the power of the lightning feather mo cemented the first outer plasma, and then cemented by the entity plasma, plasma had been powerful enough, imagine the power of lightning entity, the legend field if the field is not utilized space, the output there is a limit, but into the field of space is different, this time under the field of spatial dependence, Lord of the Sky Lightning force can ever unite, although the strength of this rally is limited space in their field jurisdiction, but not the field or fields legend legend domain it? "Look at me a hit six-pole crash." Quartet that the buildings up and down through the ages that the universe, down four, can that the six-pole, three mutually perpendicular linear space can be directly shown, so three-dimensional, so-called six pole crash, collapse naturally a one-sided six-pole, three-dimensional direct shattered. Six Yu Jian, also aimed at the six directions, the sky's the Lord's eyes through space and lock the natural space of the main areas of the cornerstone of existence, the most fundamental space six nodes. "Broken." Lord of the Sky heard clear drink, six birds mo Arrow Electric sh-out, At the same time, the field of space urgent follow-up, if not followed up, six birds mo arrows a space will rule the world repression correction , the legendary field output limit in the physical world can not be broken, but there are areas of space in their field on the limited space in this case. "Dangerous." Nature will feel the first time of danger, has narrowed the field to the limit of space will give all power to the body together and strengthen their own defense, while preparing for the operation of the power of law to give attackers a fatal blow, but this time the danger and have just different, natural defenses will fail, the sky's the main areas of space six Yu Jian is directly in accordance with a predetermined trajectory Arrow forcibly broke open space around him. Although naturally will narrow the field of space, spatial intensity are thus strong a lot, just puts everything in its power to protect the physical incarnation to be so condensed, making his own defense capability unprecedented power, the surrounding areas of the degree of spatial structure sturdy it is limited, the main results of the sky will break open field space is natural weaknesses. &lt; <ML></ML>

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