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> Chapter XXIX enlighten them with reason this is a common, but changjon, wooden shaft, iron arrows, arrow tail there is a white sè fletching, and Roger were used Yu Jian no different, this time changjon Zhi will take in the hands, sensing the changjon deliberately left Phoenix on the breath, to build on this breath from jīng God's will void lock Phoenix, jiāo talk face to face with them once, Phoenix While both the left Yu Jian, another pass back from Candelas plains associated with Phoenix news, Li Zhi trip full of confidence. WWw. quANBEn. Com Art of War goes, know ourselves, know yourself, starting from the intended recruitment of Phoenix, Zhi will be the newly formed Dark Knights razor several jīng dry personnel, which is the former Iron Wolf who sent Candelas plains, through her side of the rule and governance surveys Phoenix, and Accra and Crist also will each Phoenix finishing everything related to come and do all this work, Li Zhi also Phoenix had a relatively understanding. Incumbent Phoenix nv Wang was born in civilian families, although his family was originally good, but can always be maintained, but Candelas sī struggle between nobles all this destruction, the war bō and, she lost both parents, only with the displaced are four streams làng, a man struggling to survive in this world, that came from Phoenix to spend in this environment. War and famine luàn environment, a lonely little nv how to survive, if not self-protection capabilities, being hungry, ruthless grasping the displaced who are likely to go up, Phoenix at that time on the show extraordinary ability Her physique is very good, although there is no awakening blood, but it has a very amazing fight instinct, even without power, but to displaced persons, the vulnerability of the human body, murder, then why force it too? All who dared to hit her mind, no one has a good end, have suffered extreme bloody carnage, killing several successive after Phoenix (blood birds) the name spread like wildfire, and nothing anyone because she is a ten Teenage less nv and despise her, Phoenix Suozhi place, even if it is also to avoid the strong Han, displaced persons who did not even dare to look into this little person nv, while some of the same situation with her little boy gradually to nv She centric collection, common in the world of begging luàn live, Phoenix is ​​at that time gradually entered the blind eye of the Sisters of vision. After all, is a hero in this world leading times in the world, Phoenix's extraordinary ability in the small famous refugee, nor dare to offend, but the ability to replace or sorcerer who has not the same, as long as the remarkable ability to find ways, as well as approach prevailed, but the shamans and nobles do? Phoenix although less nv, but at the time had a very beautiful Chula, at first, when, but a refugee, life is not good, the beautiful is not significant, thin like a skeleton who would like to? But as life gradually stabilized and grew older, her beauty has gradually noticeable lù out, and she was full of fame, is so fall into the aristocratic vision, she established a small refugee forces nobles in front of vulnerable, And she herself fall into the hands of nobility, if not blind the eyes promptly rescued her, this world would not have later Phoenix nv king. When a man is born into this world, she is a piece of paper, a person xìng grid, it is that strokes on white paper, with the fate of her experiences being added on a step by step sè color. Period from Phoenix less nv dare to kill in order to deter other refugees can be seen, Phoenix's xìng cruel and callous lack of grid, and determination to do things very wise. And when her little life experiences on later she also far-reaching, and her clergy called freedom is why come? On the origin of civilians unwilling, for the aristocracy hate all this she grew up, gradually turning into the existing order of society as a whole hate, from that point of view, she is very intelligent, she understood, causing her suffering is not a single one of the aristocracy, but a sad era and the era of the Iron Curtain shrouded in her heart, hate from this era, this order, you want to be completely overthrown, after her helm Candelas Kingdom, is so dry, she wanted to create a new era, however, is this possible? And this is the reason Zhi convince Phoenix. Through the endless darkness, Li Zhi came to a vast wilderness, wilderness without any other thing, just monotonous plains, vast wilderness infinite heaven also seems no end in sight, standing on this piece of sky, does not seem to have any the feeling of being bound, however, behind this, Li Zhi and feel a hint of fear in the back of freedom. Everything has a degree, the proliferation of free will let people eventually slide into the abyss, and if the world is full of freedom, that is the absolute húnluàn, this fear is a limitation on the absolute freedom. "Wanstead, you have come." Worn heavy space, Phoenix's sound to reach the ears of Li Zhi, Li Zhi looked up, his eyes looked to nothingness, this time he is the will jīng Godhead, eyes of God by the jīng decided, without distance limitations, will recall, head of the visual. Along the sound originated, Li Zhi's eyes fell a little wearing simple clothes linen nv body, clothes Banjiu not new, the above is full of patches, called freedom devil, Candelas nv king of Phoenix in the field of space is such a small farm in the same figure nv. "I'm coming." Zhi to step across this wilderness space and landed on a corner of the wilderness of a farm house in front of Phoenix a farm boy dressed nv, just his face with a mask cast iron and steel, will hide his face, but also makes her look particularly grim, grim farm nv children with masks formed a diametrically opposite, mutually contradictory but can be combined singular temperament, which is Phoenix nv king. Li Zhi's arrival, Phoenix has not crashed, her left hand holding a tub, the basin of cereal floating down the front of the house on the land, a dozen jī scrambled around in her body weeks, giggle whining, and she feeding action is extremely skilled, is less significant when done such a thing, it is apparent when she was small compared to the majority of civilian life or too good, because the majority of mainland Candelas civilians eat fed even good, Her family also fed a dozen jī. This is a small farm house, whole only one layer, is full of wood,Jordan 11 Sale, it is so simple cross in the wilderness on the wooden fence around the house to ring out a few simple vegetable, Li Zhi did not recognize some of the vegetables and fruits are neatly planted in the yard, in the eyes of the entire cabin income, Li Zhi's eyes fell upon Phoenix, this time she has pot aside and end up a stool sitting on the ground, looked at him to examine . "Lord looks on the farm Wenshite no stranger?" Phoenix freely on Li Zhi said the side a small stool in front handed Li Zhi, Li Zhi readily took then on her side, sat down straight . "As a boy I lived in the countryside." Zhi-year-old before that spent in the countryside, although the time has passed for many years, but the memories came from his mind never to retreat. "Lord Winster actually also civilian background?" Phoenix speech into revealing a trace of surprise, Li Zhi immediately feel his distance and Phoenix are thus a lot closer this time Zhefan as Phoenix, where does this farm is her most profound memory of the place, on the other temptations of the heart is not a bad idea. "Civilian? Sort of." In the main world, Li Zhi is just a small fart, naturally civilians. Phoenix nodded his head: "Listen Akara said lord Horadrim want to persuade me to join the Brotherhood?" For this point, Li Zhi did not deny that there is no need to deny: "Yes, this is not only my idea, but also Brotherhood members Horadrim common idea, I came this trip is for that matter. "" That Wanstead lords prepare myself how to advise me to join it? Or, add horadrim What are the benefits to me ? "Phoenix interesting to asked, while his face is sè said:" Wanstead, do not take what's good and bad points of the righteous camp to paste nòng me, in our eyes, this world-called good evil things from their respective perspective, and this comparison, I would also like to hear some real xìng stuff? I'm the King of the Kingdom of Candelas, join your horadrim better than it is now? "Phoenix problems, Li Zhi well prepared, since the word is not easily stumped, he did not directly answer the question Phoenix,air jordan outlet, but rather ask Phoenix: "Phoenix nv king, I want to ask you two things, I do not know whether His Majesty King nv for my solution huò? "Phoenix nodded slightly, for Li Zhi waved:" Wanstead lord please say. "" I would like to ask His Majesty the ideal nv what? And why should establish this new Candelas kingdom? "Li Zhi arose directly from the stool, looking at this vast wilderness: "This new Candelas Kingdom and the Kingdom of the past what is different, what its future will become? nv His Majesty also want to build this country into what? '" ideal? "Phoenix also got stood up:" Lord, what is the ideal Wanstead do? "Zhi Phoenix icy gaze fell on the mask:" My ideal? My ideal is eternal freedom and Happy, while To achieve all this, will shelter the world from the depths of despair with the unprecedented light is a must by the way, at this point, I want to do might and Phoenix Majesty is very consistent. "" will shelter the world from despair Abyss brought to the unprecedented bright? Wanstead lords think this world is very desperate? need you to save? these big tone, do you think you are savior? "Phoenix scoffed, Li Zhi watching Phoenix's eyes, serious nodded his head: "I think so." "Phoenix, you looked up to see, and now a sanctuary World Is not despair you? see the world's most human beings, since they were born from a fate have been doomed, Like their ancestors only a wife, kind of a lifetime field, hungry jiāo force until the die of old age, or at the time of famine, there is no guarantee unknowingly die, so without the slightest choice in life,Air Jordan 7 Sale, do not you sad? Are do not despair? "" They really have been forced to think, when the hungry jiāo lifetime farmer again or died in the famine was unclear and no other ideas? do not, just because this world, this era, this order has been decided on everything, decided that they are the only two way, no other choice, as we grew older, they realize this, we can only gradually under the brutal reality numbness, kind of life it is full of hope? '" Of course, these people will always be a few exceptions, such as Phoenix Majesty lucky there will always be a few, but even more people have the ability to have ideas, and ultimately bound to give in to despair of the fate of this , since he was just a civilian, nor knowledge, nor power, they do not do anything, this life, nv king would not think they are full of hope? "" Such a desperate, staged every day, throughout the world of Sanctuary, caused all this, what is it? Phoenix, do you think this is just due to the existing order of society do? So you want to break this order, you want to create a new set of his order to the end of all the past? " Phoenix nodded his head: "Wanstead lords that in addition to this order and in addition there are other factors?" "Do not you? Phoenix nv king, three thousand years ago, when the original, when civilians are not the bottom of society, but also than the civilian tragic, as well as slaves, as a slave, in the eyes of the owner is not even a human existence, is just a tool, in addition to the main people to do things they do die of old age or if exhausted by the owner killed, he can only choose to die Their lives most miserable than it is now more desperate civilians, but now in a shelter except in a very few areas of the world, who can see the existence of slavery? "" Why now has no slaves, very simple, because the society is developing, With the social development, order will change. "Zhi categorically to the conclusion:" After slavery was abolished, to enter into this order now, but this order has been applied for many years? has nearly two thousand five hundred years, two one thousand five hundred years, the nobility or aristocracy, civilians are still civilians, there are too many big change you? "" not even a little change, the only change is that a few hundred years ago, the Kingdom of the East China Feith That change, but That change ultimately failed, the losers who fled Quartet, quietly gathering strength, but by now the situation continues, they want to build up enough strength impossible, shelter the world these years gave birth to many legends field? And a legend compared to the whole field of the world of Sanctuary then what? The legend wants a man against the whole field shelters world order do? "" What's more, far more than their opponents fear the world of Sanctuary itself to them forces want to achieve all of this, need to accumulate strength to what extent, in accordance with the development of the world of Sanctuary now, this time will be very long, and in this long period of time, they must also have been present, the strength of the job could have been accumulated That is, many years in the future, the world still will, as now, such a backwater repeat itself despair? "" Phoenix, I see, you're trying to break this order, however, even if it is to break the existing order, and you build a new Candelas kingdom, but you are now the order of the order and in the past have changed much? your territory where, like me, and appointing officials in the past many, but the knowledge in their hands, there is no alternative, you can only rely on them to manage the huge kingdom, how do you restrict them not to become the new aristocracy, just rely on power? you can kill them? If not, your order and order now and will not appear fundamentally xìng change. "" I heard your territory established a scholar's home, the short time you can train three thousand scholars, I can learn from you, scholars such home run, just thinking about his position will be replaced at any time, the officials naturally not luàn come. "According to Li Zhi problems, Phoenix will soon come up with break the law. Li Zhi shook his head: "Well, I ask you, old scholars throughout the continent Candelas but thousands of people, you run so many scholars from home training the placement? Former kingdom Feith How do you resolve the problem? Phoenix, you Do not think you are now nv king, but if there have been many scholars territories but can not place, over time, that luàn son came. "" mastery of knowledge and wisdom, in the kingdom can be obtained very easily We do not have the status of civilians, but also more affected by civilians who respect their influence is enormous, involving all levels of society, when they number more than one, you want some aspirations for what when it comes to launching their influence Your entire kingdom to stand in opposition is not difficult, by that time, Phoenix legend fields you want to massacre them all do? And what if this time there are external forces to interfere, even if you are a legend field Candelas Kingdom and past charges Sri Lanka and the Kingdom of the outcome would be any different? "This time, Phoenix long time did not answer, and even some mí bewildered eyes, she found, to her knowledge, this situation seems to be no solution, Feith kingdom thing, she is also know, Feisijieli territory in the East China last one falls into the hands of this supreme council in the whole world is a big shelter. "Phoenix, I ask you again, do you want this brought to the kingdom where?" Phoenix look slightly restored: "I want civilians who then did not like the past, not only to feed and clothe, more choose their own destiny rights. "" What do you want to do how to do this? they are just civilians, no knowledge, no power, nothing will be in addition to farming, they are in addition to what can be done when the farmer? scholars from home and start training them when academics, the things that Feith kingdom appear in your kingdom will happen? field you are a legend in their own power to protect them, to protect the order of operation, but they all stand in opposition to you, what would you do? Without you, even if it is civilians who have the knowledge actually nothing, other areas of an idea legend forces will be able to kill tens of thousands of them. "" They disagree with you, shake your reign, stray from your path, You will also willing to protect them? Well, if these people not only have the knowledge, but also have the power do not need your protection, and that they are an action together, directly to you this past nv overthrow the king and how you want? . " <

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