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27.05.2013 05:48
keep faithful and true antworten

Miao God guest slowly turned, stared at Yang Fan, solemnly tunnel: "whether Kara Miyuki had all sorts of absurd, originally what is objective, but his folly, has been known to the world, such a person, reputation has been bad, days once open up new dynasties, how can such a stain covered? And the Helan family has population sparse, for days after the big industry can have much good? Days old, and a son, this new dynasty once opened, how long? Miao a days lay bare one's heart, keep faithful and true, can let this happen?" Yang Fan sank a track: "so, you can contact the high God performance, to a clean?" God said: "Miao guest high God performance is days later hand-picked men, but also the most keen on days when a military general, he and I are days things, cooked very mouth old a scholar, he can't do such a thing, of course, need him." Yang Fandao: "so, you inspired, the high God performance practice, strategy for GE Taoyuan.?" God said: "yes guest seedlings! We'd already decided, from Helan's and wu! This is the most sensible choice, days after the rare gifts and bold strategy, although it is less than women, men, but she is still a woman, the woman always give oneself over to blind emotions, know not of her accession to the throne of Helan's power is bigger, but because the abomination of choice, and not under the mouth of course we want for days." Yang Fan was a, eyes suddenly fierce, concussion tunnel: "for this, you put a village all people killed thousands of clean dry?" Seedlings of God - light tunnel: "the village in Helan's human nature must be killed, but Kara Miyuki's own taro is entrusted to the who, that ran to the informer is only know its thing, know a little, we even know who Kara Miyuki is the bastard? All killed, that security. Do you know how many people die change dynasties? All may hinder the days became disorder, should become a stepping stone, 100. Stupid woman again calculate what?" Yang Fan's hands slightly trembling, he bite a tooth, sneer at a way: "say good! All obstacles and barriers are the days, a stepping stone! Days later ascended the throne soon, now, you also become days up to the altar of that day, a stepping stone robes behind!" Miao God guest turned slowly away, back to Yang Fan, his hands behind his negative, neck, Yu sighed: "I've been waiting for a long time. And so on, is also a kind of torment, you go, I very happy can lend you a hand to be able to extricate!" Yang Fan clenched to handle,Coach Handbags Sale, strong Na pleased one knife impulse, sneer at a way: "kill you,Women's Nike Jordan Sale, lest dirty my knife! You can take the tray up my heart, solution of confusion, I left you a whole corpse, you hanged himself!" Miao God guest turns, unexpectedly looked at Yang Fan eyes, express volumes tunnel: "this world there are many things with wood rot, no one knows, but some things can be handed down to posterity,Air Jordan 4, the reason is simply because there is a a fish escaped through the seine! He slipped through the net, so the Duke Wen; he slipped through the net, so Wu perished. Young man, I hope you this a fish escaped through the Seine, but also has a big as...... "Yang Fan, but is also a wrinkled brow, the words of God - some abrupt > seedling

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