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27.05.2013 05:41
Shangguan like arrow rabbits like antworten

Listen to Yang Fan speak, Shangguan like arrow rabbits like was startled, tightly clutched the pen pole, like holding a sharp knife. She looked at Yang Fan nervously, suddenly the courage, and asked: "are you hesitating in speaking...... You like me, right?" "Ah?" Yang Fanshi did not think of her prologue was such a sentence without rhyme or reason, this one word, let him some reaction not to come over, that he had some stay to launch. Her red face to lower the head, chew tunnel: "your request, i...... Carefully consider for a long time......" Yang Fan also had no reaction to come over: "ah?" Waner Shangguan stammer tunnel: "I call you to, want to...... Tell you, I allow you...... Like me......" Her red face said, greatly relieved, she did not look up, just continue to bite penholder. "Ah?" Yang Fan this time is really stupid, he stood, terrified at Waner shangguan. Waner Shangguan is low head, nervously bite a penholder, couldn't hear a sound, then quietly raised his eyes, eyes and Yang Fan touch, frightened her, surprised and asked: "Why are you still here! You...... Is there anything else?" Yang Fan blankly shook her head, her feel a sense of relief of relief, the exhibition Yan Dao: "oh! Then you go to work, I have to work!" Yang Fan sleepwalking go outside, walk to the door, can not help but look back at a glance, Shangguan is a pair of big eyes looking at him, Yang Fanyi back. The Shangguan Wan'er and frightened, she like a frightened the little squirrel, lowered her head again, continue to nervously bite penholder. Yang Fanmang blankly out of the Buddhist temple, stand in the sun, like a dream not wake up. Yang Fan never had a lover,Coach Bags Sale, for men and women of the case was not know nothing at all. But let him have great experience, he has never heard of such a thing and relationship. He even touched not Waner Shangguan said: "I allow you to love me" what mean. Of course he did not know, experience in without feeling. In addition to poetry, no any other channels to understand what to love and what a way to the Waner Shangguan heart, this is a kind of the most serious, the most solemn statement: "I accept your pursuit. Willing to be your woman!" Almost nothing on men and women normal words describing poems and songs, the official document used to play the same tomorrow with Baobao in a very businesslike official language to mean that she is willing to and Yang Fan married couples will be not at all surprising. But poor Yang Fan this boasts in Nanyang "flowers,Jordan Superfly Sale, leaves do not touch the body of the prodigal son", also be expressed the unprecedented to confused. Yang Fan is holding the Euphorbia stood on the porch, a land guess for a long time, the Waner Shangguan shy be expression, only dimly guessed her mind. Yang Fan thought: "the charge of patent,Oakley Sunglasses Store, presided over the elegant, in politics and literature will play a decisive role in the Datang world, talented woman, not a nerd? Does she think that even lovers? If even a couple of words, that sleep in the same bed but each one minds his own business. Also can give birth to the child......" ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ >

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