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27.05.2013 05:31
Waner Shangguan twitched the corners antworten

Yang Fan struggled with, somewhat distracted, Shangguan Wan'er and when he spoke, his eyes still sharp, Shangguan this sentence comes to half, he woke up to God, hurriedly salute way: "under Yang Fan, seen Daizhao shangguan!" He hurriedly salute, and forget the arms of Euphorbia Euphorbia,Nike Air Jordan 10 UK, flash, outward, Yang Fan quickly caught. Waner Shangguan some laugh, mouth slightly drawn, with Tao: "yes,Oakley For Cheap, it is you, why are you here?" Yang Fandao: "in the next was into king my Wei, a group of long, but in just three days, he was transferred to the lead coming war." Shangguan Waner smile: "very good! So,Oakley Holbrook Cheap, tomorrow have leisure time, I can see your Cuju Kung Fu." Yang Fan smiled and said: "Shangguan Daizhao Cuju operation is very clever, the intentional also experience!" Waner Shangguan nodded, one foot in the temple, my heart had a kind of strange feeling, looked back at Yang Fan, he was as usual, and there is no different, but his mind to that strange feeling is still lingering, partial said it was not clear. Yang Fan thought, eyes some dangerous, Shangguan have felt, but guess not out what that expression is what mean....... Wu then hearinglin Chao, to noon party break, and then eat, then to the Wu Temple, nap after received several needed to have a private meeting with the minister, military events, to deal with all kinds of paper. So the whole morning, Shangguan is Wu Temple master. The next time, Yang Fan had been standing in the doorway, watching the, unfortunately, Shangguan has not come out, even if her out. Unless they take the initiative to talk with him. He also can not strike, seeing only insider in the eyes, Yang Fan can be put in a quandary. That kind of feeling really uncomfortable. Yang Fan stood up to make blind and disorderly conjectures: she has left Wu of the house? For example, it aims for Wu, when she left, I find a chance to follow. Hey hey hey hey...... No! This is Wu Temple, my activities only in this article into the courtyard, if she left, as long as I go, will soon be found. Well...... , she there will be convenient? Toilet in the house on the west side, left and right is the value of real and eunuchs ladies who lived during the day, they each have duty, not at all. There have always been quiet, I can go for her, she is a daughter of the house. A little intimidated. Will have to confess. No, I am not changing with the past. Only have the face it, before the total of this a few bodyguards, who left who did not leave the check on the know, don't, then asked for export to kill her not to become?" Yang Fanchu was there, was there, ear suddenly burst into a woman's voice: "hello! What are you doing. "Ah?" Yang Fan had answered a God to come, see be in his heart he side has set up many times Waner Shangguan was standing in front of a face, looked at him curiously, Yang Fan startled, hedging and tunnel: "i...... , I was thinking...... Jin, what happened?" Waner Shangguan twitched the corners of the mouth, can say with smile: "you come with me to the museum trip, to send these files!" Waner Shangguan behind him stood a little eunuch, holding hands.

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