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27.05.2013 04:59
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Rao Shichu sing again 3 for Yang Fan boasted, Xue Huaiyi still doesn't believe, he took Yang Fan to the central stadium, because just kicked a field, Hong Jiuzheng lying dead, tongue long,Air Jordan New School UK Sale, was panting. Xue Huaiyi kicked him in the balls, shouted: "roll side die, with seventeen contest." Xue Huaiyi took off his robe, revealing a body shank meat, also don't say, this xuehuaiyi noble and dignified, a muscle is also very healthy, especially is rare, so the muscular man body, but not like Yang Fan and Chu song darker. Yang Fan color was brown, Chu song color coppery,Air Jordan New School, this Xue Huaiyi healthy very good shape, color of skin is very white. After Wu like man, must have three conditions, one is good-looking, two is the skin white, three is not bad breath,Jordan Big Ups Shoes, these three conditions are met Xue Huaiyi. Xue Huaiyi pulled open shelves, Yang hate way: "to, seventeen, let me see your Kung fu!" Yang Fansu know that Xue Huaiyi put face look bigger than the day, although he volunteered to fight with him, is not willing to really fight, so repeatedly refuse way: "disciple must not and master contest, please forgive his disciples not to." Xue Huaiyi repeatedly asked, Yang Fan is not allowed, Xue Huaiyi helpless, then to Hong six: "the sixth son, you come!" The disciple of Xue Huaiyi, but mostly he was in Luoyang city to sell bone-setting medicine when the friend, then each other are address each other as brothers, leisure has also competed fall method, although Hong six was not Xue Huaiyi opponent, but the strength of the two is not much difference, let him to try a, Xue Huaiyi can see Yang Fan's Kung Fu depth. Six see Hong thunder was the seventeen teacher younger brother rob, this is not in the heart, listen to Xue Huaiyi command, immediately wide coat, BARE-BACKED forward, Yang Fan said: "the seventeen brother, brother, with six spar." Yang Fan sees the shape, then also torn belt, wide to coat. Yang Fan's wearing clothes, Hong six present boasted: "a child to follow Luoyang sumo wrestling skill practice teacher Li Bandie, and later to Changan the first wrestler, nicknamed 'Optimus Prime, Jin Zhuojin master pointing, now the city of Luoyang, wrestling sumo than I good, can be counted on one's fingers." All the brothers can not to his face, laughed: "six brothers have such ability, why not for us to participate in the white horse temple head, Shangyuan sumo, to master for a scene back?" Hong six puts a hand way: "if can participate in the competition, I would not go. But a few years ago and Gongan Fang Popi boss fight, hurt my leg, so not long, with seventeen small game can also, if the power to compete with the parties sumo master, not to lose her face." Four under the immediate boos. Yang Fankuan the robe, learn to Hong six one, also bare arm back, look at his body is too slightly thin some, has also been controlled, muscle heaps, not wearing clothes handsome like seventeen little girl, figure was also very material. Hong six kicked off his shoes, step on the court and barefoot, waved to him: "Seventeen younger brothers, to!" Yang Fan stood up, embrace a boxing way: "I am six brothers!" Philip >

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