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27.05.2013 04:50
words make Jiang Xuning one eye antworten

"You ah, Yang Lang house has so many soldiers and tolerance, when it's your turn to show off, but you rush in to save, see you hurt, that if a disability can how is good......" Jiang Xuning sat on the couch, simply to blame, she Niang and Maqiao stood aside, words make Jiang Xuning one eye, even they are not inserted in the mouth. Patch is unmarried girl, while Yang Fan is a single man, so Jiang Xuning not to Yang Fan home, this time I heard Yang Fan injured, in the doctor your panic, just dragged mother came to visit. Yang Fan shy tunnel: "Ning Jie, not as you want, my wound is before breaking into Yang Langzhong bedroom rescue had been hurt, the assassins in the palace of rampant everywhere, arson attack, I was sleeping in the room, heard the house shouting, stumbled ran out, head-on took a knife, loss I run fast. Just hate, that Liu steward began clearly shouted to one million money, or I can fire burst into life......" Liu was then under charge,Outlet Coach Bags, shouted the reward is one million money, but since not been rescued, this reward is with good reason to shrink, finally gave him ten thousand bucks. Jiang Xuning in his forehead point a finger, charming be angry: "you ah, if you go into the face burns, how to do? Burning like an ugly eight strange like, when you cry to all cry not to come out, really don't want money! I really want to whether gas you, this is my mother early in the morning to you boil the chicken soup, quickly took advantage o heat to drink." She helped Yang Fan sat up, Jiang mother down a bowl of chicken soup from the pot, Yang Fan took just drank, suddenly remembered something, looked up and asked: "elder sister busy Ning, the chicken soup which come? You...... The home of the old hen kill?" Jiang Xuning nodded, Yang Fan laments: "alas! The old hen's eggs can, how to kill, pity!" Jiang Xuning white his one eye: "or you have chicken soup to drink? An old hen than your life is precious?" Jiang mother in a way: "yes ah! His daughter,Nike Jordan Spizike UK, you don't tell us. Although you may be neither relative nor friend with our family, with one family like a pro, last, rather the son that marriage, thanks to your help, otherwise, she in this life can not good day. She is such a daughter, if watch she jumped into the fire pit, the dead are not closed eyes." She stroked Yang Fan's hair, and tunnel: "aunt no son, when you get a son like watching. And ma......" Jiang mother looked up to stand on the side of the Ma, Ma since entered the house and didn't speak, occasionally secretly looked at Yang Fan's eyes, would faint with a strange taste, just because the patch son entered the room for Yang Fan grumble without end, Yang Fan busy, also didn't see his weird to. The river way: "I grew up watching, grow,oakley sunglasses, and rather the son is also very good friends. Her age is old, you these young people, are the neighbors to live, each other to take care of each other." Yang Fandao: "the aunt assured, my elder sister and brothers with the Nanjing bridge, though not a mother compatriot sisters and brothers, but the affection is not false, we will support each other, each other. >

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