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27.05.2013 04:36
Behind the old voice spoke again antworten

A penny a slight rotation eyes, hesitate a way: "father is?" Hey, two old voice, way: "do you think I will tell you?" Penny: "Lilliputian only guarding, earn meal, please father show mercy." Hoarse voice: "old man and you have no animosity against, it will create more killed! I also want to give children accumulate some Yin Fu. As long as you listen, I will not hurt you, say! Yang Mingsheng now where?" "The doctor had gone to sleep!" "Sleep in where?" "After the second into the courtyard of the main building." "Well, you take me to!" Flowers small Qiandun when silent, behind those who sneer: "if you want to be loyal, that is with you, maybe you will remember more Mingsheng Yang family pension." Then, spend a penny to the throat of a pair of iron that is suddenly fastening, spend a little, big Hai, hurriedly said: "I tell you the truth, he...... He also study!" Old voice low hum a, way: "I know you are lying, with the old, to the place, the natural spare your life! Otherwise, he will take your dog!" "Well, small Promise Father is, gentlemen...... Do not promise!" "I always keep a promise!" Spend money to go, throat finger tight, put him back area,air jordan outlet, the cold voice said: "wait a minute, you first solve the black dog." Spend a little bitter face way: "small how to solve......" Behind the voice sneer at a way: "don't tell me, you like it! The night watchman and watch dogs are, as long as you a little walk around, it will be barking, not a joke!" A penny the last hope was shattered, helpless under, had to call a way: "small white! White!" The black dog was named white, stood a penny Yang Fan behind a speechless. The big black dog just probe four look, not aware of what, has to lie down, then heard the call, a pair of ears flapping distracted look up, hear is a penny calls it, will shake the head and wag ran over. The beast is the beast, IQ is not compared with others, although its six general extremely sensitive,Air Jordan Outlet, even if it is high to high to the Ranger cannot avoid its eyes and ears, but at the moment the invaders in the eyes, but because of who accompany, it cannot distinguish between ourselves and the enemy. Mice ran to the money side, bow sniffed the tip of his boots, then looked up at him, wagging his tail, perhaps in the black heart, thought is to spend a little lonely boring, call it over to play. Behind the old voice spoke again: "you look and it really well, since you can control it, it is best, take me to the home office., dog not call what, kill it!" A penny to behind the man quietly relieved, behind this person since even a dog are not willing to kill, and he is a man, it seems as long as he obediently,Nike Air Jordan 1 UK Sale, survived the hope is very big still. A penny even thought: "perhaps this night pedestrians intention was not to the doctor, just have a grievance to claim it, these wild queer is, the reason is possible." The idea that a duty of the money was better, he slowed down the sound, to the dog: "white boy, go back to sleep, go, go. >

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