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27.05.2013 04:19
but he knew some of the secret court antworten

Yang Fan stared at the little maid disappeared in the direction of, and did not take the Maqiao remarks. Maqiao not knowing why it is so, but he knew some of the secret court ". He knew, deep within the palace around the Wu Zetian, there is a secret power, called plum internal security. In the Wu Zetian killed Li Tang clan and cut off some evidence can not open the treatment of opposition, the internal security force greatly. Yang Fan only from the official documents. In a word or two about the plum Wei saw some of the records, do not know their dress costume, specific duties, but just to see a bit of the plum blossom, the little fairy glabellar somehow, he thought of the mysterious organization. Then, successively from the wall over two figures and Maqiao two ghost called, has alarmed the watchman wuhou. Someone cried: "what one night in Shangjie?" Far is a plexus and lights. Yang Fan and Ma as to say, as a dispersed and immediately. Two people in that lane had beaten, every tree and bush, brick by brick knows, two people all the way to, avoid road, soon to get rid of the Wuhou, rushed to the two living near each other, Yang a Bayan, respectively, with the booty flash into his yard. Maqiao flash into the courtyard, standing up, sneaking to four have a look, took out a thing from the bosom, that soft one regiment,Air Jordan Play In These 2 UK, shake out, seems to be a silk underwear. Maqiao Coushang, a deep sniff, exclaimed: "good ah! Huangjia lady are over 30 years old woman, still wear so bright he Wai, hey!" The woman's chest, will feature the bosom, make one's way noiselessly to come forward to push the door, I just give him the door, door, Dodge, barred the door down, the door gap in revealing light. When the lights on the bridge, Yang Fan lived in the alley to flash a ghostly figure, he remained silent for a moment, looked around and saw a cross the street, quiet no sound, then flew past, into another lane. It was surprisingly quick, and extremely familiar terrain in his workshop, a market alley Yau is far not. Soon returned to just Ma and Yang Fan's wall. He looked down and sniffed the wall of blood, and then is like looking for something, and search around. A moment later, the man in the train, looking down at the ground, to oneself said: "good j ī ng! He returned, to escape under water. Unfortunately, the unexpected, even the excessive loss of blood fainted in here, so wait until morning, still not be caught." The light shine on the face, it is just to leave Yang Fan. At his feet,air jordan store, is quietly lying on a shadow, the shadow of big half body has climbed out of the stream, but the two legs hanging in the water, look at the dress up clearly is just the assassin, he is out there, motionless. Yang Fan looked at him, eyes kept flashing, seemed to hesitate to struggle, but looking at him in a coma in appearance, like he was being kicked down Creek water situation, Yang Fan will not want to stand. Finally, he sighed,Oakley Hijinx Sale, bent down, hold the half immersed in the night pedestrian. People into >

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