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> Chapter nv at protecting the ancient Greek god of rain and sparse chūn days next up, but this time to be beyond the Great Wall Rogge Rogge camp site who are not ordinary people, this is the rain did not affect them, With Acala nod, Northrend and Kane are disillusioned, really aware Zhi gave Accra also Ys favors what it is. wWw, QuANBEn, Com {quanben / .com first text} 'Wanstead lords. "They simultaneous said Li Zhi looked back:" mage tower to be established,Oakley M FRAME Sale, countless jīng gold Mithril and various precious stones, how can there be so easy. "Zhi directly rejected, the mage tower planned before germinating in his mind, but it is a big need to plan, good use is, Crist family Rune Mage Tower To cover the entire territory, each Rune will need a brace, is cumulative over many years, how was his mage tower than directly operate together to reverse the Land of force. For ordinary sorcerer who wants to build a low mage tower has great difficulty, the construction material is an astronomical figure, but for him it is truly universal forces can, materials and the like, just to sneak into the veins collect That is, do not even need to destroy the original pulse, only the Land of pooled jīng China as jīng like gold Mithril ore can be removed, as long as the Ley still, that place is still there jīng gold Mithril generation. "Jīng Mithril gold and precious stones." Speaking of such a substance, the two faces of joy give all faded, full of disappointment, productivity was fully developed, can only dig digging luǒlù mining mineral deposits, so you want to dug to get a lot of jīng vein gold Mithril and various gems it is a dream thing, but in fact they also know Wanstead say this though is the truth, it is also rejected in disguise, what are their qualifications for the request Wanstead They built the tower? Something enough jiāo for? "Lord Winster, explain that the two are from the southern islands of the Amazon nv king." Akara right behind two Cascia High head nv artificially introducing Tao Zhi, see, Blind Eye with Amazon relationships are very good, this point see the bow of Cascia and Phoenix-based combat skills from the Amazon and the two organizations are dominated nv people can know, the two are very origins. "Mawei Na" "赛里斯蒂亚" no time Akara introduced two Amazon warriors respective nv said. "Mawei Na?" Zhi think this term somewhat familiar: "Ma Weinuo battle poetry?" Li Zhi suspect huò asked, the nv person named Mawei Na Li Zhi looked surprised: "Lord told me Wanstead Amazon actually so familiar, Mawei Na is my ancestors, in the Amazon nv strongest warrior, my lord, Artemis said she was fighting it is like to write a poem in order to commend her for her personally to create a set of artifacts Therefore, users ancient artifact called Mawei Na. "" Artemis? far as I know you are not beliefs Tanaosula Amazon, 荷法伊特斯, Kake by the Sri Lanka, Zela Yi? "Al Themis Sri Lanka is the name Li Zhi can be more than familiar with, is simply big names, but the introduction of the Amazon, and their faith in the gods seem vain Artemis slightest margin. "Lord Winster family to me really understand, but this understanding are outsiders, my family in the Amazon true faith is only one god, the moon and hunting nv god Artemis, while Tan Aosu stretch , 荷法伊特斯, g of Sri Lanka, Zela Yi are our ancestors in the foot off the lead out of the legend, they were given a different god priesthood and become our guardian Islands several large cities. "" Vince Special Lord, let me first apologize to you, to Roger camp before I accepted the invitation of Bishop Ron lords attempt to murder, then is subject to the orders of the Lord God put under the command of Lord, here are my main shè over messenger arrows, please lord view. "Ma Weinuo a squat body slightly down sit down, but the two tuǐ was tilted to the left, the right, but since the space to come up with a changjon jiāo Li Zhi, Li Zhi took a look and saw changjon the ancient seal character was actually carved the ten words "His Majesty is willing pantheon one." extremely jīng between ancient carving painting fine, yet gentle transition between strokes razor, Li Zhi saw it is like from this to a round meniscus rises in the sky, under a beautiful moonlit night toting a bow nvxìng valiant and heroic. Artemis, one of the ancient Greek god, the god of the moon, hunting nv God in addition to the two clergy, as well as the most familiar place Zhi nv protection clergy, said the main language in many parts of the world, the Artemis a word is the meaning of life is not married, is really just the introduction of reverie ah ...... nv how God falls in this world, and he was came to know of my existence? Li Zhi this puzzling, but Artemis in one breath left arrow clear, which jīng field Zhi Tong jīng God speaking, follow the breath that smells can already connect the past, these problems naturally You can personally ask. "Get up." Look Ma Weinuo attitude this time, Li Zhi heart to know which is derived from the ancient Greek nv son a ride kneeling ceremony. Mawei Na immediately got up, looked 赛里斯蒂亚 one, is credited with the line on Li Zhi sit kneeling ceremony: "Wanstead Lord, please accept our allegiance." Seeing the situation, and this, whether it is Northrend, or Kay Li Zhi En hearts of all give birth to an enigmatic feeling that Accra was originally commissioned by the two came to see Li Zhi, but she also did not understand what the specific thing. Amazon's presence although they are not familiar with, but it has long been known in the world of Sanctuary, Amazon Islands are few forces of hell have not been touched areas, Amazon and powerful forces behind them that is not in doubt. By this time, so this force to put under the command of Li Zhi. At this time, since the space in Northrend took out the message box, opened took out a note: "Lord Winster, Grace's letter, he Zakarum hand tracking is found, and now the whole Zakarum hand recourse, the request our assistance. "Zhi will recover space changjon Artemis:" Grace now also able to give you this news, the situation is not So urgent, I first look at the situation in the past, and then erected Chuansong Zhen, when I will need to write to Stevo via telegraph president, ye together to send over. "" Zakarum hand this should not exist in the sanctuary of the world power, we must resolutely destroyed Zakarum coming from that holy tribunal cut luàn hemp, want to thunder means suppress all plans, do not let them succeed, as long as no Zakarum hand, Zakarum divisive force within this force did not deter inheritance Joe Grace Bishop Lectra bright and dreams of the road can be opened a new Zakarum. "" Zakarum holy tribunal dared responsible for this massacre would destroy Zakarum hand, we have issued a call by the Grace United defected Joe Lectra road of the people, to the Court of St. Zakarum war, this war, when the speed battle quick decision, do not give Zakarum holy tribunal defenseless machine. "Zhi then a finish, Stevo, who has been applauded in unison, with this response, Li Zhi will lock the Grace rocket coordinates, began to mobilize Send mén. At this time the fighting has brought together Horadrim not weak, on the field of combat power from the legend, Stevo has Trag'Oul incarnation a person is equivalent to two, Li Zhi itself be regarded as a, can also be involved in Northrend In addition, support for Accra Ys got behind, and now quite emboldened, can temporarily invoke the power of the legendary field, but also his ill weak areas together so many legends, there are many strong auxiliary, there can concentrate Chuan Songzhen captured at Defense, there is no divide our forces apart, come and go, space is time. Horadrim concentrate to play more small, Zakarum hand and split Zakarum holy tribunal are nothing, but the power of hell, if you really want to get involved, hell forces scattered parties, should suppress local , Candelas plains Phoenix and several lords of hell have nothing? Li Zhi hearts sigh, he thought he came to this world with enough change in this world, but now it seems that there is no change in his big imagination. Only this time BrightShadow Bot War, he was already leading the force, while Zakarum hand, Zakarum holy tribunal does not exist, Grace Qiao Like adhering to the road of light and dreams, The new Zakarum will no longer be paradise erosion shelter team. Humane force to suppress all non-his extraordinary power within the system, there will be an infinite world can take advantage of the power into the power of Mage Tower, as long as far as his strength, will eventually change the world, to create a world different from the main technological civilization, while its road will go further. By this time, Li Zhi's mind has not in this war seal spot, but to seal spot development after the war, there was endless far north, in arreat Hill, a seemingly related to world war may now have started, the world's Stone of the fight, that was the 艾纳利尤斯 war with Barr, Li Zhi suddenly realized one thing, if you really like the game, as Barr, will put a stone in the world, with Ena Li Yousi, he would choose to do, watched the Baltic to obtain control over part of the world of Sanctuary? Li Zhi suddenly understand Tyrrell will destroy the world instead of choosing such as Baltic stone, stone 艾纳利尤斯 holds the world reason for Tyrese, the Baltic and 艾纳利尤斯, regardless of who's taking over the world stone at him, or have no benefits in terms of heaven, he also does not intend to put them to fight, the world had two stone will compete for countless years on, two more will continue to fight to go pointless, cable xì ng better to be polluted world of stone completely destroyed. "If you destroy the world stone, this piece of heaven where the trend is?" Transfer mén has been opened, Li Zhi looked watch endless sky,Oakley Sport Online, to send mén in and went in, Stevo, Northrend, Kane, who would never think, at this moment, Li Zhi's eyes had already put endless distance, they are still immersed in the destruction of Zakarum hand, Zakarum holy war Chambers and seal spot The Imagination. Boundless dark green mountains, chūn wind downs, blowing with lush trees as the sea surging bursts bō làng General Tao, Grace Knight long will the body hidden in a crevice in the back and both sides protruding boulders in the earth, and only the gap in front of a guest, so that he can still be seen in a skylight, to this point, Grace Knight Holy Chamber length on Zakarum read like the last vestiges have to go, that his former fought for life, on behalf of infinitely bright Zakarum holy tribunal in front of him, along with the Bishop Joe Bly Lectra Will he collapsed exhaustively destroy hundreds of thousands of displaced persons, and afterwards also plummeted Joe Rick Bishop body. At that time, Grace whole heart a cold, if you did not touch Joe Lectra bishop, bishop as teacher like a good follow through yòu teachings, he witnessed such a scene, the entire body and mind will be completely collapsed faith, but this When his heart, there has been a bishop gives him Joe Lectra a new road, just like this time living in the same environment, in the dark, in front of the gap that road also revealed a trace of light. "Joe Rick Bishop, Grace will inherit your path, the path will be infinite dream start as soon as possible from thy slumber." Although his face is tired, but this time in the eyes of Grace, has a brilliant cohesion At this time, Grace for their future road has been re undoubtedly huò, that glorious, glorious belongs to those who feel that with this stock consciousness, his dreams and bright path one step further, Joe Lectra sleeping , Grace legend in the field of road to another step in deeply. Huge mountains, a vast tract will, from time to time sweep, Grace knew that Zakarum the hands of demons, for he who Weisha important figure in the hands of a master Zakarum almost out in force it. "Wait, dreams of glory will give you a thorough purification, such an extreme force, how can exist in the world." Blue sè brilliant shine in the crevice, Grace had also hanging in the heart a little peace of mind down, and Westminster from Ticketmaster Horadrim support has to be over, the oval blue sè, dressed in bright yellow robes sè slowly since juvenile figure out, black hair Heitong to the past that is not exactly bit famous camp Wanstead Mr. Rogge. "Grace Knight long, long time no see." "Where I am now still knight long." Grace self-deprecating chuckle: "Wanstead lords, the last thing, do not mention, and now no Zakarum Knights Knight long Grace, Grace only dream of knights, lords Wanstead just over, and I talk about Zakarum lord of the hands of the situation. "Zhi nodded his head, and began to perceive surrounding veins, looking for a relatively cohesion Ley node placement Chuansong Zhen. "Hand of Zakarum forces have a legendary field strength is Shining Force, but it destroys everything with the destruction of an atmosphere, this force, Archbishop of St. Mugla Mozart Chamber doctrines and history have had to mention and is part of another holy tribunal extreme dark road, to destroy the Light, who purify destroy all non-light. "" The Legend of the field there are three men set foot in the sixth stage and, as I followed the road, like Joe Bishop import Lectra his way among the forces beyond the ordinary legend force, and of the holy tribunal Neiting Archbishop general areas such as pseudo-legendary bands, in addition to a dozen fifth-order forces who were with the legendary one armed bands enchant strong, strength are quite a lot. "" I worked with who the field against the legend, a catch was almost face to face, but after all, the rules also have the power, to gather together in order to escape their assault forces raid also under no dike can not catch, this time I tracked them to be found, given my Zakarum holy tribunal also inherited the influence of Bishop Joe Lectra roads and power, in order to destroy me and destroy these Zakarum Will Bligh's hand almost all around up to, in this piece of forest, the forest has exhaustively surrounded. "" So Will Bligh destroy the group of Zakarum hand to do in the mountains outside of this time? "Zhi out of the rock crevices, Chuan Songzhen has placed well, outward perception of the surrounding swept from time to time will power. "Three sixth-order forces, as well as a dozen fifth-order strong, the legend who is not in the field?" Zhi suddenly looked up, this piece among the mountains, there will exist Ruoyouruowu . "Just a one-pot." "Grace, you have any plans for the future?" Li Zhi launched a field strength, imitating Ryan twisted hands that will detect magic device that will give all Chuansong Zhen enveloped in them, and then to Stevo made a message. Listen and Li Zhi asked intention Grace but it is not a fool, when he was only in Wisconsin Ticketmaster Horadrim and support can make a difference, and he is undoubtedly the value of existence can be split Zakarum. "I will inherit Lectra Joe Bishop road, and Zakarum hand, Zakarum holy court battle in the end, will Zakarum brought a whole new way to go." Grace replied categorically, Lee Chi suddenly staring Grace: "Well, since you have this Grace heart, whether I still Horadrim Wisconsin Ticketmaster will Yili support to you, Grace,Coach Bags Sale, I have a good frame Chuan Songzhen, Stevo president and the strong will of you sent over via Chuansong Zhen, etc. by you out of the hands of the Zakarum give all attracted attention, we will secretly raid, and strive to catch them. "" This is sent Array? "Grace previously only been Zakarum hands thoroughly decorated, and among the mountains around it is difficult to escape remembered Joe Rick gave him a bishop jiāo ornaments, reportedly when needed, can He Radim request support, and ornaments that spatial positioning coordinates to his lord wanted to have rushed over Wanstead rescued his opinions has been good, which are thought Chuansong Zhen moved here, but consider the Wanstead is the take this opportunity to Zakarum hand caught. "With Chuansong Zhen, and Westminster Ticketmaster Horadrim master together, instantly appear in any corner of the world, so that power is not any organization can match." As a soldier, a clear understanding that this Grace point, and as Chuan Songzhen light shining constantly, Stevo, Northrend, Kane, Côte d'Ivoire, Ryan, Accra, Mawei Na, Thain Modestia ...... come out one by one from Chuansong Zhen, Grace heart to know, if these people closely together, there Chuansong Zhen, this shelter has no force in the world able to keep them up, Zakarum hand, Zakarum holy tribunal ...... finished. Grace looked up at the sky, and that light bloom at the same time, still has unlimited loss, Zakarum holy tribunal, it was his former worth fighting for, worth burning the place of all beliefs. <

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