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> One hundred and eleventh chapter Soaring fall hit "You say how, Akasha dumb, and could not understand a word, the hammer and sickle is a very powerful weapon enchant you, look at all Not terrible thing? "Akasha did not understand half listening to Stevo and Li Zhi said the son, and finally his eyes fell on the hammer and sickle, scythe, better said, the hammer is simply the product of the Stone Age, it seems not at all not severe. wwW, QUaNBEN, cOm Akasha a talk, Stevo smile did not stop, continue to laugh, he strikes Akasha is too Coke: "Little girl, you say they are not that bad, then I let You look at my hammer powerful, rare today, so happy, I'll give you a powerful weapon in it, Akasha, you will what you do best weapon to take over, I'll give you altered. "" I found , which is Hera Dick Hammer. "Akasha dawned, and hurried from the room and pulled out one pair of claw blade:" Akasha adept claw blade, but has not one good claw blade only with Katar . "she said pitiful, will claw blade to Stevo, Stevo president looking forward to watching his face, looking forward to his miraculous, a pair of ordinary claw blade with magical He Ladik Hammer transformed into powerful enchant armed. "Hera Dick Hammer?" Hera Dick Hammer Compared with these innate treasure, it would be too plunges, Hsin Tao Li Zhi, but he is not highlighted, this change in the law contains a hammer, not only have a strong hold the hammer force, Stevo president harness the power of transformation, the world's best craftsmen can match him, he wanted to see what this hammer would have the kind of strength. "Hera Dick Hammer?" Stevo president holding a hammer, seemed inexplicable thought of how, actually there is no objection, he took Akasha's claw blade, a little thought for a while. "Akasha you want to have the kind of claw edge in power?" To see the claw blade, he also found the assassin Akasha is the sorcerer, assassin world in shelters compared to other more mysterious sorcerer, assassin's weapon He found, but he does not understand the power of the assassin, so directly asked Akasha needs. Akasha big open eyes looked Stevo: "I want to how power will have it?": "Stevo smiled and nodded:" As long as you request, you must realize today. "With Stevo guarantee Akasha pinched fingers began to count off: the" Akasha want to run faster, you want to be more flexible and want to be able to get rid of all defense claw blade, Akasha also Want stealth not be believed, you want to ...... "Akasha reeled off a dozen years, listening to Li Zhi straight sigh she did not find polite, more than a dozen properties,Coach Satchels Clearance, even if the properties are garbage, but If the property is rubbish, called handheld artifact Stevo how to take the shot? but we can not deceive the legendary field girl, the spoken word, it would have to achieve, and sure enough, a Akasha requirements, Stevo on frowned, trying to get a hundredfold over to untie. "Well,Coach Bags Sale, as you wish. "Stevo one would like to see it started working, he hammers a church, which at the foundation of the kingdom of death, that Li Zhi since that one corridor to place it? Than the huge strength and basic particles will pass directly in this direction come. "Wanstead, like ours, but the legendary realm of faith and the power of non-death world torrent source power, which itself is one among the field of space, right? Huge source of power than, but if there is no authority, which shares power source on it? From utilized, with the authority, the source power is it? Poor, right? Do, God will be stored in the hearts of people fear forgotten, but we will not. "" This authority is similar to enchant armed, but more high-end, and one will not just be a simple core, but the core of the whole world will unite a show for the world flood, we want to completely use, is not a simple thing, and for authority control, the more we are able to draw on the more source of power, the stronger these sources force it? Poor, right? Do, anyway, I was able to utilized is limited, may be used to create armed enchant poor. "" Optimistic Wenshite you, I see you proficient in alchemy, the following procedure may be of some inspiration. "Stevo on Li Zhi really everything he knows, will comprehend everything exhaustively inform Zhi. Stevo torrent invocation world power directly to instill on Akasha claw blade away." Akasha requires many attributes, In fact, can be summarized in two, one is rid of all defense, get rid of everything, even if we can not do, but the claw blade attached to certain rules, the legendary field strength can count them get rid of the following, and I died in it additional harvest rules , the main will the spirit of the rules there are certain annihilation capabilities. "" The rest of the property are some of the enhanced strength, speed and various capacity method, this sum up, is simple, the world torrent is between heaven and earth will integrate with the origin of the formation of the bar? Best torrent, right? Poor, right? Do, the inner world is fundamental, is not something unusual in contact with the will of origin core comparable, the whole world will combine with the origin at this time I am limited authority, but for the following areas of the legend, it is already, right? Unmatched stronger. "" Nine cattle pulling a hair, claw blade can be promoted to the legend Zhebing field grade weapons, weapons in world torrent flowing through Akasha witchcraft skills can be received with the flood of blessings, witch assassin surgery techniques focus on physical strength to play, Akasha witchcraft skills are blessings, all attributes are the property to the point, for this is two attributes, two attributes and then return to the point, a surge of support for the harvest of death world torrent. "The authority will play a subtle separation, Stevo actually willing, but authority in hand, the world is just self-claw blade torrent flowing, is still to be pooled into his hands, gave and did not give the same, which is like a Managing the personnel power to subordinates, he can not manage the personnel to play yet, you need to use the time to recover is? give it just did not give, ceded authority to Akasha, Akasha get powerful weapons edged , Akasha claw blade with murder, and that is helping him with the harvest. "Akasha, not 谢谢斯特沃 president Zhebing weapon will be the legendary domain level, domain level are quite powerful legend that type of weapon . "While the granting authority for Stevo did it? Losses, but also the separation of powers, but the legendary realm of authority how can easily with people?" 阿卡莎谢谢斯特 fertile Sage. "Akasha took the claw blade face lighted up, and no doubt the authenticity of Li Zhi discourse, Qieqie towards Stevo Sage thanks." Is good. "Stevo the hammer and sickle are collected up:" Akasha, you try to see if the combination of weapons. "Akasha will claw blade in your hand, a moment to clear the claw blade usage, she will mobilize between heaven and earth among the torrent claw blade with her already in temporary binding, claw blade on a golden shine, One breath of death also came out from the gold in the transmission. "Oh, really amazing. "Akasha Will and claw blade into the world of torrent flows through temporary coincide, their own strength grades are rising up one level, who had set foot in the fifth stage, this time with claw blade blessing, actually abruptly up to the sixth Order early, she firm the body, only the fist of a collection, is this close, Li Zhi felt her mind and body will move heaven and earth has been cited resonance, making the existence of a world flood temporarily pooled into her body, gathered. "Soaring. "Akasha Jiaochi a cry, the people disappear in an instant, in the perception of Li Zhi ideas among the space beside her while slightly shaking, she has come together with the lead along that road flood impacted certain direction out, such use is not unusual space power, but Dunshu, extremely subtle, than according to the rules applied Zhi world context of more in-depth use of escape method, the next moment, Akasha has appeared on a hill next to the feet toward the the hills kicking away. looked Akasha's kicking, Li Zhi eyes riveted on the whole body and mind will fall on her body, I saw Akasha in kicking the moment, her body appeared an inexplicable atmosphere, this atmosphere is like moving heaven and earth he cited torrent cast as a prelude to a meteor shower. "legendary spell. "Akasha's kicking is not magic, but it contains a magic secret, inexplicable sense of smell that she's some kind of martial arts will, when the will of a rising Budo, cited her come together in an instant torrent In Budokan will as the core transformation induced changes in extraordinary power. "pierced the sky like comets, meteorites deemed break ground. "Contained in flavor perception, Li Zhi mind emerges out comet pierced the sky, the earth meteorite break the mood. Will a rise, Akasha seemingly simple a kick has landed a small hill, the moment to Akasha feet contact areas with hills, as if lit up ten thousand tons of explosives, like, right? best strength to that point in the direction toward the Akasha focus on the release of the foot, the whole hill kicking in this note under fire and shock wave scattered, broken mountain crashing , Akasha The blow is like a meteorite falling fifth order forces, as the total mobilization of forces is relatively less, but mana cost is almost negligible, while the damage was caused by forces more focused. "Assassin's sixth-order martial Phoenix attacks, once poly gas produced meteorite attack, the second poly gas can launch Chain Lightning, can give birth three times chaotic Bingtan gas gathering, gas gathering after the dragon based attacks triggered as a final blow gas gathering effect, if not see the error, Akasha The blow is the assassin's fifth-order power Soaring, and instantly sent to the vicinity of the target to carry out attacks. "Li Zhi on the shining power of Akasha, I feel a little strange,Nike Jordan Superfly Sale, that Akasha had only the fourth-order assassin, how will the sixth-order capabilities? Akasha a hit, fell almost stable H into jifen hill, watching the front of the case, in his eyes, revealing a trace of a loss, the body movement together again, a closed fist, eyes firmly locked Zhi Akasha, Akasha perceived changes in the body that moment, with the Akasha a closed fist, Akasha took a deep breath, the world torrent natural attachment, followed, Akasha stretch stop, another one after another three. "This is a good little girl powerful combat skills, explosive moment of extreme powerful, but also space transmission, they have made my jaw edge, even if you do not care if I finish the long march a strike will hurt ah, it seems my claw blade created a terrific character does, and even the fifth order Legend of the power of a first-order equipment if everyone on the field of a legend like enchants armed, then how is the scene Horadrim foundation is still too weak a bit. "Stevo exclaimed, Akasha combat skills he is able to feel it and found that the specific combat skills during the operation, but the reason is unknown operating base, which is the knowledge of the limitations, he is a mage type character, for mining intrinsic secret is not so clear. successive three breathing, Akasha gather strength reached an unprecedented intensity, this force is simply fifth-order force spells cast strategic forces together, but also with the assassin means that the same is sent focus on the outbreak to the side, my side was actually with how powerful a metamorphosis ah, three gas gathering concentrated outbreak of attacks hit, simply humanoid Hirayama printed. wait Zhi ponder, who once again raised an artistic Akasha , it is not chaos Bingtan Or Chain Lightning, but is still a meteorite hit earth, the blow, Akasha is a trick Soaring still commence body instantly disappeared in the place, again when it is in km away of a ground, place one foot down from the sky to the big. "boom. "This strike force and effect of the large, it is terrifying, kicked off the earth point, it is like a meteorite Akasha itself as an unprecedented power to her foothold as the center, to the surrounding Meng broke off The earth shook, soil churning waves, flames, strong shock wave swept the earth with flames continued to spread around, and Akasha's body floating in the air slowly transpiration flames, flames, she is like a bath Phoenix fire, her eyes cold, right? waves appear out of thin air looking down at the foot of a meter wide circular pit. "three gas gathering, a strike force gathering strength with fifth-order strategy witchcraft general bar ? Two, but they were so concentrated, the blow if the play in the human body, there Stevo annihilation rule properties, this force, Hirayama printed directly Zala That's the effects. "Li Zhi thought, the next moment, Akasha one suddenly." Ah. "Exclaimed her mouth, his hands casually dancing, will fall down." It Akasha, martial exercises also daze it? "Li Zhi look at her situation, the body instantly disappeared, the next moment has appeared in Akasha's body, hand Lanzhu her waist, the other hand around her legs bent, Zhi will integrate core and flood, fundamental right? need like Akasha as gas gathering, direct invocation Akasha Soaring Dreams torrent simulate a blow, but also sent the same effect, Li Zhi escape the eyes of law, with Akasha Budo reference direct molding it. Stevo eyes of a condensate, seems to be thinking about how, laugh, and body instantly appear in the meteorite crater opened a break before displaying Soaring Akasha means it? non is to guide the world torrent swept itself, which is, the core will integrate with the world's Stevo if they find the core principle, but as a school will be like Li Zhi, the legend of the strong field, eyes look down under the eyes of God such in many shamans magic to it? unmatched technology has become simpler. "sir, Akasha and daze, the pit is caused by what? "This daze, Akasha is not the kind of daze head completely blank, so she and some memories. Zhi Wang holding Akasha, slowly falling from the sky, he strikes're holding Akasha is a Monster general, this monster Quefei derogatory. "Akasha, you sent a strike that is Soaring Mody, who is from the name of it? "Soaring ah, this discourse is not the language of the world of Sanctuary, but in the character issue, and therefore there is this question Zhi, assassin martial skills, but also when it is originally native born Li Zhi, but after listening to these four word is found, perhaps with the original on the previous civilization. "Akasha is not found. "Akasha's face flushed, she suddenly twist the body, a pair of hands has been taking on Li Zhi's neck, like a koala, like hanging on Li Zhi who." Mr. embrace it so comfortable. "Talking of heat between the nose and mouth spray Zhi to bring out a hint of mellow, Li Zhi inadvertently think of two people in the car that day with the lips and teeth Nazhen Erbinsimo handover will Akasha unnatural hand hug Some tighter. "cough. "Stevo coughed slightly:" really envy you young people, ah, I will not bother you both so much, just that teleport FANTASY, I'm going out to look. "Stevo While he was talking, it is necessary to open space on foot, no longer here when the light bulb. Zhi chuckled:" Legend of the field, the life, right? Has an end, how will the old Stevo president. "Akasha open hands, Li Zhi also her down, Li Zhi rode heaven torrent, direct from Stevo break out into space, Stevo just out of the field of space, but also the corresponding Li Zhi and Akasha from which escape out. "Stevo president, Wisconsin Ticketmaster and Zakarum today there how change? ":" One out of the field of space on Stevo Stern said Li Zhi, see Li Zhi talking down to business, Stevo lips smile disappeared. "Akara came to me this morning, and I mentioned some of the things that she and Kane Sage excellent relations, have been in contact with each other, and now Kane Sage has your help in turning around, n Keep to the side to catch up over here. "" In addition, Accra let me say one thing with you, so that you pay attention to the most recent fight territory, your territory recently suffered several huge crisis, the blind Eye Chronicles president to refrain known, but to pay a certain price predictions are not subject to significant interference in the case although not necessarily get the answer you want to play, come to the son is extremely accurate, according to Akara said, you Territory crisis may involve the legendary areas, making her prophecies disturbed. "" I'll be careful. "Zhi secretly guess the crisis facing the fight of the territory is how, right? On Akasha prediction is accurate, if it is true, but there is prepared right? Suffering, when his territory humane full repression, unusual powers did not threaten, but if the field is a real legend, but also skills needed to deal with it, perhaps, especially the legendary fighting force field strong **, the territory will be given cause enormous damage. "Akara's prophecy Who is it?" "Legend field, is it the devil? Devil's power rooted in people's minds, faith is a source of strength, I have to beat two lords of hell, but also took side with Andariels , let her eat a small loss, she thought my territory is the source of power, you want to come over destruction? "Zhi secretly thinking:" No error if the field of human origin legends and pseudo-legendary field, he can be seen with thousands of people die, but to kill thousands of people in person is not possible, the devil and hell lords of hell will be different. "Zhi heart suddenly a cold, wait, this time to go back to his own recent insight fully used territories, laid out a huge net, the devil, is legendary in the field of this world, some of the more powerful will, at best, but not beyond the realm, the devil came and let him steal sheep. One hundred and eleventh chapter Soaring fall strike <

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