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> Chapter 94 broke the golden sun across the sky, tearing morning mist curtain, landed on earth, a new day began, Roger fortress before the site, a tent stands, given the Phoenix last night to break the impact of the situation, but also a meeting held in this area, to be honest, to Li Zhi perspective, if the full force of the three forces are out, Phoenix's influence is limited. wWW. QUanbeN. Com, however, even if it is Mora Mozart's death, Zakarum still hidden large force thereafter, the ability to Zakarum confrontation Wisconsin Ticketmaster only come up with a group of fifth-order troops, clear surface tripartite force, but in addition to their party, other forces each hide, Li Zhiming Accra method known but it is not useless to point out, Stevo is the same, they are all so, that Zakarum and Wisconsin Ticketmaster it? Placed in the clear surface forces already on the formation of local advantage Hell "Akara, why conversion breath does not work, this time caused such a big loss you have to do this responsibly." Meeting has not yet begun, Zakarum on The question facing the bright side, Wisconsin last night although they Ticketmaster compared with smaller losses, but also killed a bishop,Jordan SC 1 Shoes, more two Paladin was shot and almost lost the battle, and now lies in a long power struggle among the rules Arrow unable to attend. "Ron Bishop, in discussing this issue, I would like to invite everyone to see my crystal ball, crystal ball clear it back to the fortress surrounding a crystal ball last night coverage happening." Ron Bishop face questioning, Acala impassive calm out crystal ball hanging in tents among the things that happened last night was her alone retained, this time she took out directly. "Ron Bishop, yesterday evening Phoenix approximation to the fortress archery, which indicates that the role of my way, or she's in a far shot over the plains Candelas why personally shot?" This is actually a good means of Accra, Stevo quietly on the sidelines developments, Phoenix shot himself, came close to the fortress surrounding shooting, small range, is already in her within range, the legendary field close to the point where there is no breath Accra conversion differences are small, So Akara seriously argue, is also effective, but Phoenix stood safe Candelas plain do not stay but went to the strong fortress gathered, but rather became her method successfully evidence. Acala rebuttal under Ron Bishop actually really rejected by her, a time to speak. "Enough is enough, today we come not to investigate who is responsible, but to discuss a response, either the first time since Phoenix, but also since the second, third, came close to her archery shooting in addition to Or body with more than legend legend Enchanter armed, others can not resist. "Urbanus stopped accountability Ron, Ron singing cop, always a cop he was such a thing both inside and out, they have been with countless back. "His Royal Highness Prince Northrend not come over?" Starting. Seeing the two side forces personnel already in place, it is not even a party Northrend people did not go to. "Northrend prince." Ron Bishop sneer: "Prince Northrend so heavy losses yesterday,Coach Bags Outlet, counted already have five generals of the tragic death of Phoenix arrows, Wisconsin Ticketmaster party has no power, he Northrend To be responsible for the royal family, and now it may itself have no guarantee that this has no recapture Candelas Wisconsin Ticketmaster thing, I fancy meeting later assigned to the Wisconsin Ticketmaster royal Tristram can be re-assigned. " "Yeah, who says I Wisconsin Ticketmaster nobody?" Northrend bring this royal remaining two generals together with the Las Latvia came from outside the tent, Northrend around the body, invisible holy flame stirring, the temperature of the entire tent is upward since he came in the fifth-order force bishops also feel anything, just careful perception of heat sources, which can not perceive the magic child running traces, and Urbanus, Sri Lanka Tversky all know,Cheap Oakley Fast Jacket, this stock is not a magic effect of temperature, but since the rule level changes. "Legend of the field?" Urbanus carefully looked Northrend, trying to find his body from the field of a legendary kingdom armed traces, but who in addition to a few pieces of Northrend pretty good, relatively speaking enchants armed with nothing, He'd originally been held in the hands of 艾纳利尤斯 Guardian disappeared without a trace. "艾纳利尤斯's guardian." Northrend again is absolutely shocking, according to the last time he was angry cave's performance, with the sword in the hands of their own strength he can climb into the sixth stage, but everyone is can not imagine, this long, he had set foot in the field of legends, and since his body can not see any areas of the legendary kingdom armed bands sign, compared to ur classes, the legend of Northrend Some areas seem to be more authentic, vaguely with Stevo somewhat similar. "How is this possible? '" Said Ron Bishop? "Bishop Ron walked in front of Northrend, the powerful holy flame core are constantly exudes the same bright holy force all users to be able to feel the endless coercion, Ron Bishop dry mouth swallow swallow saliva, a powerful force in absolutely no way he was able to resist the next, there is no magic of the operation, he strikes their whole body is wrapped in a cloud of burning an eternal flame being accepted, a moment had can not stand. "Northrend Highness pacified." Urbanus hands flashed golden ray of Ron's body temperature suddenly reduced week, the same level since the rule change the temperature, for a time Ron Bishop body weeks repeatedly to change the temperature, thermal conversion between Ron face constantly changing, so the contest has been a few times, most Houwu Er Ban Northrend who can not do nothing with who won, just let him suffer. "Stop it, or two, we did not come here to sit Sidou's." Stevo suddenly walked two rules confrontation zone, only a hand slowly press down, up to now, Stevo on rules apply more proficient, the blow he died rules are highly cohesive, condensate without hair, but other two rules which contains the user can feel the natural forces. This Unit Rule pressed the power, the power to control their rules seriously interfere with, and even some out of control trend, more frightening is that they can feel the sense of self Stevo's hands huge breath of death, once these shares power to touch, I'm afraid no one can survive. "Amazing death rules." Stevo a shot, whether it is ur class or Northrend have stopped his hand. "The world is indeed a legend refuge areas." Urbanus hearts sigh, looking at Stevo body "Trag'Oul incarnation," he recognized the naturally take it for granted Stevo's identity, so once confrontation with the presence of several devil he lost no shame. "Ron Bishop also want Tristram do?" Northrend asked coldly. "No, no." Ron's face Shanxiao Zhao, he kept not, this Northrend many strong overnight across the two are unable to cross the threshold of life, far more than big changes in his imagination. "Enough, Northrend Highness, and today we are here to discuss how to deal with Phoenix, not to quarrel, no matter what you have conflicts, and now we are in the same camp, in the face of the threat of hell, two or all contradictions are first aside, what issues are referred to defeat the bosses say. "" Look at Stevo president's face, today I'll spare your life, if later hear you say these words are not so simple. "Northrend angry Ron Bishop insult to injury, this time is saved over Li Wei's heart, this Viagra if you do not stand up, he was a major force in Wisconsin Ticketmaster royal family have gone harrogath, how many people they do not want distraction scene, which is not only related to the Kingdom of Wisconsin Ticketmaster at Candelas development is also related to the safety of the Kingdom Ticketmaster Wisconsin, at this time if he does not strong up to the kingdom once Zakarum peek inside power vacuum, that the Kingdom would be in danger. Punished Ron Bishop, Northrend looked around the tent, and finally his eyes fell upon Accra: "Accra, Ms. Ms. thing last night still owe me an explanation, you gave me breath transformation method does not seem to play a the desired effect. "Northrend's voice is full of chill, if not Accra, Wisconsin Ticketmaster loss how he will be as heavy. "His Royal Highness, the way it is, yesterday evening Phoenix may not be locked remotely, so personally came to the fortress, strong field personally, my breath way into her hands how to avoid them will be locked." Akara also not refute, just a statement of fact, this situation rebuttal and explanation is to cover, things will only get worse. "Phoenix personally come?" True legend of the field strength has returned to the legendary realm Northrend what it means to Phoenix since coming personally, he is nothing to say, the method can escape into atmosphere of strong field will lock legend That is simply a joke, I heard the explanation Accra, he no longer asked. "Stevo think our next president how to do, Phoenix bucket if blindly entangled tour, the legendary force under the following in her changjon not the slightest ability to resist a man she can not kill all the power of the blessing of the people we Moreover, the field for the legendary fortress which basically do not constitute obstacles, she can even go further destruction of our rear. "Stevo eyes closed no positive reply Northrend questioning:" Urbanus Patriarchate how to do that ? "The solution is to force the Phoenix front battle to upright the division, absolutely powerful rolling over, but according to Wanstead negotiated deal, this time it is to have the full force of Zakarum pushed out surface to do. "Wanstead lord it? Such a major conference today, why did not he come? With his space power, even if it is too far away and then come back to the bar to catch." Urbanus eyes fell on the side of the space Stevo where originally the seat prepared for him now empty, Urbanus doubts Northrend is also accompanied Las Via doubts. "Tristram Wenshite go the way for us to rescue Kane Sage holding Phoenix reinforcements, gentlemen, Wanstead lords of the whole war situation than you thought it would contribute much more, you probably do not know? He brought in the rock joint Crist female count repulsed Andariels Undead Army's offensive, beheaded a hell lord, we lost out Horadrim Hera Dick Hammer is also recapture, has his active in the enemy's rear, Andariels can not concentrate the whole hell of Candelas forces against us, and today he has affairs with my counsel, all by my discretion. "" repel Andariels, beheaded hell lords. "People everywhere want before being beaten, one of the achievements Horadrim is beyond their imagination, especially in Wanstead, angry lord is projected to kill him, Bo must be completed and his undead legion razor he repulsed, and now defeated Necro Andariels Regiment, beheaded a hell lord, let them feel then that victories? "Until now, I've been to hell Horadrim the first line of battle, and why we are able to achieve such victories, but this time, but here you hesitate?" Stevo cold swept the entire camp: " The reason is simple, either Zakarum or Wisconsin Ticketmaster, please also forces you to really come up, now is not the time hidden strength, Phoenix must quickly defeat, and now she really began to damage or Once she bypassed straight 入威斯特玛 Kingdom fortress inside of you tasted the bitter fruit of that time is the time. "" In addition, Phoenix entering the field, on their own strength is still familiar stage, but this time to be so powerful, and if so she familiar with the field of application of the rules, the difficulty of defeating him a hundred times bigger than it is now, what I say is not an alarmist, the legendary strength of the field is definitely not your imagination, entering the field with a familiar legend of its own domain rules legend same field gap is immeasurable, and you must wait for Phoenix to grow to as Andariels as they only need to address what? "Stevo discourse cries in tents retrospect, straight talking Zakarum party members looked at each other, determined to want countered, but the fact it before us, they have to come up with equally determined to refute the facts. "Stevo president, the core strength of our Zakarum give all concentrated here, you say the words of our hidden strength not right." Ron Bishop take no facts, but can identify vulnerabilities Stevo discourse . "Oh? Zakarum really come up with a real strength of what? Far as I know, Zakarum holy tribunal, including the ancient Patriarchate there are three parcels Archbishop, the power level is legendary, so Sa Kalan Tim had four legends, but in here, in addition Urbanus patriarch, three archbishops what? Moreover, the former horadrim cooperation with Zakarum period Zakarum holy tribunal has not been since the Sanhedrin off when the Zakarum hand Weiminghehe, now where? Are not they all gone? "" have to this time, gentlemen, but also conceal it? devil will not wait for you one by one are defeated before they agree to contribute to it? I was afraid it was too late by then, and I Wanstead comes in to say, are the legends field, not like you for a large fortune, still has the ability to protect themselves, the devil take us too not how to do? ye will be different. "" I did not look down upon you ur class, you are relying on the legend of the field to reach the kingdom of heaven armed, you are a few people together in front of me, have nothing? I always Thus, those who live through countless years of the devil do? back on an angry lord will you be able to make a disgraced, really hit the devil ...... "Stevo shook his head:" really hit the devil Urbanus Your strength is not enough ah. "" Gentlemen, you can not go on like this. "Stevo one can not go on the end of his speech, only to lock eyes with ur classes in Northrend face, waiting for them reply. Urbanus looking the same, without the slightest impact Stevo words: "I have the Archbishop of ancient church sits central atrium core task of guardian saint, absolutely no possibility to leave, if they leave, Phoenix and other devil we go directly to the Court of St. how to do, Northrend Highness, I believe the same is true Wisconsin Ticketmaster royal family are not you? "starting. "Guardian saint atrium, probably not the Phoenix defense, but I Wisconsin Ticketmaster, my Wisconsin Ticketmaster but it is true." Northrend no one knew what the facts say it, just point toward Urbanus nod, the two people is a laugh: "Wisconsin Ticketmaster King City also need to guard." Westminster Ticketmaster core strength of the royal family are inspired by the Lord God, went harrogath, let him take the royal Wisconsin Ticketmaster the power to impossible, Zakarum several archbishops not, his reason is insufficient. Stevo disappointed watching ur classes and Northrend: "Gentlemen, refused to contribute, then we are still sitting here doing? What this conference is also open to open? Shame I horadrim party associating with you, since today starting from the will fully deal with the devil, gentlemen, saying that in front of me horadrim wrest land from the devil you do not expect the population Horadrim let me out. "Stevo immediately got up:" Gentlemen , leave. "He had finished speaking directly with Qiaxi walked outside to the tent. "Stevo president stay behind." Urbanus Northrend quickly got up and retain, but Stevo mind has been extinguished, but it is no longer ignore: "Gentlemen, what time to really put thoughts on war and hell talk about it, Otherwise, their half-hearted with you here to kill time, nothing can be done, I do not like to do practical things. "Stevo back away, leaving only Urbanus looked at each other and Northrend. "Northrend Highness, Stevo president departed how can we do? Horadrim side exit, but Phoenix is ​​still around the fortress to the strength of our ability to overpower Phoenix? She wanted to come and go on go to hand arrow, Rogge fortress but us who can resist? "Urbanus face smile. "In fact, the president said Stevo's also true is not it? However, Wanstead now are able to beat Andariels, but also beheaded hell lord, Wanstead appear in Tristram, we agreed in advance by the royal family The Tristram, they probably already have plans, Stevo says wrest land from the devil population is probably for this. "Northrend faint, he is now limited strength, everything is pretty open to see . Chapter 94 broke <

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