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use the power of this gem antworten

> Rogge fortress, Stevo target coordinates riveted Zhi produced material, coordinate things a regular flashing light intensity ranging, Stevo a pen in hand, carefully record the coordinates of objects changes in light intensity, until the coordinates of objects no longer shine, he took out a pamphlet, booklet regularly records the signals corresponding to each rule individually letters, these letters combined information will be translated Stevo out. WwW, QunabEN, coM (read look novel network), "very good, Wanstead, is a group of signals corresponds to only one letter, so too some trouble." Overall, this is a can proliferate communications equipment Stevo are satisfied, but it also some flaws, but this defect and he can communicate across geographies across the continent is nothing for it. "This is the easiest way, is the most popular version of the publicly available, some of the need for confidentiality, or want a simpler, can set their own." This thing is simply telegraph signal light version, telegrams are all related It can be used above the so-called secret, that is to give users peace of mind, in fact, people concentrate transmitters transmitters when using transmitters facing communications equipment, his mind thought, his mind will naturally send Lee Chi received confidential are just a form. "Confidential." Stevo immediately clear understanding: "Yes, it is to be kept confidential, and you do things out, they use it to pass information will give you receive, they certainly do not worry, but they can signal corresponds to the agreed mode of translation and letters or words alone would be different, he named the objects you give it. "" Telegraph called it. "Zhi laughed. "Telegram? These things and electricity related?." Stevo this "telegraph" is also studied, this device which is a simple enchant props. "Telegraph called it." Zhi sure road, this thing is inspired by the Earth's telegram, so do not bother to think about Li Zhi other names. "Telegram telegraph, anyway, this thing is that you do it, you have the naming rights." What is the name of the communication device, and Stevo point that there is no relationship. "This telegram if a spread out, this entire continent, there is no place where you can not get up." Stevo said, laughingly, that he is seen clearly, Li Zhi listened just laughed language. "President, you want to convey to His Royal Highness Prince Northrend thing I have to tell." To the death of the soul guild elders Davidow, he knocked at the door, and then Stevo intrinsic coverage. "His Royal Highness Prince how Northrend reply?" Stevo asked back on Li Zhi said Phoenix Arrow rules that in mind a great inspiration to him. This two-day study spells when he has a new understanding, but also a better understanding of the crisis which,Oakley Squared Online, which is very great importance, this notice Northrend, lest they lose, it touches himself, has been integrated into heaven torrents Since then, death is the incarnation itself has rules, as well as areas of space, Phoenix right he could hardly cause any threat. "Northrend prince did not believe." Davidow bow replied, not when looked up to Stevo: "Actually, maybe not do not believe, but fear to enter the field of adult president of space, the last time to enter the field of adult space It was forced, remember to let him take the initiative to enter the field of adult space, life and death, could not help themselves, then he resolved to be refused, however, His Royal Highness Prince said they will pay attention. "" Do not believe the Phoenix is ​​a kind of strength that, We also do not believe that, Davidow, you go arrange it. "Stevo waved his hand:" The last received your message, I suddenly want to understand a lot of things, when we shaman magic, spells are perfect General rules to comply with the maximum degree of reduction rule amendments, but also get the support conventional law allows powerful spell better, but to the field level, the combination of their own rules, the rule forces the resistance to conventional rules is extremely powerful, far more than the usual shaman imagine because our rules and general rules are equal there. "" rule strength to resist correction rule the world, then the rule-strength cast limit what? I died a long time ago in the spirit of the guild's first president ever on record seen some almost ridiculous spells, such spells almost completely normal rules do not take into account the extraordinary power of amendment, then I think that ridiculous, but now it seems that the field of use of force is a legend, not the legendary field simply incomprehensible . (. dukankan. Please remember our website read look novel network) "" ​​Phoenix is ​​this the easiest to use and most brutal way use, although mana consumption, but the limits of the rules of play to their archery, this Rules high degree of cohesion, will own strength to the limit, there is not no man can comprehend the rules of the imagination, the legendary field below unless enchants with legends class armed, otherwise there is no way to resist, he can only be a hit kill. " "And, like the kind of unusual Spellstrike beyond the scope of the power of the will may not be necessary to lock the face, the spirit of my death spell president has handed down a death curse, only intake of each other's breath, and then limit the use of death rules play for curse, they can consume each mana vitality, a vitality exhausted, the other will surely die, Phoenix arrows and this force is somewhat similar to Phoenix in the fortress absolutely detective, the detective who just got the breath of the strong camp ...... "Stevo next words did not continue to say, what will happen, not too bad as long as the head, who is conceivable that out. "Breath." Zhi How not to understand that he's black gold, but on the breath tracking expertise, and access to breath is very simple, the other stays over the place, the other through the clothing, too many ways to get. "Everything went along with them, the danger comes, we thought we were rather too warm they want to fight him any ideas." "Even if it is the same forces also have endless internal struggle between companions must beware each other, how they will believe you and me? "Stevo no longer dwell on the matter:" As long as we do our own thing like, you just need to leave Wanstead few samples, the telegraph things to me good. "" That's troublesome president of Crist over there I left her a coordinate, I am ready to put the communication ways and she make a promise, I will have passed. "Zhi with Stevo said loudly, then back on spiritual emptiness directly linked to the coordinates of contact Crist Crist. "Hey, was about to touch her, but rather the initiative to contact her." Zhi Crist just sensed her through the back to send the coordinates of contact information over, immediately ready to open a portal in the past by the coordinate. At this point the tower, Crist manipulating a mass of huge Huoyun constantly tumbling in the sky, the sky intensive griffin constantly being Huoyun burn scattered, more griffin avoid her Huoyun in town four raging, this time tower town with very different scene yesterday, there are people on the street had now only messy bodies throughout the room, and some just keep the screams and screams. Côte d'Ivoire summon his animal companion and plants placed on the walls of the Spirit to help those who can and ordinary soldiers to fight, he is in town four as firefighters, since the end of the mine yesterday launched after the loss of large half dead Andariels Protoss army, but Undead Legion core strength has not been hit, she expanded the field of space have been received into it. After the end of the mine, Andariels field space because it is dependent on dark world exists, it can not be moved once commenced, but lord flexible than hell is she collapsed at the commencement, not like hell once cast the evil lord of the land method produced projection space will be bound. Re-folded domain space, Andariels absorb the lessons of thunder doom, troops no longer extend to open, but firmly Defense in her chariot around Lakhani Hugh rejoin later, she began to realize that so entangled g Fallen Rist errors, tens of thousands of Fallen to Crist offers great mana. Crist now able to issue a strike, there is absolutely nothing, plus the old Ivorian mad also, her actions to be careful, Undead Legion and several lords firmly around her, as long as the end of the mine call back She simply received in advance for all areas of space, while the other legends spell, she did no fear, you can directly get rid of, so, at every step, to the afternoon, Necro Legion has been approaching tower town fifty miles or less. Crist and Côte d'Ivoire to have no way of their long-range strike in front Andariels simply not useful, Doom thunder of great strength, but to expand the field of space Andariels is useless, not to mention, she was the struck out, mana clean, right Andariels no strength to fight back, how willing to use, so only watch Andariels over, Cote d'Ivoire is ready and prepared for Andariels fight. Crist and Côte d'Ivoire did not expect that Andariels advance to within fifty miles, when troops stopped down Andariels pulled out from their own space where hundreds of seeds planted, there is a time Crist Family long and she soon realized Andariels want to do. Andariels planted the seed, the seeds germinate quickly and grow into a huge dolphin strange trees, strange trees that do not know how Crist, it is a den of creatures, called the blood eagle nests, once planted, they the origin of the earth to extract a steady stream of power create a lot of blood eagle projection Andariels species will nest ready, but also kept the hand, letting the men four lords of hell intermediate station to the lair to lair provide mana, birth lair, so nests produce faster. Blood eagle nests produce blood eagle are projected to generate a huge amount, there is no physical dependence, this is the lair of the devil in order to create a creature of war, blood eagle there is a time not too long, it will also Andariels Legion moved to within fifty miles of the reasons was planted lair, too far, yet the blood eagle fly tower was corrected on their own certainly not disappeared. The birth of the blood eagle nests not too strong, and the general strength of birds is almost, but it is a feature of the very large quantity, especially those with several legions of hell lord also of higher Necro Necro mana birth to the time a few hundred nests almost every breath can generate thousands of griffin, griffin quantity to a certain extent, they rushed over to the direction of the tower, thousands of blood eagle overwhelming, wave after wave of attacks over, victorious kill kill, and now is a third wave. And now, the town failed to escape the ordinary people almost all dead and gone, that is part of the shamans and paladins mana clean and there was blood eagle pecked kill the soldiers were also killed or injured on the wall most of the rest of the witches and those who can only prison firmly holds together, alternating restore mana stamina, resistance to blood eagle attack together. Crist in the tower top, manipulating the Fire Dragon, large tracts of culling, her maid Defense respective armed with sword around her, their strength is limited, in the case of the most critical time, gradually died several . The immediate concern has been now Crist mana almost exhausted, her blood kill eagles are projected, nor will kill her with magic. "Crist, we break it, and then go on like this, we will all be Andariels killed, you see gems in shows, Andariels itself not consume any mana, we are already weak to continue, you Look, the fourth wave of the blood eagle has been gathered. "Crist said on Côte d'Ivoire, in which case, they have been desperate, until now, have consumed more than half of his mana, stamina also have been behind. "At this time we do not go, continue to consume it, we even do not have the ability to escape." Crist close your eyes and wake up Stasis, pick yourself up, to quell the spirit of the night to use magic to bring fatigue, will be only slightly recovered opened her eyes, she looked at the young age grew up, she was familiar with the people, to the present, the town residents have been killed or injured almost, to say her magic prop that can support up to now still have these civilians Defense of the soldiers were killed to provide mana. "Belle child." Crist calling her personal maid, did not get any reply. "Crist adults, Sister Belle child you gave Wanstead has been an adult." Elle has exhausted this time, next to a blood eagle lap over, she almost without any resistance capabilities, can only watch helplessly with, Crist large cloud of fire burning while controlling blood eagle, free hand pull the waist of fine stab sword, pulled out a straight in the air, lightning, blood will come down to the ground hawk thorn. "Elle, leaving you what." Crist slender jade hand on the fence, the body leaning against stone, and her surroundings, and the remaining seven beautiful maid already into the body, after death was also blood eagle pecking off, one by one are completely different, they do not have half a good meat, she sighed, an inability to sense uppermost. "Côte d'Ivoire elders, you take them go." "Hey, blood eagle seems to stop the attack." Ivorian suddenly said, Crist condescending and looked down, all the blood eagle really have to stop the attack, give all fell towns in the roof, watching together the remnants of shamans and soldiers. "What is that?" Jewel in the Ivorian gaze into miniature map, Andariels manipulating a mass of fog seems to be something in the air and gestures. "Surrender, give you some time to consider." Green mist eventually formed the word. "Surrender." Crist suddenly laughed, could not stop the tears shed: "Crist family will not surrender angels nor demons surrender, even if it is completely dead, but unfortunately many of the family heritage rune power , inherited from the original essence of this before the demise of human civilization, is really willing to, ah,Nike Jordan SC 1 Shoes, Crist could even perish in my hands. "Crist went to the tower before stroking the top of the tower gem:" Since the original gem passed down from before, which contains countless endless accumulation of years of research rune mysteries must not fall into the hands of the devil, but after the commencement of the field since the Rune, Rune field integration it has not moved as Elle, You go to the basement with the elders of Côte d'Ivoire, which has the power part of the sheepskin Rune draft, are the most basic things, Côte d'Ivoire, the elders, they will entrust to you. "," Crist, you want to do? "Côte d'Ivoire to see Chris especially at this time was actually dead already sprouted blogs, Rune power entrusted sheepskin draft, it is already explained the funeral. "You leave me here waiting Andariels arrival, and then use the power of this gem mobilization wilderness gave her a gift." "Wait a minute, Wanstead not give you a return on the necklace, you can try to contact him, he has space spell, if he could come along and Stevo guru to the last minute that we have not, but even if you want to leave,Jordan Spizike Shoes, we can leave together with him. "Since yesterday the blood eagle wave hit, two people kill kill blood eagle's head are numb, and even did not think the problem of the time, when a calm down, another reminder of the previous Elle, he quickly thought of an escape route. "Wanstead." Crist sigh of relief, really will forget him. "I'll contact him." After a few minutes later, a portal opens in both of them, Li Zhi came out from. "Here how would something like this." Zhi four next look, eyes only everywhere messy, originally a vibrant town has been like hell. Côte d'Ivoire pointing gem: "The Andariels have to fight over, and we have done the greatest strength, and now has no power to stop, Wanstead, can you Stevo president through the portal will be brought over, as long as the Andean Wentworth president can come, then we have some hope. "" Elders, my portal is just a personal special powers, others are impassable, Stevo elders had not come, Crist, this. "Zhi very quickly found lying on the ground at the foot completely different group of girls, women's clothing, he is very familiar with. "Elle." For a moment he would have understood. "You do not go back on Belle children with them to go back yet?." Ivorian understand the question. "Elders, it is because their breath Belle children and I have been consistent." Zhi looked Crist: "There are few people in this world, I can change them through a number of ways breath, so the portal can accept them, Crist your maid belong to these people, other people want to change, it would have a very long time. "Crist and Côte d'Ivoire a disappointment. <

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