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then turn the sound propagation antworten

\> Far looked Fallen army left the wilderness range, Li Zhi Wilderness and Candelas standing at the junction of the plain stopped, ground forces only clear boundaries, as long as he takes this step, leave this wasteland boundaries of the Department, the legendary field of blessing would leave him if he will be fully integrated with this wilderness, to go out but a legend of mana only an initial step into the field of the legend, but he will not merge with this unit, it will only temporary attachment. WWw! QUAnBen! Com enemies away, Li Zhi mana temporary cohesion will seal dispersed, they also went mad wolf returned xianwei kill them all the way, eating a lot of Fallen, fed back to accommodate the body will be limited space to store them later slowly devouring snake vine has returned to space, will become more entrenched in the body of a huge pile of fallen a small hill, Li Zhi roughly counted their harvest. This way xianwei kill, Fallen escape too scattered, kill him a few hours down the total number of under 9,000 Fallen, where elite razor and razor magic magic shaman only the initial rout Bo shall be completed when the guard have collected many later fled Fallen dispersed a lot less, but it also has more than five hundred total. Witches and magic razor sharp knife magic ratio is five to one, witches and Fallen Fallen is ten to one, Fallen Fallen elite than the sorcerer and a little more, so much soul Fallen printed, enough of a man armed undead legions of small sharp knife, Li Zhi issued worry now is not the soul, it touches the manpower to worry about. His territory only 100,000 people, 100,000 people a thousand people is the guardian of the Knights, in addition to ten times the local garrison regiment soldiers semi-agricultural and semi-militia, almost ten to one of the military is already a large proportion these people will be able to have enough of how much, regular exercise strict discipline will better said, the militia does not. Or to the maximum utilization of resources, ah, Li Zhi thought, and soon, an idea flashed in his mind, he found that he had been overlooked something, that is the strength of their own space in this side of the world flexible and mobile, he the inertia of thinking so that he has set his sights on the first act of this dark world Candelas area actually has such a flexible space power, he could over the world cloth child, thinking an open anterior one suddenly. The world is so vast, so why persist in Candelas a corner, Lu high due west mainland, where you can now track gradually Territory affairs, he just need good relations, other details from someone to improve, he also has plenty of time. Candelas the strong who focus on this piece of land, while he was in both this land when, in the eastern Shandong high because even the mainland can develop strength, why wait until Candelas was eliminated again with demons strong men to go with the East? A reputation and strength of the people did not want to break in a strange place sky is difficult, but because of the high Lu, and even East mainland, as the name Horadrim ringing, out is a big banner, as individuals strength, along with the return of wild wolves, Li Zhi has also been the solution. Become ground only, you can quickly and become legends, but it will bound territory, from the territory did not go out on the territory of support, although still a legend, but the strength is greatly weakened, the road is slim, if not solve the world's Stone problems, Ivor Nice is an example, no years or land only, not is selected Li Zhi, Li Zhi's field goal is not a simple legend, but a higher broader sky, and their own strength, too, there is still room solution. To fix this problem in the previous release that seal on Li Zhi who began keeping statistics obtained from Fallen armed enchant the various classes that enchants the soul armed and collect printed with his solution. The harvest is great, although not all of them are these Fallen take enchant armed, especially Fallen cannon fodder class are most common items to get even stick, but at least in the hands of the elite are a Fallen attributes with machetes and sticks a little more advanced razor and razor magic magic shaman would not have said. Looked at thousands of pieces of various enchant armed Zhi their minds more and more mature, the previous temporary seal to maintain mana let him know the true magic of the legendary how it is, based on his earlier magic seal temporary maintenance, but if this becomes permanent mana maintain core strength it? Then it can be a field-level spell legend cure lack of strength when the body can also be invoked. This side of the world-class legend enchant armed actually have similar capabilities, armed with a strong rule in elements such as absorption properties of frozen fear, there are spells with legendary bands is also not unusual, but the equipment falls strength is poor, a large gap between the core and the core equipment in the hands of people, you can not play the original strength, and this will be fixed in a spell to carry, so it does not have enough power to fully play things or never had, and this is Enchant armed decision making ideas. Li Zhiming white enchant armed ordinary production methods, but also this insight, the so-called magic immediately understand how it is, that is the legendary realm level enchants armed Another design ideas. Legend of the field-level enchants armed, naturally requires a corresponding powerful core, Zhi will enchant eyes fell on these machetes and a variety of equipment, these equipment among some low-end core and then come up with seven or eight thousand sink Mohun India wanted to be adequate. As a strong field at this time, just do it, otherwise it will wait until the wilderness naturally dispersed, not the legendary strength of the field, you want to make are not into? At this time produced magic, even though he was not strong enough body, but the core of its own magic, its own source of power is simply manipulation is so even if his body strength is limited, but the magic one, rival? Referring to the Gods old Li Zhi had a book on magic book extremely desirable, but this time he has to understand what it is magic, which is also known to come up with a few disciples Gods where magic can master all running around smashing the reason ,Oakley Squared Online, with the core of the magic, the power does not need to provide their own, only need to control, as long as there is control of the authority, as a powerful force play. Lizhi Si test a lot of detail, they begin production. Previously that he used pseudo earthshaking India extremely smoothly, whether individuals or groups to deal with the effect is extremely alarming, in a highly condensed substances co domain rules to enhance the strength of heavy repression, even if it is not necessarily Zousi Dire a blow, but get on the ground is not a problem to play, but also a high degree of cohesion salamanders lethality is huge. Salamanders and pseudo earthshaking India, appeared extremely powerful, but the reason is so powerful, in fact only high field strength and power of witchcraft combination of cohesion, its core will not have to imagine such a large, salamanders are four order forces, the need is the core of a fourth-order supernatural forces will need to construct the pseudo earthshaking more powerful India, will need five bands legendary supernatural power structure, Li Zhi broadly contemplated for a moment the core will still need to budget inside. Li Zhi space among the nearly put attribute relatively weak or relatively tasteless and enchant by an invisible force, armed uptake into space, Zhi slightly out of power, armed with these core will enchant both spun off from his has come up with Fallen soul India, taking advantage of the field at this time as a legend, but cited the natural world with a flood of fall will scour the past, this impact is to the core of the thinking of these will give all impulse burst. After a wash, among these core will gradually pure, Li Zhi looked at these two forces will immeasurable heart, if it can be directly absorbed into enough for him to be promoted to fourth from second-order phase, but these sink Magic have each core has its own will, and even gas will have towards Lakhani Hugh changes will not haphazard fragments. If the belief that he is just fine, do not believe him, directly into his core cohesion will only make the core is not pure, like purification, but also need to hope that will spend a long,Crossbodys Coach Cheap, slow digestion, can not breath eat into the fat, then just used to make magic. Legend of how powerful force field motivated the world, especially with the impact of flood, these are not the core of the soul of India what the powerful Fallen, and soon they will thinking eleven core under the impact of the flood were to crash. Will collapse without attachment will not be restored, Li Zhi how to make them have a chance to recover, he will only void a hand to grasp, endless sky of earth and rock to his palm collection, previously dispersed debris pseudo earthshaking India are re- condensate back into a previously printed that same shape, then the core itself will together these scattered will be crafted, and finally sent into a distraction, as it will to the core, so that these will have scattered sequence cohesion. Harness the power of the rules in the field, these scattered pseudo earthshaking India in accordance with the will of mana cohesion constitutes a core of small debris into India, and soon, a golden yellow with a field strength of small print appeared in the hands of Li Zhi, he slowly removed his own magic, to unite the will of the core as a new power source supporting this small Indian presence and operation of the power which rules everything as he thought, with the new core, the small print on a fully formed, without Users mana, freely exist independently. This is become, Li Zhi core with magic manipulation of these little distractions that Road printed in the air into small change, and from the aspect, but it is very clever, do not need to be able to manipulate magic, but ultimately not a legend in which the core areas The core, if it is the legendary strong will be very easy to use, but replaced by Li Zhi original state to use, only a few efforts to expand the power of attack to rely on their own to restore the magic of small print, or to whom he added. Even so, it is enough for Li Zhi, restore mana means vine snake digesting countless demons come save up mana reserves do? Not for use. He treats the small print in the hand, Li Zhi and manipulating small print which changes shape, the body actually falls on the formation of a golden robe, robes naturally formed various mysterious pattern that looks adding an mysterious. This robe numerous areas of debris and cohesion, wore On the subject of anti-strike, did not consume mana before will be stronger than that of Dire many clothes were destroyed part, and debris can be extracted from the earth to repair, either attack Or keep is strong, this time in the small print on Li Zhi then no earthshaking two ancient seal, but in the top mark on the word Hirayama, Hirayama printed so even made. Hirayama India 10%, Li Zhi heart suddenly give birth to the world where one can go to get the feeling, but it did not stop his hands, began making salamanders. Any one perfect witchcraft is often not born out of thin air, completely divorced from the rule of the extraordinary power of a spell is not made out of thin air flame birth, if it is the power of the weak flame made out of thin air, I do not know mana dash will soon be routine Rule suppression. First, there is the power of witchcraft from the root of the force of will power, then among the world everywhere in the world of strength, which is the element that will power will naturally be in accordance with the strength of will constitute the formation spell out, eventually forming a spell, which is the element of witchcraft mystery, the mystery of salamanders as an element of fire as well. Li Zhi chanted between hands on more than a small snake and emptiness world of strength to the speed of terror unite against this fiery serpents, but this world of strength of the material world, the most subtle structure, even if the speed of terror cohesion, nor will set off a storm in the atmosphere, then Zhi force, the whole wilderness of strength have been his invocation, only the formation of a breeze, without him, the world of strength too subtle enough to easily penetrate any substance structure, it is like blowing air through a bamboo basket, even if it is greater to the extreme air will form the wind will blow baskets. India has had the experience of doing Hirayama, Li Zhi Shumenshulu, the remaining will make a new core, into the fiery serpents among the core provides mana replace him will be maintained, this fiery serpents in his hands soon molding, Li Zhi shrugged, embodies a strong fourth-order magic fire elemental forces like life, like a snake in its hands curled up into the air from time to time handling the snake letter, and seemed to be ready to attack. The fiery serpents in my hand, Li Zhi looked like a snake of life, the hearts of the high-end methods of combat forces have a higher understanding, it seems that the legend above the field, the fight is their own rules on the control of their own areas, how manipulation of the largest areas of their field forces play out, how to mobilize more powerful force field, to maximize the utilization of these forces will come to be more powerful. This seems to only four bands salamanders witchcraft combine elements of strength, but strength under high degree of cohesion of the destructive power of the individual alone is sufficient beyond anyone's imagination, is far from perfect witchcraft than those classic, and this it is based on the legend of the field through the field of power to be able to reach a height of master, the legendary field is not only out of a field of multi-make their own magic more powerful, so their breath so that no areas of witchcraft to increase the field of people find it difficult to resist the rule properties. Li Zhi will readily throw fiery serpents in the air, snake, such as electricity in the air come and go walk, but does not need him in the hand, it has its own power core, but it is capable of independent existence, Li Zhi looked in the air the shuttle soar without their own put in the hands of the snake, he ordered directly to a name. "Teng snake called it." Zhi Teng snake will be a close, but it is temporarily turned into a beam in the waist belt, turned into a robe Hirayama printed belt. All this done Zhi active thinking also did not stop, originally planned the whole thing out of a communications network for a time also taking shape, Li Zhi now produced various coordinate now have glowing effect, you want to send in the past , give spirit to the corresponding coordinates to send a message, that the coordinates on the split out from the curse of the golden glow it emits light, and on this basis, the communication network can be established. With the spirit of the spirit of the information network is extremely handy to pass, but there a flaw, it is a lot of people even received a message, there is no ability to interpret, even if it is also a shaman, shamans only specializes in the spiritual realm will have the ability to interpret information, other wizards completely impossible, will be able to understand the information in general is malicious or goodwill has been good. If the information into other signals too, such as light, made three consecutive light, a low light represents the meaning of a word, with different combinations represent different words, so many combinations you can have the entire text Candelas financial sink into it? So, the light intensity can be combined to achieve point to point communication. Point achieved, the next network will be easier, Li Zhi can separate a God as the core communications network, set up processing rules related charge transfer, the coordinates of each point communication are given appropriate "number" network communications before a "dial-up" by his transfer corresponding number so you can set up a communication network. Li Zhi idea of ​​this method is independent from the world, text messages, information reconverted into light the idea that a text message from the telegraph system, telephone system in fact is the case, then turn the sound propagation information into voice, his distracted change became the spiritual emptiness of the satellite and transit processors. Such a communication system, ordinary people can be trained to communicate and transfer, to popularize. In ancient times, limiting the expansion of the territory of a country is an important factor is communication problems, a country once to a certain extent, from the center to pass a command to the frontier if you take a few months, and that the country's control of the border is almost equivalent to no , but cover the whole world with this communication, everything is no longer restricted. Moreover, each of these communication systems will be a point communication are the coordinates of Li Zhi and his distracted can also monitor all communications, it is collecting magic bullet faith, and every one-point communication, he will be marked with his natural imprint , invisible can allow himself open to the influence of the expansion, not to mention, this communication is to make money, whether it is the point of the communicator or related services to be, this is a big proceeds. Communication networks, this time only a single communications network obstacle point communication device is not the problem, the next step is the text that transformed, simply converted into the relevant text Candelas signal combinations, this communication device even became. The Fallen all go back,Oakley Active Sale, two magic and made of a communications network to think clearly, even if this thing on the end of the wilderness, then angry and then beat the projection of lords, purify demons have merit gifts available to absorb into the snake vine The strength of will is a large, these forces enough he was promoted to the first order, to force the third stage, this trip's itinerary also be a rewarding experience, and Li Zhi was immediately contacted Stevo body coordinates, ready to lock space transmission in the past. <

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