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、> Say that they can come Lolita Lolita, and never go back on Saturday and Sunday just before dawn, and will never go back on all the cheese they have the votes to hit over it. Www! QUaNBEN! COM "hateful strange uncle, my Xiao Ming will soon be back to me." Tender voice hoarse cries issued, are clamped to the back of a hint of a crying sound. "Nonsense, Jingjing, but not uncle stole your Xiao Ming." Two old quickly explained: "I am really sorry, Jingjing see you in the mountains just keep our little dog like that which took us over crying the. "came three who lived in a house not far from the day that the old couple and Li Zhi saw little Lolita. "Well obviously that is, Xiao Ming a handful of white hair on the forehead, Grandpa You see, that's my Xiao Ming." Little Luoliyuemo seven-year-old, powder carving Yuzhuo, reveals cute when they are angry. "Xiao Ming was captured, this is Uncle dog, how would Xiaoming it, or I'll buy you another good article Xiao Ming on television that good?" Grandpa consoled road. "Well no, not good on TV, I want my Xiao Ming, Xiao Ming can be good,Madison Coach Bags, the other well-behaved dogs no Xiao Ming." Zhi have all this time to understand, no wonder the bird dog, a good friend, hair been combed, and vaguely familiar, this is the original. That Zhi vaguely see the bird dog stroll little Lolita is it, watching Jingjing so lovely banter Li Zhi said: "You said Xiao Ming behaved, then you call it, it is your response to your Xiaoming If you do not respond then it would not matter. "Jingjing looked at her little hesitation that it came to him, eyes wide, staring at Xiao Ming forehead pinch white hair. "This is my Xiao Ming." "What do you call him, ah, as long as it answered, I let him go back with you good." "Uncle you meant it." Jingjing Li turned to look seriously wisdom. "Of course, count words, young adults how to deceive it." Elderly couple this time also see Li Zhi Gin music is funny, do not speak just stand around with a smile, since Xiao Ming lost after Jingjing but cry two days, Jingjing is their baby, to make her happy, elderly naturally happy. "Well, their words, retractors." Jingjing held out her little finger, pink pink. "Well, retractors." Li Zhi also held out little fingers: "retractors hanged a hundred years not allowed to change!" "Well, you go get it." Zhi said, as the same time with the wild heart of the command Xiao Ming absolutely can not answer, Xiao Ming also be the sound. "Xiao Ming." Little Lolita Xiaoming walked in front, sweet cried, Xiao Ming ignoring. "How?" Zhi smile. "Well, Bob, Jingjing bring you good food here." She comes in Marketer, took food to temptation. "Woo." Xiao Ming some conative, we must respond to the hearts Lengheng Zhi, Xiao Ming hastened to sit still, no longer ignore. Jingjing has repeatedly seduced two back, are not in effect, and finally lost hope, turned, eyes red arms sprang to his grandfather. "Grandpa Grandpa, Xiao Ming ignore Jingjing." Said tears fell out: "smelly Xiao Ming, Xiao Ming bad, not at all well-behaved up." "Well Jingjing, this is uncle's dog, not Bob, I Xiao Ming give you buy a good or bad. "Grandpa said. By this time, Li Zhi saw heat up, and that makes Xiao Ming back. "Xiao Ming, go back, How about you miss your master." He spoke, Xiao Ming went Jingjing next cried loudly, while wagging his tail vigorously to please with. "This is how the matter?" Grandpa asked, Jingjing also know what to do, just do not recognize her Xiaoming so it would actually come back. "Well uncle, Xiao Ming is my hot dog from the town's shops to buy back." Zhi explained. "Well, these days, to kill a dog traffickers." Grandpa said the dog dealers simply teeth: "more than a Xiao Ming, I keep a few other halo fans was that they put away." Really tragic, this is the weather, winter to eat dog meat to the season, here is a dog traffickers every year at this time, when the most active, Qizhuomotuo everywhere catch dogs, each in front of the village somehow always some bread, chicken and the like, a dog eating on the back the. Last year, when popular drug dogs, chicken and the like which put too is poison, dogs must be drug down the fastest speed after treatment, to prevent the spread of toxins, or even the dogs eat not, so then they sell dogs are treated . Last year, out of the thing, there is a child sees on the ground there is a chicken claw ate, the result went to a life, it finally caught the attention of the police, and vigorously fight a lot, so then do not play poison dogs, dog shot bolt to poison, and then pot shop owner suspected poison or toxic bolt unsafe health, this changed to ether smoked dog,Crossbodys Coach Sale, just throw a food or something, a smell on the dog down, put the dog riding dog dealers Moto left and wanted the old couple's dog is caught. "Whining! Xiao Ming will be taken away bad guys." Lolita still some unhappy, will want looked at Li Zhi. "Uncle amazing, listen to Uncle Bob, can you tell Xiao Ming Do not eat the bad guys throw things." "You're the little guy." Zhi curved forefinger, in her cute little nose scrape a bit. "Well, Xiao Ming after the bad guys will not eat something." "Really?" Gin and some do not believe, big eyes looking Zhi. "Of course, uncle not lie to you." Under this happy little Lolita, previously tears completely disappeared: "Uncle, very kind of you." "Oh, I'm sorry, so rude, say so long, aunts and uncles do not know the name of it, you will live in the surrounding bars, are all neighbors, it is better to come along with a cup of tea. "Zhi to this time, the aim is also achieved, it is natural to Xiao Ming sent back this coordinate But small Jingjing is indeed a lovely, some tease, the Zhi is little troubles are gone. "My name is Han, called Han leap." Grandfather introduced himself: "His wife, surnamed Li, Li Suli." "Aunts and uncles are all good names ah, is a rich flavor of the times, but another model workers ah." Zhi smile invitation: "what was still standing outside, all coming together now, not enough for my house not too shabby." Saying this, the Korea objected t is not good, followed by Li Zhi came to see the left hand side is a vegetable , on the right side where there is a hardening of the walls of the small pond at the bottom of the pond paved thick layer of gravel, pebbles and some mud, some of the plants to take root among the pond this time you can still see a few goldfish swimming swim, a pressure wells on the edge of the pond, provide water, the well can vaguely see a pipeline buried in the soil under the receiving side and a white house is connected to a pipe has been connected to the roof of the pool, this set is the entire building water supply facilities. The right is the parking floor, fully hardened, Li Zhi bread stopped there, the car next to the tree pieces, there is the original, and Li Zhi on the ground hardening also bypass the tree, and the tree by the house where Li Zhi cloth a stone bench stone table and four, it is a good place to enjoy the cool summer, and then again from here, and that is the backyard,Coach Hotsale Clearance, Li Zhi of the house and back yard is a general image of the word structure, backyard is almost not developed. "It's really nice yard." Uncle Han sigh, Jingjing went Koike pond looked excited wandering goldfish pond. "What a beautiful goldfish too." Xiao Ming told scurrying behind her excitement. "Huh?" Uncle Han left the door to see the pictures hanging on the wall: "You are a person living here?" On the first floor of the hall did not put any furniture and the like, actually put some homemade Li Zhi fitness equipment, from the first floor ceiling still hanging down a sandbag on weekdays to go before the world of Sanctuary training, he is also conducted here. "Yes ah." Zhi casually replied: "are things of the past, uh, here, going up the stairs when careful." Uncle Han Zhi looked at the differences: "You live in a person living in the countryside safety do? "" Oh, and the city compared to clean this country a lot ah, you see a car parked outside I want to go out for a drive that is, again, just think of the pass, where people live in uneasy yet. "on the second floor living room, greeted the old couple and small Jingjing Li Zhi sit, walk while going to get tea was served when Uncle Han looked not like tea, but jujube tea. "Every day to eat dates, youthful ah." Then it is nothing more than pleasantries, joking around a small Jingjing, Li Zhi will etiquette done, this sent two away, go away until, Li Zhi sigh, standing on the first floor looked photograph hanging on the wall, he greeted two enthusiastic elderly and small Jingjing, as too is the home of this rare breath, mild but full of warmth, some things do not usually think, until we lose up, but it is hard to find. <

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