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27.05.2013 03:22
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> "Chi, Chi. WWw, quaNBen, COm" war that is full of joy, cheer tsunami peaks concentrated in a cow first person, covered with shiny metal flashing Juhan body, his surroundings, and his eighty-one look similar, but slightly smaller head surrounded Tauren tribe with him to accept the cheers. Li Zhi huge bear outside body began to change again, and shoved his head grow two horns, bear the entire physique also some slightly adjusted. That stands earth, Zhantiandoudi figure disappearing,Oakleys Polarized Sunglasses, followed by another scene only in the mythological figures appear in the Zhi brain, causing great changes in his body, and his heart will also increasingly strong golden, then if the Li Zhi awake, will certainly be able to understand that these images will appear and his core has a very important related to witchcraft association with all his body Druid witchcraft, inherited from the ancient power of the blood was actually eleven be awakened. Bear forces awakened Dayu earth incarnation of bears, the power of the flame of the flame Vulcan wake of the clock, change the power system wake alchemy is divine ...... Chi of five soldiers are like illusions generally everything all gone, when Li Zhi awake, he re changing into humans, but soon he perceived himself experienced a transcendent transformation, numerous forces associated with his ancient Druid witch awakening of God's blood eleven integrate over. "Nature's blessing who ah, your ancestors can not generally ah." A heavy voice in Li Zhi brain, which is the wild heart of the dialogue,Coach Online Bags, even greater than the sound of passing, Li Zhi also saw a khaki-colored giant Bear figure, Li Zhi's eyes looked along the direction of information transfer, this time he is no longer the place where the sky is obscured by a forest area. Here is a broad waters forest, forest lake, in the middle of the lake is a huge trees, large trees Zhi Fengyun unprecedented breadth alone, I'm afraid you can so much more than a basketball court, a high degree line Sky and clouds canopy distraction, although the sky was obscured, but The tree itself is in the light, so that under the trees is a bright, shining lake reflecting the trees, making the entire space is filled with an holy atmosphere. Such a large tree, even outside in the forest, but also the far seen, but gold black fly at high altitude, Li Zhi to see the forest can not see, Li Zhi little sense for a moment, even here is another important space , attached to the top of the forest, forest aggregation forces opened a "kingdom of God" in general lies. Around the lake, a variety with a strong flavor of biological gathered at the lake, from the top of the food chain to the most vulnerable are not even biological variability, these creatures if it is on the outside, many of which are inherently hostile, but here, it is serene living together, it seems a different kind of harmony. "Let me introduce myself, my name is Ivor Nice, as you may have heard Druid, you practice the natural way, that I became Salva former incarnation of the forest when adhering to the will naturally spread out ,Oakley Sunglasses Squared, there are several other Senlinzhiwang supplement and you humans Druid Sorcerer wise to explore the natural world in the gradual development and improvement. "Zhi be aware of this king of the forest this time turned out to be the incarnation of the entire Black Forest Salva, he That tree is in front. "Ivor Nice reel?" Li Zhi is not clear how this name, it is the game a tree in the dark forest, leading to the portal Tristram Ivor Nice reels have been able to open, but he not in the Black Forest Druid dominion Salva do? How will appear here? But soon it dawned Li Zhi, the game Ivor Nice is dead, and now the king of the forest, but Ivor Nice, Salva incarnation of the Black Forest, the entire Black Forest are his, all this is not unusual. "Ivor Nice reel?" Tree meditation for a while: "Ivor Nice reel that I will uphold the natural way will naturally spread out, it will be naturally passed to my druid mysteries imprinted in my one tree skin, bark though is mine, but the will of the above, has a divine nature, have been subsequently been Druid worship, you also understand from the reel goes on the road do naturally? In my no years of memories, your blood very powerful, the source of the blood has never appeared on this continent, you will naturally appeal should come naturally from the outer blessing, should nothing to do with that reel. "This tree is really a powerful, one student out of the Zhi facts come from outer space? "Natural blessing, and I like the natural blessing from the sky by a lot?" Tree branches shook, seems to be nodding, suddenly raising a large wind four weeks dispersed: "Not much, according to the current human argument, Before the original, not many angels and demons comes after me except you do not see the other man. "" My will is forest rally, after countless years before the birth of his progressive ideas, has undergone numerous era, it seems to now have the wisdom, the will of nature, too, but he needs more long time, many years ago he had his own ideas, his desire to grow faster, so instinctive higher since the introduction of the outer forces to enter their own world, you want to speed up the growth process. "" angel, devil like your ancestors, as well as humans, are naturally introduced over, just naturally will have a simple idea, but no wisdom, without Select the introduction of outside forces, eventually led to this situation now, 艾纳利尤斯 and Lilith's arrival, making this the developing world into two worlds of heaven and hell, eyeliner, since then, the world began eventful. " "Heaven and Hell successive invasions, while 艾纳利尤斯 and Lilith secretly plot to control nature's will, they will even find a host of natural stone in the world, they want to be masters of the world, just one of the world will, even if only a mere thought, nor the power of instinct is that these two angels and the devil can resist, which has been hit hard angels and the devil, the idea will naturally also close to collapse. "," close before the collapse of the entire world will naturally been modified to rule the entire world of asylum, but this shelter is limited, preventing this side of heaven and hell in the world set foot in the field of higher level legends, this move is just delaying the erosion of heaven and hell, but also prevents us Senlinzhiwang promotion to a higher passing. "Ivor Nice tells the history of the world in general, could not help feeling. "I thought you were a Druid lord, compared with other human beings better communicate some just tell you the boundaries of territory development, but can not believe you actually favored by nature, rare is that you have to go into the whole of nature in operation, it is is a rare, naturally this will finally do not do anything silly, there is still hope in this world is always ah. "<

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