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\> The territory is divided into three main standing force established system · First Guardian Knights now total a thousand people from some tribunes established systems in the future scattered around the Guard, but also about a thousand people , there is still the tribunes system developed, the militia system, about one million people, usually farming labor, each set of a period of time, which is used as back-up troops. WwW, QunabEN, coM (read look novel network) as Konoe, have never been calculated Li Zhi, the independent existence. At this point the power of intention for the future Zhi finally fully established in the future he will establish several corps as a basis for power, one guardian Knights, today has been created to exist standing force, this force will be the soul of Indian Army Act as the core, the guardian knights head Harlan, other ordinary soldiers are integrated sink Mohun India, is a small elite Fallen force captain, commander and deputy head of the captain and even have a more senior and elite Fallen Fallen Wizards force. Such an army, a total dry but, of course, could not have completed the required Bo razor undead legions to be the kind of terror force, but in the human world, the whole on good equipment, for the rest of the army, even if it is ten times the number is not afraid, RCC will have advantages, as against the strong, and that nature is not their thing, or a meteorite hit a legendary strong, able to rest a few thousand legions? Plainly, this army is to deal with the other lords of the general corps, the strong response to the strong Horadrim own. Fallen source of strength, Bo must be completed and Lakhani Hugh undead razor won a small part as long as it has enough, and now just waiting for the master to reach wilderness northeast Stevo Fallen gathering area will coordinate down, he would sent a ghost wolf hunting squad, led by Huang crazy hunting. (Read look novel network) in addition to guarding the Knights, but also building a razor Dark Knights, which is walking in the darkness of foreign penetration strength, but also the soul of India will act as a core warrior soul of the beast, and the remaining power is the future of the Church in strength-based, church dissemination of ideas and beliefs so deeply rooted hope and natural philosophy, and philosophy above, who will be able to focus meditation seed bearers of strength, as long as they practice hard and doers of the word, its own nature and Li Zhi gift, the future of these people who by no means unusual ability, but will be as powerful as paladins, shamans Shinto extraordinary strength universal power extension. For an ordinary people want their sense of touch to the fundamental forces is impossible, even if it is Li Zhi extraordinary humanely, but also luck that almost can not be repeated, but with Shinto force, it is not the same, God can live roots between Avenue as a transit, which allows ordinary people can also God to touch the roots. Plainly very simple to heaven for the country, the shaman is the contact causes have formal establishment of the Civil fairy god is exercised world authority senior civil servants, be organ great leader, the Church is that these leaders to create their own organization, the expansion forces system, Shinto shamans belong supernumerary official, maintained by the great leader self-supporting career preparation. Self-supporting, Li Zhi cohesion Shinto natural seed seeds can not be at a loss to spend a little strength, but if people can not easily give an ordinary person is undoubtedly nose fees, they scattered thoughts, unknown concepts, how to focus on faith watering the seed? So proficient doctrinal concept must be given, and the person can focus on deep meditation, in order to maximize the benefits. This removed the head and tail, an expert or a fairy build the base, planting another way on earth is very much, Christian sow grazing, Tantra empowerments granted Tao Dan even many Taoist method is less kind, are not outside the case. It is this strength of Shinto shamans among the first in the territory to monitor the status of two absolute power is in the hands of Li Zhi existence of other political things and they were handed over to those ordinary people. In fact, faith law, this seed of the law may need to invest in the line of divine faith network approach seems better, but the divine power network is another way of faith to be able to take a long time stable connection, not a short time to ,Coach Bags Sale, now the fastest form Zhi needed strength. Planting drawback is another way to invest in seed, the advantage is the ability to quickly form a force, in addition, there is an advantage is that across the region. Network has the advantage of divine faith broader and more universal, without investment, the size and strength disadvantage form a system requires a very long time, can not be achieved overnight success, in addition, also by regional factors. As the angel heaven now, do not have that level of the strong ability of the network to establish divine power is said to have no one to believe, but why not build in Li Zhi guess inevitable and he is now the situation encountered in the main world similar to their god in heaven with the use of the network can be, but in the main the world has been limited, a source of exposure to rely on divine power network, the strong spirit of the will of powerful, divine popularity of the network in the area, it is a strong a mess . When this strong opinion to the network is limited, but the area or simply do not have a network? That result is undoubtedly a very flutter Street, which seems took a mobile phone, ran the place without mobile networks, mobile phones and then advanced, is useless. The law of different seed, seed sowing in the body of believers to seed contact with roots, wherever you go, are able to touch the roots. Empower, the Army announced after Li Zhi and provoke a public tribunes, these tribunes of the most outstanding will be arranged to local garrison troops, the rest are militia sir. "I hope you will always remember their past, local guard unit that what exists? Maintenance of public security and maintaining law and order Territory, what is the public? From lords to civilians, are public, but also for the maintenance of law and setting it all. "" You are responsible for the militia, the militia is why the existence,Oakley Holbrook Outlet, the militia is the army reserve forces territory, usually for the people, for the soldiers in wartime, you normally have to do a good job of training, when necessary, cooperate with the local guards maintain law and order, you know. ? "At this point territory was first built, everyone is full of hope, it is also full of investment to start, even though has read like, but also on the territory under the main World Meteorological nothing more than so-called founding, Li Zhi does not need to say too much so, just explain things better, these tribunes get a formal identity, one jubilant, precisely the time to do a cavity career. This is horadrim Dominion, everything is just beginning, seal spot war horadrim territory will not stop here, with the expansion of territory, they are gone, but these old things is normal , and Mase Fu Li Zhi was just a steward, and now it is all the great territory consul-general,UK Nike Air Jordan, second only to the highest official under the hand Li Zhi, who does not know anything about this matter? [Dawn] update group <

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