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> "I will never come back okay, was able to open the portal, I left you a magic that you carry, you want to contact, directly through the magic signal to me, I can always open a portal to a magic weapon for the coordinates, My people had not come, but there are other forces can come, but also not a problem between materials. WwW, qUanbEN, cOm "" Oh. "fat man on the phone heavy sigh:" This leaves us be brothers Farewell. "Zhi naturally hear infinite lost his heart, like friends than brothers and relatives so that they also pro, was brought to the big play, already a part of the other person as a general, then the departure of Li Zhi, fat how not to lose. "It's okay, you do not ask me to say that the kingdom of God Tickets Zhang Mody? I give you mean way, the network spread of an animal companion spell, and that is that I have sent in the past, hello raw execration, and read a few million times, tickets will have to time your buddies bestow divine can not be stingy. "" Animal partner actually you get? "Fat Man does not know how to lead a network of this uproar spell. "Well, I will work hard mantra, everything in the world you are, I will try to run, certainly will not let you down." "At noon, you and I, together with Liu Lei meet with it, I also Some things to you, and although the extraordinary power of this world is not too strong, but powerful forces who also extraordinary, you for me in the main business world, but also the operation of such an unusual power with health care, there will inevitably be those extraordinary strength of contacts, and even countries will come to also perhaps, no power is not acceptable. "" Liulei Since the body to change, presumably will gain strength, is not normal, she was born is so beautiful, whether it is the world of those who can or the mortal world, the trouble is not small, it takes strength mostly from twelve, then it this way, I went to Liu Lei, where Dieter coffee in the afternoon we will see you. "" To say goodbye to the world and the main ah, although Perhaps there are other means to be able to come to the world, but the body you want to come in person but almost no possibility of. "Zhi first returned to his home, reckon the size of his house, and within view of their own space. This time his body space, has a world flood and humane two forces, Que Shibi torrent of time and extend into the world I do not know how many, and an evil land formed by digestion, but also air moisture, fire and water transpiration, and Li Zhi things found inside the transplant can grow plants in the past, this time seems to have is a small world it. "Our forefathers, one moral, towards heaven, but my Huang also ascended to heaven, this house, I also took away, leave this world for a pull soaring house myth." Zhi walked in front of the house , palms pressed on the walls of the house, but he personally presided over the construction of a house, a brick and stone are in accordance with his vision comes, according to the wall, will quickly spread throughout the muzzle shoved courtyard. "Boom." Vacant land with a piece, leaving a rectangular pit, together with the housing base part of the whole house disappeared in an instant, actually appear directly Zhi space, deep pits,Oakley Squared Outlet, leaving Li Zhi a man standing alone. Distant villa attic, a small LORI holding binoculars looking stunned, Li Zhi Meng go back, facing the small LORI gentle smile. "Grandpa Grandma, you Kanla, big brother to be a god, he did not change his house." Jingjing tender voice echoed in the attic, two elderly rubbed her head with a smile, was about to say a few words, but it is stunned, although they did not telescope, but be able to see where the original house was gone there, the reigning took binoculars unto them look past, only to see an open space, but it is not seen Zhi figure. "This world is really god ah." Deal with the house, a portal directly locked Zhi Xiaoli, this time Xiaoli Li Zhi was sitting on that day to see the world of fairy-tale look Xiaolei painting, a lazy look. Portal Meng Xiaoli side exploded in being painting Xiaolei was shocked, this time directly fleet Zhi came out from the inside. "Fairy uncle." Xiaolei surprise rushed over to Li Zhi: "Xiaolei thought would never see fairy uncle, my mother played a lot of calls, do not answer the phone uncle, uncle is a bad person." Surprise face , but keep the tears, Xiaolei red eyes, small hands holding Li Zhi's legs, grabbed his pants and hold tightly. Xiaolei Li Zhi will hold up: "Uncle Why not come to see you? Mother? Away from home?" Xiaolei with a small hand to wipe the tears: "Mom went to the store,Oakley Sunglasses Cheap, and this time should be back, probably go to the supermarket to buy food to go, uncle at home later on it, uncle put me down please, time is up, I have to cook. "Xiaolei Li Zhi is very close, although the holding is very comfortable, not down , but also in performance in front of some fairy uncle. "Xiaolei will cook ah?" Li Zhi exclaimed, many years ago, a woman cooking chores necessary skills, but up to now, will be cooking and housework woman has rare animals, but do little Lei is so small it will cook. "Today would not have to cook, and we go out to eat together." Zhi finger scraping scraping Xiaolei cute little nose. "Really? Eaten for a long time did not go out, go to the house that day Dieter coffee? Floss is best to eat a muffin, and hamburgers, fried chicken Ding ...... there are all sorts of delicious." Heard Eat, Xiaolei suddenly very excited, breath say a dozen delicious, twitter keep up. "Are half past eleven, my mother how not come back, this time she should have ever come back ah." At home waiting for a while, Xiaolei consecutive time to see a few times, but it is not wait, Zhi will Liu Lei sitting on sofa at home, playing with the day to get Clary's razor, he did not make the soul will Kelaliti printed out,oakley eyeglasses sale, but it is to completely surrender him, and the last is still at the core of his will left a little idea. If he want to leave, gotta leave some for fat and Liulei force as protection, both of them in Liulei also better, the body has changed, and the fat is simply ordinary one, no matter which of them are unable to absorb the soul India, so Li Zhi took other means. Enchant armed ordinary people simply can not use, that is they do not have roots will not be armed with enchant resonates in the core, but the soul of armed different, like the sword of the soul armed Clary, just get inside the soul of recognition can be a normal ordinary use, Li Zhi is to Clary become Liulei guardian spirit, he will be stripped from the knife Clary out, into a ring being, but also in the ring in the golden curse attached, so there golden curse care body, there are powerful forces Clary and order, Liu Lei enough to protect themselves in the main world. <

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