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27.05.2013 02:52
there are arrows Cascia antworten

> Roger camp was broken up? "Reform of intellectual and Lena as one, have this hanging ah four meetings, the results far beyond their expectations, five Chuan Da Qi strong, more so many shamans, warriors, mercenaries, would be angry Legion breached, it is unbelievable, especially the main Da Sa Kalan good Mora Mozart could even teach war uh ...... since evil Da Devils army surrounded the camp Rogge, Lexus and Roger camp overpayment Communication is almost interrupted only by messenger to deliver the message through the rolling hills, the fastest speed, messenger back and forth as much as actually to two days, that is, where the information is to be delayed two days than the actual Rogge camp has was broken two days. Www, QUAnben, CoM since the angry sky siege army pulled after four days are relatively calm,Jordan 5 Shoes, but just this calm, Rogge camp guards in the hearts of those who are already extremely fierce of, and angry even just walking around with a Fallen Legion, own the array are not dispatched. Combustion simple coarse Da violent tactics to the extreme, that he and zombie Guards hold Fallen shaman, prevent them from being strong human raid Da kill, but only two can raid the strong cast teleport to pass Da odd strong, the other slightly lower order bits, and teleport positioning distance is not enough, but also skilled enough to use, it is undoubtedly the road out death Chuan Da odd other two blow Paladin limited scope, the range of Cascia is not enough, they want to go kill Fallen Wizards, it would have fallen through the magic of the army, surrounded by tens of thousands of Fallen two years unventilated outside, there are nearly two thousand Fallen Wizards fireball set the fire, coupled with some of these Fallen Fallen special enhanced quick to play blew blew blew again after being resurrected, in this situation, Grace out insist on less than a few minutes awkward back, because then stick to it, his extraordinary strength build Divine Shield defense is completely broken up, France Da power consumption of an empty, to kill when they were simply too Fallen tragedy is just a few Wan Fallen coupled with less than two thousand of the Fallen Wizards, they put a very suffocating Rogge camp fight, attack does not go out, it will only passive defense, passive defense great pressure, especially Fallen Wizards found frozen moat secret, allowing all Fallen across the river, rather than just two more strong the Fallen over, Rogge camp Walled City also taken a hit. Fortunately, this walled city had a special treatment, arrived in Da physical resistance and magic resistance against Da extremely alarming, entire walls are connected into a whole, a few Fallen rush blew, blew repeated resurrection, it is difficult to break Da bad coupled with no stingy toxic shamans cast flame will moat ice surface dissipated, a piece of firewall constantly lit, but also makes only a small part of the flame Fallen elite able to break through. Chuan Da Qi witchcraft has more timely support to reduce stress, so a stalemate war began, became the witches and wizards of France Da Fallen force for consumption, elemental shaman have meditative aura blessing, practice flame heating element sandwiched shamans, and shamans themselves France Da Fallen total force is not low, recovery is also fast, plus the land of evil evil Da support, no shortage of France Da Li added that the war is often marked with a half-day, on their rest, and then battles this time Fallen attack has only just begun, when the war for the third day, when most of the Fallen have launched assault, destruction Fallen Legion Elite magic is almost across the board entered, covering the entire walled city Rogge camp, surrounded by flowering frozen Department Fallen, brought up a breakthrough, while the other thumb and to the tens of thousands of bees weapon, camp fire is fully open , Fallen number of advantages and undead advantage at this moment to play to the extreme and this time, Fallen Wizards centralizes all flame hardened Fallen, arbitrarily chose to invest an ice surface, once there are more than two dozen results Fire Enchanted Fallen across the river, until they crossed the river Fallen, Fallen Wizards do not re then other low Fallen, they can not be spread in unusual outside the scope of witchcraft, far projectile fireball hit over. most of them no years only a fireball, which is naturally Fireball also consummate they play, the distance the projectile is extremely accurate dozen Fallen Fire Enchanted resurrection repeatedly blew in the walls, thousands of Fallen Wizards fireball focus against all the walls, and the resurrection of these flame hardened Fallen makes blew endless, powerful forces in the instant boiling flame, from quantitative to achieve a qualitative change, the walls of this place is almost instant became untenable, the key moment, Mugla Mozart concentrating a snowstorm near the wall of the flame will strengthen Fallen exhaustively ice frozen to kill, before the crisis of relief over. Shortly afterward, the barbarians Qiaxi brought catapult technology began to get angry, savage Arreat plateau fortress built countless long battle with evil Da magic in the first line, is known for their great craftsman Da Lu, war technology is extremely superb, Qiaxi brought catapults small number, only a few planes, But with senior evil Da Da magic made him get material made catapult range is greatly exaggerated, and then hit the rock burst Da mixed fried, fierce poison agent, the power is extremely alarming, catapults a launch,Cheap Oakley Radar, a few giant stone carriers explosion Da Da fried Pharmacy and Poisons agent fierce fight in the past, immediately killing dozens Fallen Sheng division,Oakley Sunglasses Radar, will take the division Fallen scared Qin dragonfly fauna were full potential only ease down. to this time, simply by this obvious to all Walled City has Defense live, after all, angry zombie army shot yet, at this time, the refugee camps have begun to prepare collapsed transfer carriers camps hoarding supplies ...... retreat back to the side of the fortress Rogge In view of the camp there can be a threat to the Fallen shaman's war machine, Bo must be completed and no arrival, the fear of death Fallen Wizards fourth day of the offensive slowed a lot, but, when it reaches the fifth day, I began to get angry offensive launched by the ...... his zombie army also sent out thousands of the town elite, not the elements Kangmo is immune, cover Fallen Legion line pressure on. redness offensive launched by the very simple reason that he learned of the blog must be completed has passed Candelas plains, will arrive here, if Bi Bo should be coming, he would no longer Fallen Wizards command does not move, even Rogge camp impregnable fortress has hope, but a person to the cake by two points, while His plan, they would fail, immediately launched a general offensive. pyrophoric as hell lord, lord Fallen shamans in their absence, it's also had under his control, if not from the angry lord majesty will happen to them, hell among the law of the jungle, they dare not satisfied Da from? Although they can be completed shall be resurrected blog, but if dead for too long, that is no resurrection hope, in the face Da Pro immediately die, and in the future the situation may not be his death was finally full shot, or even attend to catapult threat, after all, the camp also so few catapults. has angry Kangmo Note Legion cover, but also has Fallen Wizards constantly resurrection, tens of thousands of line pressure on Fallen, makes the camp's defense forces finally reached its limit, meditative aura is not weak, but the power is not unlimited, Fallen shaman's resurrection only need to use a flame blew Fallen in the body, while a few catapults even though it can hurt Fallen Wizards , but the number is too small after all this time there has Fallen Wizards, camps must be destroyed, and shall be completed if Bo came to be, it would be more disastrous, Mora Mozart and Akara also attend to so many, has a pass shrink surgery, just be more careful on the back were able to flee, this time also capable of and this time, they spell success, remember the fifth order two powerful Da spell continues, Fallen Wizards destroyed half. legitimate they feel fortunate when they want to get what it once angry with Guards attack exhaustively concentrated in Mora Mozart body, Mora Mozart flashed a return, but was zombie Guards wraps, Grace's hammer smashing a few near-total Wei ...... angry lords teleport again toward Mora Mozart, now, Saka Lan Chuan Da odd good strong Mora Mozart never spared, in order to avoid death into a fifth-order zombie, death Mora Mozart lit the body and mind, a heap in the sky a huge fireworks. Mora Mozart died, firing was blocked for a while, recover on to attack Accra, Accra has Mora Mozart buffer, there are arrows Cascia block, the end is fled to the wall. Fallen shaman died half, but the attack did not stop, and soon, the camp was burst open a gap, when the gap is opened, the zombie army is also finally raided across the board. camp no longer any doubt will fall, and Mora Mozart's death, here is Grace High Command, he and Accra act decisively, a few live strong off, evacuate all personnel immediately to the fortress. relocation and evacuation from the camp two days ago, has already begun, but the camp supplies too much, a lot of slow migration, while camp was too abrupt break, rest camps and other moving supplies to thousands of displaced persons, a total of ten thousand people still in camps set time, the evil Da magic a breakthrough, they have a whole mess Da, and leaving countless people rushing supplies to the rear, the fortress blocking a tightly that hid the bomb is armed repression This confusion also affected the camps Rogge and paladins with those mercenaries retreat. though they are far more than ordinary force, but thousands of people crowded in the city port openings Da Da, they force no matter how high is useless, and evil Da magic followed behind them, to the desperate moment, Paladin and no longer bother Lo other, direct use of force popped out of trail, and then close the gates to prevent evil Da Devils trailing scored, the remaining ten thousand civilians lost in the fortress outside. Rogge, Paladin, mercenaries who are evacuated, but stay on the outside but it is hard to escape the civilian population, but also took the opportunity to get angry with the blood of the field spread out over thousands give all people die, into soulless zombies while Rogge fortress eventually not Biluo Ge camps height walls and defensive camp far Rogge comparable Walled City, the face of this fortified city, it is difficult to break, and the Fallen sorcerer has killed more than half, Fallen human wave tactics previously not so good to play another example, a time of war once again deadlocked. [dawn update group <

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