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27.05.2013 02:47
do not take the route sorcerer antworten

> Sara, who will soon run out of power, knowledge perish magic number has not decreased and then four system is more and more and more, the first tier and second tier up almost thousand moat quickly rushed to the debris down the river, the six-meter-wide moat, however, it is the accumulation of sand on the people can not afford. WwW, qUanbEN, cOm "Let me see how many of those Fallen shaman mana cost of it." Fallen shaman's magic nor are endless, with a deep aura of grace, Accra laughed, pointing to just play, sand filled moat period of the emergence of a firewall, the moat firmly covered, Fallen rushed to dare whenever there is only burned alive, even with the Fallen also the resurrection of the shaman immediately die again a back firewall too much fire power against lower Fallen best. An enhanced flame Fallen Wizards see this field and also not to be outdone, will strengthen the power of the flame aura extend past, making the flame inside the Fallen body more than a layer of red flame, with this red flame protection, sink magic around the body naturally produces an exclusive power of the flame of the firewall exclusion open, Accra is laughing. The devil is not in the world has been raging for hundreds of years, the strong presence of the devil know are from the legends and the book seems, at this time in person against the Fallen, suddenly feel very tough, if humans army, even if it is re-elite, This and other shamans Accra hit a meteorite smashed down, reimbursement of a one thousand people, who dare to punch? But Fallen different dead can be resurrected, they fought countless years in hell, how will fear death? "There is no effect of the soul with the rest armed, can not make their own magic with the rest results, it seems that only kill the flock Fallen Wizards ah, Accra adults, mana, we have the meditative aura, but Fallen Wizards There is also the land of evil blessing, the number is more like that, how to fight over, but fortunately there is no master class above them strength. "Mora Mozart refers to the next Fallen behind that number up to thousands of perdition magic shaman, have them in, simply can not fight this war. "Akara Lightning Elemental Mastery also adults, presumably to teleport, I do not know how many adults and positioning the distance, if far enough,Air Jordan Big Ups Sale, we sent in the past two together, releasing two legendary sorcerer spell Fallen destroy the flock, these Fallen on the lack of fear. "Battle with the undead legions razor, razor especially undead legions of evil is still in place, with endless supplementary forces of hell when the key is to eliminate the Fallen shaman. Mora Mozart say simple, but Fallen shaman, especially cluster Fallen shaman is extremely difficult to deal with, if not instantly move witchcraft, no witches Fallen Wizards dare confront alone group, one of thousands of Fallen Wizards a fireball hit over, the kind of firepower in attack, like one thousand cannons hair, Caroline H level to be, who's up front when? At this point Rogge camp before the undead army corps razor does not appear, coming just one, if all come with Bo must be completed and Lakhani Hugh, but also has a sharp knife guards, that is the real difficult to deal with, in some of the records, such a figure is tarascha are razor Legion thrust through records. "Well." Akara immediately locked the Fallen Legion shamans face down, began to spatial orientation, ready to teleport, Mora Mozart, too, so angry underestimate the enemy corpses, two towering above the power of the legendary regiment only angry one person,Nike Air Jordan, They also shot two legendary but it is fear. Burst of lightning fist statue sound, they turned into a fierce lightning, sent directly to locate where in the past, only a moment, had arrived at the location, start preparing the fifth stage of the legendary witchcraft, sorcery and other legendary like this, strength huge, logically speaking releasing extremely time-consuming, but their magic is imprinted in the heart of the will of the supernatural, chanted between, we must attack, very short amount of time, but a few seconds to be able to launch complete ...... seeing Fallen Wizards over it changed. Clouds gather, the temperature plummeted, resulting in higher heaven, a huge meteorite with a sky lit by the false start of the heat now. At this time, angry move, not only it, along with his zombie around six months Guards ...... teleport around Mozart appeared in Mora, flame, ice, lightning, angry hand with a sharp compression three-line power, but also has its own areas of strength strengthening of thin air in front of Mugla Mozart, moment, Mugla Mozart almost smell the smell of death. "Nether Strike, and instantly move." Mora Mozart directly reads the time these two forces ...... blizzard mana forcibly stopped, turned and turned it into frost nova, blue, with extreme cold aura from his body exploded, the threat of death, let him shiver hair, cast a spell over the level of play is. Just hit the ice ring angry moments, he also refused to lock teleport distance, slanting specifies a direction, into lightning rushed out, at this time, Accra is also facing the same situation,Oakley Sunglasses UK, she is not facing angry lord, but six master class forces while zombies attack power is not bad, do not take the route sorcerer Ran body defense force can be seen in more than strong, this six shots from all angles, zombies, as long as a hit, will be able to she was beaten half to death. "Imprudent." Akara battle do not panic, telekinesis excitation, with its center to the surrounding denounced open, slightly delaying Guards zombie attack, but also a transfer far out of the way, once set foot master sorcerer lightning system level, learn to teleport there is a life insurance capital, fight to play, to go to go, nothing is a mind over the legendary magic, but it is powerful. Ice ring close to the moment of firing, firing a burst of strength who flashed, more than half the strength of the ice ring are unloaded away, and only a little chill hardly cause any harm to him, many can not delay, Mora Mozart has appeared next moment Rogge camp in the sky, a sharp fall flat body to the bodies is a pyrophoric immediately teleport, then he beheaded in the air. Accra is also true that when this law career hit melee combat extreme terror, more instantaneous ability to move the guy, it is simply a tragedy, angry Guards actually followed her, still in her side, which a return shot against her even have a chance. At this point, Roger walled city on the long hands of the Warhammer Grace Knight Light big release, turned into a fierce meteor hit in the past to get angry, shot that is to strong physical strength and Light a body blow falls on ignition His head is not moving moment one would like to be able to move, but also to take some time, and this time two consecutive teleport ...... especially the second time, he had just into the air, ready to be beheaded Mora Mozart, hammer on has been smashed over. "Boom." Air like cannon exploding, roar, angry body with tremendous force under continuous cast fly to the sky, and solve the crisis of Mugla Mozart, that hammer smashed one back after Grace does not recover, but rather in a circle in the sky, but also a cry shelling hit in the past to get angry, get angry at this time have to react, immediately moved back a moment the array. Beyond the scope of the attack, Grace rode hammer flew back to the hands <

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