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Stevo elders how reply antworten

、> One hundred and twentieth eight chapters nausea more about Lexus' Wanstead You just okay, I see you ...... "Lena will ultimately very large amount, soon recovered slightly profound and see the Li Zhi a, will be able to simply disclose her rushing togethers, Wanstead Que Shibi she imagined the strength is even higher, ah, she did not know she'd just Zhi will face is cited The second layer of earth torrent force a strike. wWw, quanbeN, cOMYZUU point "Do not worry, this is my kind of Dharma practice, will not have anything." Dharma how this would happen, but the Dharma includes blocking mind-body connection, to avoid impact damage mapped to its own roots , if others, survive it will not collapse but fortunately, will collapse once inside, the impact of flood mapping itself, what supernatural, fantasy injuries on the face of the map here, if no physical partition Zhi Dharma, and the lava habitat the will of the collapse that is mapped to the body up, and that is directly into the gray. "Imagine that you are so powerful, one will look revealed so powerful." Although Lena Li Zhi go together, but do not know the power of Li Zhi in the end is what extent, just to see him popular portal, apparently mana at least are high, then it is truly "know" a lot. Li Zhi faint smile: "Wade has come back yet?" Lena nodded his head: "Masters said Stevo regression world how creatures can rest without their participation in the spirit of death, that he was willing to come to the ceremony presided over. "Zhi explained in the letter the significance of this ceremony, of course, certainly not something to inform the faith. Li Zhi only shows the significance of this ceremony the other hand, as long as this ritual spread, life funeral, should they participate, in order to let the dead rest in peace, while the design of the ceremony, naturally run for the Li Zhi, secrets lurking means to This Quxianjiuguo. "That is good, Stevo such legendary sorcerer shot, so the mind can also be displaced to settle down." "Vision on the organization of the army I had arranged to go, you can see that many of them are excited to join the army if they now tribunes can really positive, see our actions, internal affairs officer who momentum is also pricey, there are many follow us coming mercenary more interested in this also, have to Inquirer military affairs officer who matter. "" core strength of the foundation must be pure, if what people are coming close is not good, a blank sheet of paper, I do not want to draw a few strokes chaos pen, anyway, there we humans and hell a war broke out, when I can also print to collect a lot of soul, by that time, our own armed forces can be molded to recruit mercenaries can also be given control of the soul can be printed by our enhanced strength, it is the only Preferably, now or free. "Zhi directly rejected the idea of ​​recruiting mercenaries, these mercenaries are mostly directed at the future can feudal lords it over, but he does not intend to engage in any packet, Zakarum of the Political limited in scope, but it is possible to compete with the royal Wisconsin Ticketmaster, the most important thing is the power of concentration,oakley sunglasses online, Wisconsin Ticketmaster powerful royal family itself, many more around the feudal aristocracy, logically speaking, strength,Oakley Sunglasses Fast Jacket, how will Pisa Kalan Mu high on a lot, but they can hardly count on the Lord. "What? Territory outside placement to Wanstead forest areas found a large demon?" Frowning fortress Lexus many men to listen to reports: "Yes, the adults Wanstead entourage that Wade sent letters to the morning, leaving private place rest, in addition, requested the mobilization of forces in the past Stevo master clean. "Lexus more negative in the hand go back and forth a few laps behind. He had originally envisioned dark forest is not what this place, a variety of various animals hidden deep in the forest appear more comparable epic angel and devil creatures, plus on-road does not pass, is his natural northern territory barrier. Even the devil came, hundreds of Fallen are nothing, take sick about Wanstead could not be better, but do not have a lot of demons over, if the devil on the offensive, even with the north that there is not simply the absence of several castles can not stop, can you really want his backyard on fire. This is not Wanstead lying, but what good he lied, and now the demon army east far from here, about to attack the camp Rogge, Rogge him this camp not far from the fort, to the time lords angry if hell Or Bi Bo should attack must come, but not strong enough to withstand the legendary,Oakley Glasses Online, high-level combat power loss, the war did not even have to fight, so Stevo resolved not to leave, otherwise this fortress can be compromised, once here was broken, his one hundred thousand refugees will be ruined, and that is true. Lexus more Archduke pondered: "Stevo elders how reply?" "This I do not know, but Stevo elder shaman has accompanied several adults to Wanstead passed a stream of private land rush." ​​"We are also in the past . "Stevo absolutely can not leave, Lexus and more Archduke thought:" Thousands Fallen we can separate some of the wizards and knights, and then tissue left behind to destroy the military elite, Stevo Masters absolutely can not leave the fort. " When Lexus more hurried rush to the side when they are listening Lena Li Zhi said this, he let Wade just messengers, he was playing out of this pattern Lena, which means he is not playing , life in the modern him, the struggle over how the experience than the native aristocracy rich? He did not think, just casually playing small Lena means Lexus will deceive many have come rushing to help him solve the problem. "Hell's not really angry lord go to him, but once gone, Stevo elders are not, no one can withstand the equivalent of the legendary power of the fortress may restrain Macbeth That kind of face, today we just take this opportunity to fight back look. "Lena said, laughingly, to nausea Lexus more about Duke, she is extremely happy. "Unfortunately, some day he said is also true, tools really nervous, but this territory he operated for many years, but it is not difficult to seed preparatory some ah, but do not sell to sell, which is why? But this farm tools and seeds, but also can solve a part of. "Zhi tightened holding her hand, smiled and nodded slightly. "Your honor, Stevo elders have coming." This time Wade ran in from the outside, Lena looked at him, frowning: "I know, next time come, be sure to remember to notice." "Is a , ma'am. "Wade is full of fear of his head. "All the displaced arrangement ready yet?" "Mase Fu housekeeper has everything arranged his wife, they already know about it, very happy too." Wade looked nervous Lena, compared to Li Zhi, he was more afraid of some of Lena. Nausea .. one hundred and twentieth eight chapters are mostly about Lexus [<

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