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27.05.2013 02:39
See Li Zhi did not have much antworten

> "And everything is on track, Territory really set up, you still will be in the hands of the gradual release of things go, and to those who will do the next people to do, otherwise, the future will be more and more things, you are a person always There are too busy to come, so that both too tired to live, but also delay your strength practice. wWW, QUanbEN, cOM "Although they have not been substantial engagement, but after a while it just now, but the feeling is subtle and deepen some, out of the tent after Li Zhi has been holding Lena's hand, Lena Piansi indulge in a little girl in love, like, happy face followed behind him. Hear the words of Li Zhi, Lena hearts warm. "Well, a lot of things are not perfect, they have no management experience, I will wait until they are delegated these things, they are serious about being a good hostess." Said the hostess, Lena can not help but think of just Nazhen passion, the body of the hot Italian is up to now not completely subsided, she looked at the eyes of Li Zhi somewhat hidden bitterness, but more of it is another kind of happiness and satisfaction. "Tools and seeds of things, I will solve these two days, those who infiltrate over the devil, I have a space power, I would go to get rid of most of the rest, can be handed over to those mercenaries to do, look at the situation If so we need to pay for the mercenary demon's body, those low-level Fallen give them a gold one, elite Fallen five gold an elite class captain Fallen fifty gold coins. "" The Price Will a little high? Rogge camp open to attack and kill the zombies prices Fallen only about half the price than you out a little bit higher. "Lena Li Zhi has now been fully stand up a force field questions to consider, Lena Li Zhi to small hand a bit tighter. "It does not matter a little higher, we wasteland area is relatively remote, higher than the spot price can attract these mercenaries in the past, but the devil is also useful for my body." Zhi hear the explanation, Lena will not repeat said that this time the team today dining refugee migration has been completed, makeshift shacks and tents also began to be put away in the morning to eat a meal in the United States and the United States displaced one by one Spirit are fresh enough, though not very full, but stronger than the previous batter's more, this lets them see the hope, hope in stock under yesterday's fatigue seemed swept away. Lena Li Zhi and see all the way over, one by one to be honored displaced eyes fell on them, and this time is no longer like that kind of faith in their original Zhi rescued from the madness is so strong, but it is relatively pure and lasting , this force is gradually stabilized, and slowly increasing trend, "Wanstead." go silent for a while too Lena suddenly looked up and called Zhi cry, what seems to have something to say to him say, but hesitantly. "How? Lena." Lena suddenly out from the hands of a box, delivered to the hands of Li Zhi. Li Zhi will result box, looking the way I feel some familiar box: "This is the Horadric Cube?" "You know?" Lena Li Zhi looked surprised, everyone knows Horadric Cube alchemical artifact legend , but the real people who are rarely seen, even Horadrim tribe, that is not necessarily recognize Stevo elders, but Li Zhi puts it at a glance knew him, is evidently an extremely understanding on the block, But the thought of Li Zhi and space alchemy spell, she would have no other doubts. "Yes, this is the Horadric Cube, but it is only my grandfather passed down from horadrim imitation, do not have the Horadric Cube alchemical ability to have only Horadric Cube storage space, the highest council The resulting use of space,Cheap Oakley Sport, that is, this part of the storage-related knowledge. "Zhi took a lot of careful exploration box, box space around it a cube, which filled a lot of sheepskin books. "Inside this box are part of the research Horadrim witchcraft and the outcome of the world, the most important part is how to practice the spirit of ordinary people to become shamans, or can not become a shaman, but also by absorbing energy to strengthen itself through its own internal power displaying low witchcraft became an apprentice sorcerer element method, this method is applicable to ordinary people than the highest council of the Iron Wolf Master cultivation method is more perfect and effective. "" In addition,Coach Online Bags, there are some that Horadric Cube as well as the manufacture of pharmaceutical formulations Enchant Weapon approach. "how these things do not understand the significance of Li Zhi, Lena is so easily the highest council of East China over the door shattered her family should pursue something handed his hands, and if Roger had to camp When he gets these things will very pleased, but to come now, he has found his own path, a lot of things to explore yourself, that enchants armed, he also vaguely grasp the part of the context, so he was pleased more Lena is more to his full trust. See Li Zhi did not have much joy, Lena could not help burst disappointed, but also clearer, Li Zhi and others like him not to pursue that kind of strength to her hands and Horadrim heritage, which actually disappointed at the same time is pleased majority, this pure feeling really are wonderful, made her drunk. "It's that there are many spiritual experiences Horadrim sorcerer you can refer to, though you can also get horadrim heritage, but also a failure to come, they may be able to help you play." Listening to the words of Lena, Li Zhi strikes the hearts heavy, Lena Li Zhi but do not know man, this unreserved trust deeply struck at the heart Li Zhi, Li Zhi actually makes vaguely felt a sense of indebtedness. In this world, a lot of people for their own good will of others for granted, but Li Zhi is different, he has always been a man of equivalent exchange for the basic principles of acting, when others have not helped when approaching a particular purpose, drip Help will be recorded in his heart, will do everything possible to try to go further with him. If it does not return, he would feel indebted to mind, peace of mind is difficult, because of the existence of this kind of psychological,Madison Coach Outlet, Li Zhi prefer to be alone, unwilling to accept the help of others, even if the other party is kindness. "Lena." Lena stopped Li Zhi's words: "Well, this one Horadrim my inheritance now fall on you, and this burden is also handed over to you." Lena will hand Li Zhi emerge from the hands, with open hands walking in front of her graceful posture will turn a few laps: "I have not so easy. At this moment, Li Zhi was incorrectly identified as the inheritors of Horadrim actually true The master Horadrim heritage. golden sun rose higher and higher, fell two young men and women who pulled out a shadow on the ground, silent laughter, a large refugee camp journeyed <

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