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say a man a woman on their antworten

> In the afternoon, sitting in front of a computer dementia a morning Dong Hao suddenly seemed to sober him, he grabbed the phone to call, tell the heart, then to accompany singing yesterday that two women gave him the stimulus is too big, to be honest, he called reading countless women in this life, but the female characters is to add a prefix, AV female, warm savory Yuzhen's wait until his body hands and feet, it is the first time too. WwW, QunabEN, coM alas, fat sigh, shut the computer screensavers, and began to look at today's update, but the feelings are still lingering in the brain. Qiaxi has passed, Lena will arrange everything, there is a rare time to rest, although a little tired, but she flies abnormal enrichment, she remembered the words Qiaxi just persuasion, there are also Wanstead Stevo master go? You agree? She is indeed very good impression on the Wanstead,Air Jordan New School, have an interest is one, but for her, but it is more important to get that one, not mixed with the slightest interest in the really like, life among, if really able to get a parts of such love, that is dead is willing to ah. "You will not agree do not you?" Lena looked at Li Zhi, Li Zhi really promised if, how she does not agree that: "If you promise, you will not mind that I'm a Wanstead." Lena suddenly felt that her heart is very contradictory, on the one hand is the hope he promised, and then end the current embarrassing situation, on the other hand I hope he refuses, well maintain his perfect image in his mind. "Lena beautiful lady, so late one person here without a break, sir how did Wanstead with you?" Lexus many Duke suddenly came up from behind, said softly on Lena, Lena go back read Macbeth one, in the eyes of undisguised disgust, but she did not say anything to deliberately offend people under the eaves, on his turf, but it is hard not to offend people, and only if not described, kept his hopes alive, may endless: the "Lexus multi Archduke busy, or earlier rest as well." Macbeth Rao is very thick skinned, Lena ate too much for some of this in mind also, mouth Some Samsam hearts they had grudges against Li Zhi deep layer, but there came a message, His Royal Highness Prince saw his performance that day, but still have to support, indeed, he was a bit depressed. Wanstead,Oakley Active Sale, you are proud of will not last long, Lexus and more heart sneer. "So I have to go, Miss Lena rest of the earlier we go, stay up all night, but the enemy of beauty ah." Archduke right Lena Lexus more gentle smile, and then turned and went away without leave. Lena faint glanced at him, before she was aware of it, now and then to see Macbeth was full of disgust, only to feel his head to toe are filled with hypocrisy odor. Li Zhi leaning against the wall, and finally looked at Lena a, then shoved open the portal to leave, this time he will stay until the warehouse black gold among the crow will integrate into his core, it is also true the corresponding space integration, that is, crow's space and he is one, crows picking sweet potatoes in the main world, and then he will direct things out here, this is very subtle thing, in addition he also has to stay in this warehouse coordinates. With more and more skilled use of the portal, Li Zhi coordinates are increasingly feel not enough, if there is enough coordinates that time, around the world Dounong a coordinate, that does not know how wonderful the monkey a somersault cloud nor from side of the globe turn there, but he can. One to the main world, Li Zhi phone suddenly is piles of Caller ID, Li Zhi habitual disregard, but the fat man's phone touches more important, which is a few phone calls as usual, plus a message. "Li Zhi, can you help me in touch with my sister last night that the two do?" This is fat text messages. "What?" Li Zhi a look, stood over to blind parents only have to have Maung Maung, sister lineage to lineage has not, even yesterday, looking for those two to accompany singing? Fat head Xiudou? But Zhi know fat is not the first day, for how he does not understand? Fat is obviously a Mensao, known as reading countless women, but are read AV female, to this age have no girlfriend, not to mention what contacts and women? In some ways, fat is actually very pure ah. Li Zhi Although up to now is the same, but a few years he worked on various occasions been "molested yellow man" molested too much back, although no concrete and what a woman is good, but the scene is still seen a lot. But the fat man different ah, yesterday that two women brought her to accompany singing big stimulus, say a man a woman on their first impressed by this Mensao fat will not just be a couple would like to stimulate bar. Li Zhi quickly to fight back a phone, sitting in front of a computer is not the fat that is Spiritual Zhi call, rushed to pick up the phone. "Li Zhi, Li you are still right, can you help me in touch yesterday that two sister ah." Fat one answered the phone hurried asked. "Do you want to contact them on you in the end want to do it?" Zhi sentence, they asked to help fat ignorant, he does not know want to do, but he kept coming back yesterday and the two sister always want things , Flying at night also made a dream, today it is a morning in the YY and the two sister with happy life together,Coach New Arrivals Sale, his head from last night until now have not been stopped. "I am." Fat ignorant in there did not answer. "How not to speak? Possessor of them when you want mistress? Do not worry ah, anyway, we will soon have money, as long as that of gold to sell, you engage in outside of the house, a concubine, a month to their money, like how to play on how to play this game, but to their origin, I gotta tell you, their customers can be more than you are a ah, you do not see them does not prostitute entertainer, in fact, in the KTV, their body is by countless men touched, touch the cool, open it directly to the upstairs room, and some are long been nurturing the individual, as well, then you are nurturing them, there is no guarantee that they give you a cuckold, so woman you want to do? If you want to, I will give you that they brought back. "Li Zhi, then I heard the sound of falling fat ears, naturally he knew he would not tell lies Zhi, but his head is always want to go there yourself, think he was very painful. "But I'll never forget them ah?" Fat pain are Li Zhi said. Li Zhi sighed stalls did not expect this kind of thing will actually fat, I knew last night that the two will not compensate the female plug into his arms. "Forget?" Zhi suddenly thought of an idea. <

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