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27.05.2013 02:27
the Devil that perennial antworten

> Devil saw this tree of life, but in which you can find to a devouring energy vortex, it is clear that the Devil's tree of life will wither, is the reason for all of his life energy is the vortex which devour . wwW! qUANbeN! coM Stone declared vortices exist in order to clear up this cause and its true objectives, while letting women back side of the disc adventure close to him to reach the realm of God Emperor, are tempted to feel the heartstrings floating, somewhat difficult to control, this vortex terrible, can be imagined. "Stone declared, you small point." Behind the plate can not help but somewhat tense woman cried. Stone declared Enliaoyisheng, and finally himself into the vortex, although felt so powerful suction, but he was really into the vortex, etc. After suction but disappeared, the only thing is to see into a small circular space singularity In this space, only a glittering white chips, in addition to empty. This is all absorbed into this space vortex of energy, which have all been absorbed white chips, white chips to make up the life of this energetic inexplicable, even to declare all stone chips which can clearly feel this powerful life energy and strong. "Do not say that everything lies the root of a small white wafer While? Can absorb life energy chips, for some special reason,Air Jordan 7 UK Sale, according to grumble compile this wonderful tree of life, tree of life, the results of the energy absorbed, was a result of the gradual depletion of the Devil? But, this chip is what? "Stone declared pondered while outstretched hand side, unexpectedly, that way I do not know what to wafer, a touch stone declared to be immediately slamming CD , turning to a flow of energy poured into the Stone declared in vivo. Stone declared was taken aback when I saw this chip has appeared in their original fitted yield crystals yield eight equipment should book the space, and the imperial crown, imperial crystal placed in glove together, became Stone declared fitted yield crystals of eight third-placed pieces of equipment equipment area. Same time, a message also appears in the minds of Stone declared. Name: Imperial · Wings of Life Level: Swire Properties Hallows: Persistent ten 500000, Fel ten 500000 Description: Scalable state, the other without. While the original chip, that was also one of the emperor relics, just another imperial relics and other slightly different, is not the least of which contains the power of the emperor, but the tree of life, and life energy homologous, and its property is also very alarming, equipment on the wings of this life after enduring Stone declared total will reach 2,050,000 points, magic points can also be 2,050,000. An increase of five hundred thousand points lasting bad enough, one of which can increase the magic five hundred thousand points for Stone declared, the meaning will be different. Five hundred thousand points, magic energy, just enough to play once more declared emperor stone technology, you can display more than one emperor and technology, for Stone declared, at least also to enhance the strength of more than one chip. But this also has a life-wing although the name of the emperor, but it does not contain a new one and emperors skills, solid stone and now still only have to declare "dump days" "sub-sea" "black hole" of these three imperial-style technology. When Stone declared these crystals absorb into his body, the vortex has gradually disappeared, Stone declared re-appear in the tree of life before. "Stone declared, you just how, and how will suddenly disappear." Disk could not help but exclaim female. Stone declared adventure will just say one, disc female startled by startled, then said: "So to say, roots found? Turned out to be the life of this imperial relics Wings in trouble?" "Ah, in my guess , can not be wrong, but the strange life of the wings of this chip, why would the Devil appeared in this tree of life, and that this matter can be really incredible, it is so very difficult to understand. "Stone declared although got the life of the wing, the strength once again be raised, but the thought of which the reason, but it can not help but repeatedly amazed. "Cause investigation clearly, Stone declared,Nike Air Jordan 8 Sale, let's get started." Now clear up this tree of life will wither because the life of the wing chips, and now it has fallen stone chip declared the fitted yield crystals, regarded solves this reason, then, the next step was to activate the vitality of this tree of life, so that it will restart from this position in the fusarium necrosis, heavy recovery newborn. "Well." Stone declared to be a cry, and the creation of women hold hands, magenta see endless shock with holy white light from their bodies among blossoms shot open, in this holy white white shrouded among tree of life reborn a piece of green leaves grow out, had withered bark necrosis above, but also a little bit of green spread, gradually become crystal clear, the whole plant the tree of life, an indescribable Pombo life, being quietly released sixteen open nvel network, iliu -. - Official heroic upload open. At the moment, the Devil is waiting outside Zhumo, looked up and saw vanity top Stone declared and the disc is still floating in the female there motionless, while a pick a white light from their bodies being spread, the to the Department, the Devil that perennial dark clouds gradually dispersed, the sky gradually bright, arctic inhospitable terrain, snow gradually thawing, desolate earth and mountains with a little bit of green spread, the Devil, and in this ~ round round white light into, resulting in a sea change. "This is the life of machine a bright one," Lucifer bathed in this holy white radiance looked excited, constantly muttering, hands outstretched, to sense the air in the creation of magical force. While others inferno, or even many of which are of the devil, do not know is how bright it is, when they looked up, feeling is indescribable warmth, especially if returned to his mother's arms, which kind of feeling that they wash the body and mind, so that they at this moment, all immersed in a change in the transformation into the Devil. This (way to see novel network, computer station .1 6 . N) days, is the miracle of the Devil. When filled with the Devil holy white light gradually disappear, I saw the Devil over the cloud that lingers throughout the year had finally had vanished, replaced by a blossoming beautiful white clouds, soft sunlight spilling next, so this time the Devil becomes indescribable vibrant. "It really is a miracle a miracle a" Even the Devil was born in the great Satan, the devil, and now the second $ |, ㄧ ^ ^, &qu; Samael, at the moment can not help but sigh can save a soon-to- Crash destruction of the universe,Oakley Lifestyle Online, this level has gone beyond imagination, Stone declared if it is not got the help of female disc, it is impossible to single-handedly, and so the Devil back to life. When Stone declared and the disc woman body back to normal and slowly went down, all around the entire circumference and other big devil monarch also want to speak up, suddenly disc female face smile, then closed his eyes a coma, pour in Stone declared the side arms. ! ~! . . <

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