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you can destroy up to antworten

> Just this type will he reach God Emperor-class punch the power to divert, you can already see the hope of the power of the Force, to what kind of state. WWw, QUANbEn, cOm other four countries are scattered at the moment God Emperor week will faint Stone declared trapped in the middle, but was not shot, but watching and Aubard Stone declared war. Beneath hundreds of thousands more of the gods, now surviving, much of Chongqing this is not that they can touch the most high God Emperor of the war. This is among the hundreds of thousands of gods, being a Shi Lin, Lin Yao exist, but at the moment all this mixed with hundreds of thousands of troops among the gods, even the God Emperor, and sometimes it is difficult to find. "Boy -" Golden God Emperor recovered his fist, and then a flash, mortal to a kilometer away, his hands extremely high energy fluctuations terrible sacrifice grab and, obviously, he wants to play a real power. "As for your apology, the emperor will display the real dominant force, let you die in the true power of the emperor under, I believe even if you die, and never will regret! Gold God Emperor spoke, he stretched out a hand, and suddenly heard shouts: "Kim Wong God - start! With his boot off the sound, this majestic old man, covered, suddenly sounded slightly Cha Cha Cui Xiang, Cui Xiang with this, I saw a golden pin connected to an A on his body surface emerges gold-colored helmet, breastplate gold color gold-colored gloves, boots, a gold-colored so that the old man soon became a gold-colored machinery giant, Chi Chi twice, behind, there are two gold mechanical wings fall colors extend to the end, the Golden God Emperor, even incarnation for a about two meters high, back length one pair of gold wings golden pin A soldier, covered, pulsing energy of terror, at least upgrade several layers,nike jordan outlet, apparently, God Emperor of gold and become more powerful. Furui no wave rock has been declared, at this moment, his eyes finally showing a look of surprise. Mind sounded rose and sound, his message data appears in front of the Stone declared. Front of this gold majestic old man, yet it is the one "who fitted yield"? "Not surprisingly, all the Gods to break the limit, the achievements of the existence of God Emperor, are reserved fitted yield crystals chosen a path of evolution which, of course, and occasionally there are exceptions, such as a certain abandon fitted yield crystals, but it has been Another ancestor of God Emperor and even the power of a Pacific "was covered by gold-colored pin A shrouded, revealing only one pair of eyes out, the golden God Emperor Aubard saw Stone declared surprised, it was very calm about her. "But unfortunately, this one can choose the path of evolution is too scarce, even if selected, also died in the vast majority of its evolutionary way, those who choose to retain fitted yield is the need endless courage two and top The update soon a @ 6 @ $ official heroic upload ^ ^, * 1 &m; 6 subjects, ^ ^ n # luck. Aubard then let Stone declared gush weird feeling, he is now able to evolve to this step to get several pieces Pacific relic, which is its non-luck? Conversely, if no luck, get a few pieces of this relic, then himself, would have died eight hundred times, and solid and Aubard then let Stone declared feelings so deeply, if no luck, get good equipment, fitted yield choose who really need great courage. Stone declared front surface of the God Emperor series fitted yield 'information, their hearts were deeply attribute points so powerful was shocked. Name: Golden Crown God Lemma Occupation: War Shura realm: the ultimate lasting fifth order total: 2,200,000 total points Fel: 800,000 total points Attack: 500 000 points total defense: 200,000 points Total Speed: l5 points Weapons: Unknown Equipment: The Ultimate Gold God pin packages (of seven), the ultimate one of six Gold Wings open nvel network, iliu -. - Official heroic upload it: Unknown immensely powerful attack force, which Bit Gold God Emperor attack, has reached 500,000 points, while their defense is up to 20 million points, see their professional name, obviously, this is a warrior class career. "In order to show respect, I will cast my all the forces, destiny's child - "appeared Aubard fitted yield ultimate gold pin package wrapped the body of God, and his right hand and then stretched it out, and he saw the huge body edged with gold-colored ax almost apparent that ax above the inscription "Shura" word, it was his ultimate artifact armed with "golden Shura ax." heard shouts, waving in the hands of God Emperor Gold Shura ax, chop chop turned out, a very terrible gas emptying and to the waves, up to 50 million points of attack, is simply appalling, even if it is empty flash dimension, can not resist such forces. Stone declared fit beast God is still in a state of its total attack power reached 350,000 points worse than the overall total Aubard l5 million points, but now the Stone declared, but has the power of four children in each child's ability, can be an additional 50,000 points Stone declared attack power, which On the strength of three sons, you can match the power of Aubard, if the power of four sons open simultaneously, Stone declared attack power will reach a total of 550,000 points appalling state, coupled with the strongest attack skills "imperial Technology · ; sub sea "on the 100,000 additional attack power, which is meant now Stone declared, its most powerful blow, you can destroy up to 650,000 points pushing to update soon, read novels came sixteen open 16 leaves the official heroic upload nonhuman realm. legend, only the attack reached or more than 500,000 points, enough information is known as the God Emperor, and now Stone declared, apparently already has the power to become a God Emperor even among God Emperor still very strong presence. eyebrows among the green "Devourer" start immediately, followed by chest exploded is golden "integrator" power, while Stone declared the attack all the way climb, when Devourer started,Air Jordan 3 UK, his attack on the original 350,000 points raised to 900,000 points, when integrator is turned on, attack power is all the way jump to 950,000 points, again is the right hand on the white "creation by "power is turned on, attack broken into 500,000 tender laugh, this time Stone declared, they have that can be called" God Emperor "power, because to capture this golden God Emperor of the highest attack power that is 50 million points, solid and Stone declared only opened a "swallow", "integration" and "create Naw,air jordan sale," the power of three, his attack power raised to the same level and the number of gold God Emperor height, and then waved the void, breath played one hundred eighty two of boxing. twelve hundred and eighty fist force of this accumulation, forming an extremely terrible explosion whirlwind, God Emperor gold cross just over the Shura ax swing just a glue that terrible pole burst sticky storm was heavily immediately bounce. Aubard shocked while marching pace Qijin Stone declared already, hit the left hand, there is no fancy beat, Pixiang Aubard-faced. straightforward one strike has forced just collapse, officials opened the golden ax Shura God Emperor gasped. Stone declared powerful and resilience of the strong, is still far in the Gold God Emperor Aubard above his estimate.! ~! .. < ;

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