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25.05.2013 11:10
not She did not run away antworten

> Ghost screaming crazy, Zhuangruo madness, suddenly "only" to cry, completely engulfed by the soul stone declared J &qu;, become a J 'Stone declared a part of the soul,Oakley Fast Jacket, when the soul into this virtual shadow Stone declared souls, suddenly rising from J &qu; an unspeakable Ming Wu, figure, such as electricity, suddenly hanging tribute Chongxiao the sky, hit J 'up. wWW! Quanben! CoM "This kid, you think you're in a bigger voice can be spared a life? Mahakala I want you to die three shifts, you will definitely survive before dawn days - &qu; six hands big black kings, stay put, one hundred meters suddenly slightly curved body, the hands on the right side of that sword embedded inlaid diamond has been lifted, and then volley Zhanla, brought up J 'terrible incomparable "l Lin Wei "sound, heavily toward Chongxiao and _ BU's Stone declared head Zhanxia Stone declared absorb f ghost" Stone declared "after, just to feel my body, the power of the emperor circulation wishful, everything that represents the energy is such as bamboo, to close put the mountain heart,Oakley Sunglasses UK, left hand over the pages of a prop,Nike Jordan 5 Shoes, chaotic clock suddenly fly out, manifest enormous, heavily towards this one hundred meters of the true body of people throwing black days to go, the right hand of the creature Broken Sword a clip thrown, "only" slamming , Broken Sword of good fortune for a touch of meadowfoam fly. Menheng Ariel black people, for the chaotic clock he did not look in the eyes, but just eat the loss of this good fortune Broken Sword, Broken Sword is now once again seeing good fortune flying, the idea is not the effect, busy Conspire, which holds the handle Big Bone knocked down, facing a heavy blow Broken Sword fortune since bone hit fortune Broken Sword, issued a "strategic Crash," Cui Xiang, this good fortune Broken Sword actually held his huge bones burst open, so that it had to spend as much in the hands of busy skull rosary beads skull manifest, sudden contraction, representing "r the good fortune to live off the state rural Hush, two arms suddenly all fixed In J &qu; void, good luck Naruto Broken Sword constantly moving shocks, while the skull rosary was tightly bound to live the good fortune Broken Sword, its tightly fixed in J 'tiger air. Seeing skull rosary horde J' fortune off sword, this big black king heard shock drink, raised his arm only a few, the '1, King held the left to start the noose thrown far cry slips toward the stone when thrown, which is left in the hands of the Trident heavily toward the Stone declared fork to the right start clutching giant bones are heavy percussion chaotic clock. "Om" sounds, it will immediately fly over excited Chaos bell burst open. fortune Broken Sword is horde, chaotic clock collapse, officials eat while Diamond ropes and Trident are divided to two shot, forcing Stone declared had to retire, the mind, but it is a sky full of chaos ": lI scene. Just a moment, Stone declared to the extreme mood swings after even he does not know what happened, suddenly it will ghost "Stone declared" Cannian absorb integration into their souls. Followed, it was 11 in case of r-random flashing, suddenly saw a J 'up to meters of the battle between giants, Huer saw J' a long with a woman over the head of the body length is too few meters of incomparable giant dragon, the dragon behind, with long} eighteen dragon wings, dragon wings which an eight count them open, simply obscured the view of the universe-like shape. Suddenly, Stone declared in this chaotic phase being seen J 'an enormous golden blossoms shot lofty ★ shaped pattern rising I (lJ-up at this ★ shaped pattern among a figure was "human" shape Zhang open hands arms, his body followed ★ shaped pattern behind this growth together, and soon more than meters. then play double bamboo, bear behind this type of gold patterns ★ flying, immediately re-printed in the long-behaved tens of thousands of meters long with a woman Month [ii bags behind the hit 1J Ding eighteen wings of a dragon on dragon rabbit hindquarters, again is unspeakably horrible extremely loud, what special training this industry 2 " Stone declared feeling a splitting headache, children should be split almost the entire head, big diamond black man and two Tridents flying ropes, he not even resist do not know, just holding his head, crazy roar, covered _1 few plants, energy fluctuations are not body! discuss the strong weak, the state is extremely unstable. "This kid crazy family do?" human foot black day} tears to see their trident fork would be ripped Stone declared dead, but look Stone declared demeanor, is very dissatisfied, he hoped that in the wake of the clear conditions F Dan Xuanqing be slowly tortured to death,} (lJ 'not in his state of madness to destroy him. Seeing Stone declared on Trident to be ripped body, then the power of this man black king can instantly fire destroyed his body, but in this hope, the distant suddenly sounded a crisp female households Jiaochi screams. called Stone declared the girl, who had just surprised that once and unlimited Wang Linyao born of the same mother's twin sister, had declared her to throw a stone r-meters away, blocking his big black days, that is, to her escape, but do not She did not run away, but turned around and ran over to see the stone declared the situation immediately after the issue of the cries, the same time his hands a sec, from the girl's eyebrows, the suddenly emerge root access a virtual black chain shadow, which exudes soul ghost chains breath, heavy household headlong into what Stone declared within the body. moment, the soul will be girls and Stone declared chains body together through links in this chain once the soul heavy headlong into the soul above gung declared immediately, especially if acupuncture in general, the soul buckle i like gunpowder, and now they ignite J &qu;, bursts out of the crazy force which forces the soul everywhere, all along, stone Vision, have not summoned up the call of the beast "four pterosaur god" "rice bird beast" and the book 1J have Lili soul "Golden Fire Dragon Beast" number is actually three soul patrol vitro fly. trio summon soul and the soul of Stone declared fly out together while!, Diao, Stone declared the body was heavy bombers in the trident, and instantly the immense power of being terrible was twisted eat ashes fireworks disappear in the J 'air. Stone Xuan's body broken fire, but the soul is accompanied Stone declared three summon souls fly out together, all four of the soul at the moment is this girl's soul chain runs through the role in this chain of divination, Stone declared the soul, Hebei Dragon's soul, not the soul of the beast and bird Lili's soul actually generated from the mutation, began a fusion of this fusion of soul, the soul of the date of the beast in this sector, has also been cast stone declared before, but It was a pure soul of the world, solid and Stone declared cast "beast God fit" can be conducted after the integration of the soul, but less l back to J &qu; the real world, the stone can only be declared normal somatic beast God fit, fit and pure soul, but it is unable to achieve the moment in this woman can not think under the power of the soul, the soul and Stone declared summon the soul of this trio, he began a fusion, and then ... ... incredible variation begins.! ~! .. <

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