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> Stone declared glanced at him, shook his head, Diao 'sighed and said: "Simply put it, where we are now assuming this} boundary move, that is the mirror of the world, then it should be is illusory Il sector But ...... now in this unreal a boundary move in us, but it is what ... "he spoke while raised his hands mirror J &qu; - according to the candle shade, candle shade thrown in this mirror saw his face, and finally he fell air suction the mouth, cried aloud: "I understand J '. WWw.QUAnbEN.COm" child-bit Shemale thoroughly understand the moment all over, felt the hairs stand on end, and even hair However, bone scared. Yes, if there really is a mirror shine out of the world, then they are here, it is not representative is also a mirror shine out of the shadow, even they are unreal, illusory them in this fantasy world, the solid while plant them, now the world Diao 'is true, this is a relative world. Stone declared in the hands of the mirror polishing J 'out, this little mirror dagger fell to suck f slamming into J' surge clouds disappeared, four Simon and Hades eyes fell on this earth, and Stone declared face, the same becomes extremely heavy, slowly: "Mirror households in the world, the world outside mirrors, unreal, real ...... The problem now is that we do not know which is the mirror of the world, Which is the mirror to move outside the boundaries}, and even jade coins, we do not stretch our spy now, whether or real existence. 'child-god king listened hair bone surprise then, grew more and more strange, and sometimes each other looked at each other, for fear the other side suddenly "suck" sound to a group of clouds disappear J '. Huddersfield thought F before: "Stone declared, then how do we do now? &qu; all other four Simon also immediately look to the Stone declared, suddenly, they have lost proposition, and now all hope on Stone declared. Stone declared in fact just the theory does make them scared to, unconsciously felt somewhat enigmatic Stone declared a sense, the fate of the Greek club's son, indeed some doorways. Shemale heart could not help myself here bit. Stone declared slowly: "I have come out of this conclusion is the base of several hills d J Gang l] infinite Wang Linyao sudden disappearance of Zeus and Hades said mentioned Pantheon is a mirror world of reasoning out, the real or not, I can not entirely sure, but it is on the lam Yao suddenly disappeared the only reasonable explanation. "because they are Gods, but no creatures can before they disappear so thoroughly, so that They point that the message is not captured. "No matter where we moved to this community is a mirror or a mirror outside, but also whether we are real or illusory, our eyes can do is continue Bu Bu break to go." Stone declared paused Diao 'said: " Now we have the equivalent trapped in pieces on the board, the board in this soil, we, the pieces, and only in accordance with the rules of this board finish this move, Diao one knows the outcome or not. "Hades nod said: "I understand J '. braggadocio said:" So, we do not have to think twice, and on vigorous trouble him in a bar, even if there really enough in the mirror of the world, we have to break the mirror while leaving here. "Outstretched hand, edged wooden stick in his hands, which crutches, exudes natural feel inexplicable throbbing atmosphere, it seems this cane, absolutely different from an ordinary artifact. Decided after this Several Gods series will no longer hesitated, but in this fifth seat shrine down a layer of spent years looking for the entrance, the same! day a braggadocio already in Sichuan soul through a {11 Liu's wife, taking into account his return, since we know that there may be a mirror of the world, then forced to catch the holy queen, that is senseless act. did not want this link, braggadocio Diao 'taken aback, he even lost generations and the phase Liu J 'Contact for J gas called his soul l calls, Lee] Liu's this "demon on" the length does not respond. "Liu's and Lee I lost contact. "Braggadocio stopped, Chen Sheng said, his face is very ugly. Simon also eat other three J 'surprise, they have a soul among these Shemale induction, and now suddenly lost contact with Liu's only one possible, that is out of phase Liu's J 'accident. "I went to him. "Candle shade immediately cried. Braggadocio glared at him, Chen Sheng said:" must not act rashly, as opposed Liu's strength, not beneath us, just our way down, in addition to J 'Queen of the Holy addition, No other strongman competitors ...... "slightly pondered a lot, slowly:" Maybe something like the Greek China's J &qu; - said, here is a false world, we must no longer separated,Nike Jordan 5 Sale, lest by each, li-break, now find a site it is important to leave here the way! Big one for our primary purpose, or to help the families hope to get four of the force, it relates to the survival of all our Yaozu. "Other children are bit Simon nodded, patted the corpse candle Yin Jun Nguyen bottom arm and said:" Cold Pak points, braggadocio right, now the most important thing is opened here to find Wade King, to help Greece China's son wins to four sons of the force, with Liu's whatever the outcome is the same level and the number of our existence, unless it is up too much of the ancestors, the other quasi-energy depriving him? Not Chuan worry, go. "Candle shade heard here, can not help but nod, no longer speak. From" unlimited Dian "to open a channel to the next level, Stone declared, Hades, and his party of six people braggadocio God King level exists, then time into the sixth floor of the world, this sixth floor of the world, but rather of the previous five different world, which is a water world. eyes have seen people who are not endless land, but a foreigner Hai Ting In this irI a foreigner into the sea, a block floating islands, each one island or twenty-three have a size ranging from temples, so densely dotted throughout Ting Yang above the sea,Oakley Sunglasses Lifestyle Cheap, while the in this way to make the distant sea, most people also have an island, and a towering congregation on the island like a magnificent temple Babel is no doubt that this magnificent temple, is the master of the sixth layer}: persons ") L column seven Temple". "do not know if this will be the sixth floor which king? "Extravagant than factory 'staring at the distant sky tall temple, could not help but cast the soul far out,Air Jordan Spizike Sale, failed to catch anything.! ~! .. <

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