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25.05.2013 11:02
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> This is a Protoss, it is "Thunder God" commanded by Indra "Vedic Protoss." Originally,Cheap Oakley Squared, Vedic Protoss, in addition to the legendary '1, outside of the three supreme deity, and another ten reach J &qu; "god king" realm of man and God, but one of the "Aeolus" Cutting Mountains, "Water God" Varuna and the "Vulcan" A Puni already dead in J 'day Yu Lin Olympus gods and battles among the pantheon, and now I Bu "god king" class barking I da man and God, with _ Bu "Thunder God" Indra, also only a total of seven. Small, and now a group of people led by Indra god Indra ARMED outside, still there are ten. Among these ten thunder God "! Large a Gandhara, soma," too I the 2nd Olympus Protoss in God, "which is the original Vedic Protoss seven ten people in the rest of the seven gods, It "" life master "Towards leaf wave," Ganesha "health Nysa," death "l Strathmore," Bacchus "," Su Liye "God of Wealth" Ju Biro, and another two goddesses was surprised that the original Yu Lin days "Hera and" Eros "Aphrodite weapons. In addition to these nine reaches Factory "God King" Realm of the Great God, there is a figure, figure this road was wrapped in black robes, appears to be very small, not even rice to even real ll 'head just could not to, but it looks like a child, like the diminutive figure of r, which comes out of breath} a sub terrible,Satchels Coach Sale, even! A few, some evil, and actions Bu share blame, just because it is not in the running, but as in peristalsis. Accounted strange indescribable feeling, and even the other! Normalized Da Man and God saw this little figure are some faint sense of fear, only the "Thunder God" Indra, but watching the black figure, constant smile, smile,} a sub pride. Indra had to address this all over the region king "Indra", right here is naturally very familiar, with child-bit man and God, all the way in-depth, met the Army of God, even a live, immediate pain Bu killer, then dug from the eyebrows were Senger day, and then throw that little cover in black robes in the short existence. This little thing is wrapped in robes, with the constant absorption to ll: Commission divine godhead, even in the body gradually grow taller, just enter the Pantheon, its body up to two feet, and now, but gradually grow up to twelve feet or so, already have a meter, and its black robes that comes out of the terrible and evil atmosphere, more and more people dread, and even J Tun other Vedic Gods, are tempted avoid the open to go. Indra looked at the little black figure, eyes are satisfied with the look of the Pan-fired, muttering: "skittle king ...... you are all 'it' nutrients, hey ...... hey ...... god king, is the best nutrients ...... "Mimi inlay attached supreme king and relative number of Fan Liu's battle with Liu's fancy seeing his own Achilles heel, and constantly attack Shi Lin, the supreme king of anger and hate, and could not help felt regret, should not succeed. "These things should let the king and supreme king of all gods worry about them going at me? Multi-tube light readings this time really stir up trouble came, this guy should be on what the Pantheon conspiracy, but even the Pantheon What little nothing, as long as I am able achievement 'up too much of the ancestors',Oakleys Sunglasses Cheap, even the whole six of the country to be in the front of my bow, Who cares what they have conspiracy. "supreme insult after secretly shoots soil has lost its morale, immediately impeach hand, will handle only sixteen days to manifest one hundred meters Crystal Sword huge hit and then diffuse air, flying with Liu's crazy, and immediately, enhance the power several times, while he himself has a mortal with Shi Lin flash, far Tuikai kilometer away, toward the other side of the sub while flying away. Obviously, the supreme king is no longer willing to Liu's wrapped around and the phase correction, he preoccupied with returning to their place to find good fortune pool, and then form his own "too share of the ancestors," other books at the moment his eyes all is loitering trivia, simply unwilling to multi-tube, or even know that it might even threaten the Pantheon. "There is a God King and High King in which 'l &qu; guy toss not see what tricks, no matter, or my own thing more important ones." Supreme king to think clearly, immediately no longer ignore phase Liu's son or SIWARD Stone declared such a thing, but with Shi Lin, flying away towards the other side. Has been hidden in the dark of the "days of the Royal Protoss" "Moon Reading King", was also busy to bring the three days of the Royal Protoss God quietly tracking up. The supreme king but did not think the range of the Pantheon, but there are still other forces dare themselves, solid and did not notice whether there are other behind their own "god king" with Liu's also never imagined the dignified "skittle king" under one supreme, even then fled without a fight, in fact, really on both sides, with Liu's also did not win a full grasp can this "supreme price sigh solid earth while J Extreme L fled without a fight a few felt a hint surprised Italy. "Strange, this guy's strength is not inferior to me, how would suddenly fled its nine Feng 1: King? Not ...... seems to be because the human woman? "Liu's phase pondered, could not help but have 'some strange woman's identity that humans, even worthy of supreme king did this for her sake. Relative Liu's slightly pondered would not understand, and then turn down to close Xinhua an ordinary appearance, while chasing the original direction of Stone declared his entourage away, while at the moment Stone declared, Hades, braggadocio, candle shade, etc. have been down humanely, with lightning speed quickly ran to the road to make way in which humanity stands a positive way to make up to one meter} Temple, which temple on top, hit a three star type lJ logo is on behalf of its owner in the Temple among the pantheon of the Army of God, "one hundred priests." the identity capable of "one hundred priests', its strength, or at least more than" god "History strongman" on God. "realm. moment this shrine outside and, being guarded four ordinary" to God "class God Army, only to feel front of a flower, awaiting rebuke, candle shade and a mouth call to blow this four ordinary Army of God is an indescribable feeling only cold cold wind blowing, and then could not send voice, hear no to any sound, like hands Diao 'find themselves J &qu; - has lost stiff action can record, and then another and then you see them constantly even weathered body together with the "rustling" sound, the body actually In this in a little bit of wind disappeared into J 'fly ash, with the breeze dies. unspeakably strange and terror engulfed f their feelings, only watched himself and his companions were together gradually disappeared in the air , Shape and Spirit fire, even life-branding will not leave.! ~! .. <

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