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25.05.2013 10:55
not imagine that phase exists antworten

> Whether gods of Olympus, Vedic pantheon orthodox God or gods, now have become a force under the chicken watt Heaven dog, all vulnerable. WWw. qUanBen. COm even reached the "divine king" realm of existence, in which the power of Destroyer, the only escape curtain envy. Stone declared at the moment has been plunged into complete madness among only the emptiness Tan Dawa danced the dance of their own, and he was in the form in which it gradually changing from dance, the body is growing, getting more than one thousand m, while the Japanese. Sprouted three heads, was left with anger, the right is the mercy of the phase, the middle is no sorrow without joy gesture, in addition they give birth to six extra arms, a total of eight arms, the arms of a mother are gradually condensed showing an artifact, a real fire destroyed the god Shiva, is about the dance in which Tan Dawa, the real world comes resurrection. And now, the gods have been able to escape to escape, can not escape the gods,OP Art Coach Online, has been almost destroyed in this month dance among the ashes bite off. Pantheon Pantheon thousands of seats, in which the power of the fire destroyed almost all been destroyed among children, even those skittle king nine highest temple, is no exception. Shake heaven and earth, suddenly, this whole piece between heaven and earth, especially if only one person I Bushi Xuan solo, surrounded by a tripartite gods, now have the ability to escape all spared clean, but can not afford the gods, and closed two have been in this destruction King died on the spot among the force. Hundreds of thousands died on the spot of the gods, resulting in the destruction of the power to make real "destroy the god of fire," "Vedic Protoss" flower of one supreme deity Shiva bit about the real world completely resurrected a few. At the will of God Shiva who is about real awakening when, suddenly, in this pantheon vanity top, cracked an incomparable giant black cracks. This crack length exceeds ten thousand meters, especially if the void which was suddenly torn off. Meters of black cracks opened up, which tumbled out of nowhere a man was equally beyond imagination with this case on this ball black crack, even combined and became one eye. Meters of total length exceeds Void eye. Among the eyes, the eyes turn, suddenly locked crazy Tan Dawa being danced the dance of Shiva completely forthcoming. "Shiva ...... Now is not the moment ...... you ...... appears to go back ...... continue to sleep fast it &m; # 8226;, &m; # 8226; ..." vanity top, a nothingness hung in the balance voice rang slowly in shock over the sound, but also to stay here all the gods of the gods which have not yet died out, after listening to this last sentence after eating instant soul soul scattered and disappeared in the universe. This is the taboo of the sound, not have to have information that they can withstand listen, and hear the sound of solid existence, even to God, but also fly ash fireworks. This is going to sound the same on the original real awakening for one of Shiva's body stiff, Tan Dawa Dance abrupt halt. This dance a stop, the Void Bu, there is one thing down, just fell on Shiva's long and pointed. This is a small flag coil, three feet long, however, showed a red golden pieces of cloth, a rather embroidered with a 'shining piece of pure gold ★ shaped pattern, while the other has three floating suddenly pitched forward, it is " gods pieces "three accounted for body text. Just stopped Tan Dawa dance of Shiva is that "gods pieces" fell on his head, and immediately the body of a plant, up to one thousand meters God footer, could not withstand even this small but one meter of the "gods parcels "One down, and immediately started from three head, then an explosion of an open, a discussion between the diffuse air shower of blood, in particular if the continuous fountain &m; # 8226; stocks fire in jet, a god Pak m footer, even complete collapse this open, the whole pantheon of the world, have been put on a shower of blood covered with a layer of meat crumbs. When Shiva up to a kilometer after the collapse of the flesh thoroughly, among piles of flesh Unqualified, slowly climbed out of a ** figure, this figure is impressively Stone declared. I saw Stone declared covered in blood, his face confused at the moment is hard from Rendui blood. Among the meat out to climb out, the same time the rise, he finally saw land this emptiness opened up to meters of the eyes, could not help but gasped, shocked speechless. Shiva crack in the flesh, the void, nothingness hung in the balance that voice again (all the way to see the novel network, mobile station) once rang: "The next ...... give them ...... remember ...... inviolable ... ... Heaven ...... Italian ...... Chi ...... "And then, on top of which up to ten thousand meters altitude eyes closed once again getting together, and then completely disappeared in the void above, someone can not imagine a great man and presence of greatness is, again, a Chenmian. It sounds nothing hung in the balance, but listen to the ears of the Stone declared,Oakley Fast Jacket Sale, made his heart beat like a drum, children almost can not keep mind, this terrible feeling that he could not help but think of the universe was in rather seen among fugue quadratic who "founding family" mysterious presence of woman, that woman also has just one sentence can almost destroy the power of the soul of the other person, and now, again, Stone declared finally met a worthy match can not imagine that phase exists. Eyes closed upon emptiness disappears,Outlet Oakley Scalpel, while a distant horizon, while the number of voice sounded respectful Response: Yes, everything is intended to keep the tree velvet Meng dirt, escort 'godhead'! Then, can not you see from afar Vision horizon, the flicker out of the four spots, can not describe its speed, when Dan Xuangang just that the floor of the meat being stood up, this figure has four fell Park flutter his while the former, four eyes, watching together to Stone declared him. "Lin Yao? Wade sit?" Stone declared could not help but exclaim aloud in his eyes, both pan-fired tremendous joy and tremendous shock to the extreme look. This figure suddenly appeared among the four, one of them, even that is an absence of nearly a year of Lin Yao, as well as a figure, is a long and Stone declared exactly the same with the other one, "Stone declared," that is pantheon "skittle King" one of the "Weed King." Seen a year now by Chuan Lin Yao temperament demeanor changed, but it was more cold, icy among the more noble and an indescribable sense of terrible majesty, this is a superior host's posture . Lin Yao dressed in luxurious white robe around his waist with luxurious blue cord, between the eyebrows being covered with a blue gem, gems, from time to time there is a small blue-colored lightning from beating, and her left palm in, but not when there is "unlimited" word surfaced, seems to have some sort of on behalf of her own incredible force. Weed them still wearing the king's robes wide, even half are bare chest out, eyebrows shot into the pan with the green "share" type pattern, chest of golden "share" type pattern, palm hearts it is white "account" type pattern, n represents the green "if swallowed," golden "integrator" and white "creator" of the force. Stone declared and Wade king, this one original and copy version, and finally meet again! ~! . . <

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