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25.05.2013 10:49
Ares and Aphrodite Wu with} antworten

> 1253rd Zhang arrived Olympus "Of course famous, simply names beginning tripod, devil among seven people, I have heard rumors about him the most, as if his name was originally very representing the old one called Mesopotamia Damien shun family 'God' River of the word, another is still there Finichi Sacred Family 'Ra' means, this guy once, but two races of God, but it seems Later in the southern tribe puts welcome it as the devil to ritual, since then he called his order 'dung hill king', I think, this time, he would fall into the devil mountain gods, his famous address image of the bull and flies, it is also known as the king of flies, as if he is not just the seven deadly sins in the division "into a woman meal 'magic soil, or hell prime minister, of course, there is the Devil in his legendary emperors, in devil among seven people, his name first, only the mysterious Lucifer under short this Beelzebub too famous,! Large} is known he was originally a god, and later became the only drop the magic I:, and the legend, he Zhang matchless,Oakley Sunglasses Store, no god can beat him. wWW! Quanben! CoM "pterosaur God finished his breath Off" of the devil Beelzebub know the message of Stone declared heard this power, could not help a slight nod. Aphrodite. E and Ares hear this "Beelzebub," the name of the head, could not help but face discoloration, they Yu Lin Olympus God dominate "Heaven" Zeus,Coach Classic Bags, the only failure life is lost in the Beelzebub men, solid and then there are legends that Zeus is "taboo flies by," which flies refers Beelzebub, and this book, but also the hearts of all the gods of Olympus pain. Although the blade! Mars and Venus both Aberdeen f "a twelve columns God" exists, but the request Beelzebub still dare let them abandon Stone declared, only this can already be seen in his powerful, they can overcome alone. " Ares "Ares" Eros "Aphrodite weapons. Not in the eyes of the belly, at least, he is confident though shocked Beelzebub's name first, but Aphrodite Wu still react quickly, rebuke and said: "Beelzebub, you're too self-man, you think you Is Lucifer do? do not forget, we are here to have three 'king' presence Ares has already started holding his own god spear, covered, the power of the Pentium Ares is not the body, while standing on the side of the stone Xuanan Jing , the whole body up and down, chaotic energy of wind around, quietly set in this space-time chaotic stream.'m so into spatiotemporal chaos Po: naturally has reached the strongest of the "king" of the existence, or even "to God "entered here, only ashes Ashes to Ashes end. erratic blanket of darkness silence up, yes,Satchels Coach Cheap, after Aphrodite Wu reminder," he "was aware that he will have to face, not just two king-level presence of God, but three, although this last one is just a young man, but be able to enter this space turbulence, it has represented his power and only real "King" realm of power and to be able to enter here, walk through time and space from flying between turbulence To single-handedly, challenged three soil, even if it is legend among even the Emperor nor the enemy Beelzebub, also had to silence together. slightly pondered later, the name has numerous "fly king" Beelzebub, ultimately unwilling to let go, laden with a sudden rise of the ghastly Li Xiao, Shi Xuan, Aphrodite and Ares immediately felt four weeks Wu Mist gush swallow day, black fog enveloped the twinkling of an eye lived four and make their eyes a dark, in the darkness suddenly fell into the trap of being swallowed. Beelzebub shot, Arie salary B voice shouts will be in the hands of Ares Spear throwing out the same time a towering left shoulder, he has been stuck in Hell will be the eagle on the left shoulder slamming vibration fan gung eat. eagle, can be Ares with stone entered! temporal turbulence but no loss of ants, Stone declared once noticed, guessing the eagle, not where the goods Sure enough, at the moment I saw the eagle Ares received the instruction, a pair of jet-black wings unfold, moment manifest great no Peng, wings immediately "quack" uttered crowing, an exhibition, more than one hundred meters, opened his mouth to sharp, long a smoke, the sky around the blanket of darkness "only" sound even by its sucked dry} two net net. the same time, the God Ares has thrown spear to J 'Tiger empty to make way. Aphrodite. amyl silent, summoning a giant goddess of war fell, while the legend Among overcome a J &qu; "days of hell prime minister, Aphrodite ring a shot is best to pay. Bellona one coming, and instantly manifest twelve meters giant, brandishing swords, but also make every effort to make way towards turbulence turbulence best way to impeach, sounded extremely frightening Bao Xiang, Ares and Aphrodite Wu with} lJ 'slightly Menheng, covered with shock, could not help Dietui out, time} Division, Stone declared automatically behind the ghost suddenly appeared, carrying a fortune debris suddenly waved. Menheng by this turbulence best way rang, then a silence. Ares eyes slightly with shock tolerance, see J 'Stone declared one. Stone declared behind the ghost is gone J '. "Walk a J '." Aphrodite, Shu observed J' for a while, yes, said: "This Beelzebub leave J '. Enliaoyisheng Stone declared, but in my mind Asking ghost:" The You then shot, good luck debris under a strike, as supreme king like the first time I went to Yu Lin want to Olympus? "Just ghost suddenly, Beelzebub was also under the effect of the plot, and suddenly realize that the inability to an enemy three, this retreat, never more than a waste of time, this is really strong means. Built scared ghost suddenly shot tart bit Beelzebub, the intention is clear, is not to let other West said J 'scrambling to Stone declared to Yu Lin Olympus, solid and, Stone declared felt a glimmer of surprise, which is, for the purposes of virtual shadow, it is anomalous. "Because ...... I feel ...... must go Olympus ...... very familiar ...... where there seems to be what I am ...... waiting ......" ghost intermittent, faint sigh Stone declared nodded, did not say anything J '. "Let's go" Since the inferno devil Beelzebub left, Stone declared, Aphrodite and Ares Wu will continue along this space turbulence continued on our way this time, all the way}. no lazy occurs outside their speed has reached a J 'extremely alarming realm, has been unable to use words to describe in this space turbulence among the people about the experience of nearly one day Fleet of Foot, Finally, holding the god Ares spear a draw, then a stride, the first one to leave J 'space turbulence. "to J &qu;, into our living Protoss Olympus Olympus mountain of Yu Lin. "Aphrodite Ring finally relaxed demeanor down, followed by Ares leave space turbulence, ten days to hurry attached turbulence in space, even God, Wang Qiang, who also feel tired it.! ~! .. <

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