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25.05.2013 10:46
sound of the giant tremendous antworten

> Stone declared remembered in this sec-hand-dark dark world, all creatures into force all but disappeared, stuck in here, not retreat, here, is indeed the world's most dreaded prison. WWw.qUANbEn.CoM Stone declared, Aphrodite type, and these seven Dragon Dragon, all stuck in this dark world, where floating, covered with de-force, from time to time that the drum Chen sighed, prisoners cattle the occasional issue as a bull-like tweets, as cunning who cries when I wish not curse supreme king. Stone declared has been silent, while Aphrodite weapons but in this seven sets of the dragon family, then talk to children occasionally sentence, much to the goddess Aphrodite, this dark world, and sometimes it would not lonely. Stay here, no day without night, Stone declared finally closed his eyes, and gradually into a meditative state slumbered into such a state that they will not feel hungry, it will not need daily food supplements, Of course, some gods occasionally dine, but that is more of a joy, but unlike ordinary human nutrition is a must. In such a state, I do not know how long,Nike Jordan Spizike Shoes, suddenly, a cry sounded far Nuxiao, which will anger howling meditation '1, the Stone declared awakened plant over. These days households have been floating in this dark void, nothing things, he can only go to meditation, sentiment own "chaotic domain", hoping to help a bit, as that ghost "Stone declared" that has not been awake, Stone declared twice tried to communicate, but not the slightest response. Stone declared Twinflag like state by this Nuxiao awakened, this dark space, and that seven Dragon has almost the same time called J 'up: "Father Long? Sound there is joy has surprised, then that cunning wish and could not help but cried: "Father Dragon -" but they weakly, although doing the effort, but it is not open to the voice transmission, and this dark space distance exports do not know how many ten thousand meters high, can not spread slightest message out. above this endless darkness, vaguely sounded Nuxiao, closely followed by the sound of I is a lengli rang: "supreme king, how do you explain this atmosphere? Did my investigation, you seclusion this place, from that demon god ruins recently, where one can not escape your eyes and ears cut off, and my seven children suddenly disappeared, and I'm still here too felt a hint of flavor retention, , my seven children, you must come over here, you know you excuse that? &qu; This sends Li He's angry, surprised that Pantheon "skittle king," one of benevolence should be king, and that is the first of the five Dragon Dragon ancestor ancestor, the history of the "Dragon", "Dragon" two family ancestors ,Oakley Polarized clearance, Vaillant's strong, can not imagine it as the first ancestor of Wulong, has represented his supremacy, legend, he is who takes up too era of "too much room grandmother dragon," the eldest son, and the dragon ancestor , is the second child. Seven Dragon suddenly disappeared in the ruins of the demon god, Huanglong anxious under the dragon arrived with a group of demon god the place where the original site, carefully close look, and finally to the "supreme king" Qianxiu land, Huanglong able to feel that their seven children last remaining bit flavor of the place, the king in the royal world of this crystal Qianxiu. "Pantheon" rule OK "skittle King '", not all of the king stayed in "Pantheon", where the royal king preoccupied with practice, increase their strength, find a dragon more in this particular one up too much of the ancestral legacy filled J 'aura precinct, it has been in practice here, and he is also known as solid-J &qu; "closest ancestor up too much," the king of the Pantheon. Responsible drinking Huanglong angry face, I do not know how to respond to the Supreme King, not because of its sound, solid dark world in which he declared stone deaf, which is almost seven Dragon l screamed in Fengliaoyiban I just want to arouse the attention of the Fang Huanglong, but the distance is too far, they force a loss, root wood can not convey the sound out, this feeling, indescribable, almost to them crazy. Stone declared in the ears to listen, do not feel down how much excitement, according to what they said, there really is too grave accounted for, except for J &qu; "up too much of the ancestors", the other into the presence of the Ministry here will lose power, forever trapped, then even Huanglong found to J 'they can not want to save, will make another strong Huanglong, it is impossible to achieve the "up too much of the ancestors" realm. In the seven Dragon roar, the sudden darkness above, once again sounded the Dragon Li Xiao, then that is extremely frightening sound of the explosion, the two sides continued moving from the balcony almost hands, followed by the king is the supreme The Oh! Oh man laughter, shock endlessly. Various terrible sound, sustained heard, seven Dragon also a Buzi An Park down, is now able to hear the sound of the giant tremendous explosion. Such explosions lasted a long time, which often mixed with Huanglong Nuxiao and supreme king aloud, listening to these two different sounds, it seems that both sides can be seen faintly situation. About ten minutes later, an explosion suddenly stopped, then! Sounded J 'supreme king of laughter: "benevolence should:, anger far sent today Zhefan learn in terms of the king, benefited." Bang followed Huanglong Nuxiao resentment, anger whistling this long without a break , getting lower and lower, and finally completely disappeared, then, is a silence, it seems that Jen should Wanghuang Long gone. "Damn -" seven Dragon could not help but curse heard, but their only hope China, whose father had left Huanglong J &qu;, no longer hear his voice. Stone declared see this episode storm stop there J &qu;, will continue to shut his eyes, and continued his meditation practice. Olympus god Eros Aphrodite Rong and, like him, know that in this case, the only thought is to practice, in order to be able to trigger a miracle, if it is like this seven Dragon like this despair, I'm afraid that too without J 'long, they must first be such a sense of despair. ! Inch defeat, into madness and into self-destruction. Into this dark world of wonder alternating sun and the moon, Stone declared practicing all day, feeling the chaos crystal, experience of the "beast God Mars," the esoteric, comprehend capture the "chaotic domain": in this world of silence and darkness, stone Vision actually found very appropriate practice. Perhaps it is because the idea of ​​the other dead, but in practice it can be focused exclusively. Wu also like Aphrodite, she was practicing some Japanese families from time to time, and then call that huge bellona come. This comes after the same female Ares lose strength, only floating in the darkness,Air Jordan 11 UK, but Aphrodite Wu was feeling very happy because she found herself summoned the goddess of war increasingly powerful.! ~! . . <

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