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25.05.2013 10:17
and angry to kill himself antworten

> "Well -" demon army being, there is a sound angry, followed by provincial fog demon torn open, the number} up to one meter monster demon mist from being off the "Come, mortal flash on to dominate the game was born with dense black hair animal claws, straight to dominate the game captured. wWw, quaNBen, COm a huge front of people, a "damned -" dominate the game Angry Li Xiao, Hui Zhang anti, l a. "bang" a loud noise, which covered dense black hair animal claws and a well-matched fight to dominate the game, the game dominated by injuries of the body, under a spell, could not help but spit blood, only to feel my body, pain to the extreme. Void demon fog cracks among a number I pick one up to one meter tyrannical monster comes, every strength, are no less than the presence of the Lord God series. Stone declared within sight, secretly surprised when suddenly in these giant monster after incomparable, but drop a figure which figure shape and humans in general, but hidden magical powers seem stronger than tens of meters high monster afraid, I saw his eyebrows among the engraved Saint-shaped pattern with strange, forehead on both sides, but also the growth of two demons of the bending angle thin, dressed in robes, behind another few demon army escort, at the moment that the man fell down, and walked straight up then straight guard " demon god palace "" Heaven demon clan, "the old monster front line of a ceremony respectfully even between each other, followed by the children seem to talk sentence, and then proceeded to the Stone declared. Stone declared and the mountains of the wind mutual clenched hands, just around the demon army and orthodox god attack each other,Oakley Squared Sunglasses, but not the demon army to attack him, but he did not sell the same, when it has a strange name eyebrows among the holy men, accompanied by the TV drama based imprint old monster while ago I went to his discussion, which played the "holy men actually very type mark of respect, a slight bend j straight:" I am Beastkin 'Kunlun City' is Mitau, on behalf of the Beastkin 'Kunlun Town', welcomed son of Hope drop 11 Extension,, Stone declared hesitated, while the old monster's face has been exposed J 'smile at him. Stone declared victory over the evil demon god of the ancestors of the body,UK Nike Air Jordan, yielding imperial crown, in the minds of all the demon has become a real "Hope's son." immediate Mitau identity among the Beastkin extremely high, but at the moment while Stone declared, also respectfully, it is regarded him as a real hope for the son, the future hope China. Beastkin among a tyrannical incomparable Beastkin pick a strong come if the game dominated by three one meter up to several} Wicked siege, and soon leaves injured by blood tied together on the ground and lost consciousness of Lemuel Aphrodite Wudu have been forcibly attached to these Beastkin Busch J 'numerous seal catch J' up the rest of the orthodox God, give all be killed. Stone declared, Sichuan In Gao Yao Mei Feng, Tian Yao Zu old monster, demon clan elders, accompanied by the demon army in countless J) II under the protection of the mighty, and left this piece of dilapidated space, go to the "demons of the country "Medium" Beastkin "gathering place" Kunlun town. "Third Army chief Fall of Caesar Reese, Third Army's ten thousand orthodox god, casualty J" man and a half, to less than one thousand escaped alive, and even game Bian slaughter have disappeared in the "demons of the country," the territory among the news, You Ruoping to thunder, a few days later, and finally reached the "gods country" Pantheon. Pantheon on BU, move house shocked the whole pantheon of gods army, but also cunning '} a man corps, now almost all children throughout the Third Army destruction, this water, it can be said that all the gods moving funeral. Third Army chief Caesar Reese's death news spread quickly f, games dominate arrested, and she pantheon skittle King "Ren Ying Wang" Dragon Dragon's seventeen, then the whole of the lost messages, in particular, if this mysterious disappearance, according to a reliable line newspaper, which seven Dragon, even in the final battle when the demon god the father, nor had been, it seems to enter the demon god ruins after it has lost J 'disappeared. Seven Dragon widely missing, once in the first five Maronite Patriarchs, and now the "benevolence should be king" Dragon finally anxiously J &qu; up, and this time, there is also the end of the dragon world! News came a few, and now Huanglong Diao 'know, his nine sons, one of the worst strength even the gods have not reached a state of two adjacent orbital dragon old son and even early in the fourth Po prison where the dragon circles are kill, to J is a quasi few murderer, presumably, is what they want to hunt this object, the human Stone declared. Now, Stone declared human being's name, child factory has spread almost all ethnic groups, Qi race, those high-level presence, are aware that there is such a man, leading to the Pantheon almost the entire Third Army perished in the "demons of country ", and even the third legion Caesar Rees also been killed. Pantheon, the highest exist "nine Du Wang", where} a person Legion president handsome, "God army commander" wrath, "benevolence should}:" Huanglong Jinu Cross, both acute and his remaining seven children's safety, and angry to kill himself two sons murderer Stone declared, on the contrary, it touches on the legend of '1, and Stone declared the most relevant "skittle king" in Weed two, has been silent down its Weed Wang Temple has been closed , who do not know shaped track. "Demons of the country", and the "Clash of the country" as famous as the "six of the country," one of these "demons of the country" structure would be better "Gods country" so colossal human complex system of many. Bowl catch the magic of the country "were divided into J 'Yaozu and the Devil which Beastkin highest ruling center, is the demon are" Kunlun City ",Oakley Scalpel Cheap, to J several Devil, but more mysterious a demon and demons, there are equal Although being collectively referred to as the "demons of the country", but between each other, are also frequent friction, but whether it is the demon are Kunlun town or Devil, its strength strongman is no doubt, solid and even if based on "Clash of the country "Pantheon strong, has been under the rule of the gods restraint, never free to enter by" demons of the land ", and the Devil and demons are also hesitant to offend" Gods country ", solid l (lJ 'years Since the two sides; Z live in peace, but this time, because Stone declared the issue, the Pantheon's Third Army invaded the country in Beastkin demons territory, the results lead to conflict, coupled with the demon god resurrection, the outcome so that God Army Third Corps children almost annihilated. matter for the Pantheon, the natural is heavy fight,! whole, the same time is also been superior pantheon absolutely intolerable events. Pantheon "skittle King" one of the He is the strongest person the whole pantheon forces Sakka, also known as the "Thunder God" and "God army commander" Army of God, "the president handsome in his will under the" Army of God Second Corps, Fifth Corps, Army chief, led the two men under the massive number of boats dimensional spaceship off.! ~! .. <

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