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25.05.2013 10:07
hoping the pan shot a look antworten

> "Well, this is the magical powers, have demon forces guarding this Champa, but ...... Danube should be dead legacy magical powers, and no self-consciousness of the attack, we now only personally enter here, a" quickly made up his mind to dominate the game, hundreds of orthodox God, can only enter this personally Champa ruins, looking for Stone declared,Air Jordan SC 1, will give this. &qu; l 'declared kill, otherwise he can not feel at ease. Stone declared the existence of the unknown variables of r they even influence the Pantheon, it is too human J &qu;, which gather J several sites within this demon god's existence, more and more terrible. Danxuan Shun Hing m inlay ran the swamp to make way, I suddenly realized that to a palace, it seems endless Yaoqi are all derived from the palace, palace, ruins, especially if the demon god endless source of magical powers. Stone declared although felt scared, but still could not stop the suppression of curiosity, could not help but ran towards the palace to the vicinity, the more he can clearly feel this palace comes out extremely frightening magical powers. "This in the end is what the palace ......" Stone declared pondered the close, the palace was probably very grand, but now dilapidated, vaguely at this palace on lflf hengbian see the "demon shrine" three carved The big "demon shrine? What is this palace that is the demon god ancestors once lived in places not?" Stone declared heart of a cold, went f the palace door, I saw the door up to two} one meter and a width of eight meters, appears} a sub-giant, giant doors within the extremely terrible magical powers surging, constantly hitting the so Stone could not help but hit a Han Li Xuan. Heart pondered, and finally refrained heart palpitations rises sense, Stone declared stride and went inside. Within walked into the palace, meet and you can see a giant plate sitting bones, abundance of ancient pipes ten finger '' l,Coach Online Bags, closed in together, including a bright group of people around a small ball fist constantly spinning concussion, that endless fog demon, all over this pearl is freed. This is obviously not human bone twist, its high of about one meter}, now hunkered temple among people, but also four or five meters high, skull falls, at the same decadent wearing the imperial crown, it seems as years is too long, this imperial crown and melt into their skulls have been together, at first glance, especially if the skull length J 'a high crown. "This is really what bones ...... then what remains of the demon god not?" Stone declared slowly approaching, a slight frown, eyes fell on the one that withered twenty twenty one finger into the sinking roots Pearl above this endless magical powers , Mount Pearl is released from within, you can only point out that this is definitely not where the goods bead. 'Assessment l slightly! Friends of the sudden sound Cui Xiang, Stone declared a cold heart disease to oblique flash. A slender figure is close to Stone declared almost child's body households channeling memories of the past. "Humph!" Stone declared slightly Di Annealing a few steps, I saw it suddenly sprang to come is a long with two Noire monster half-human beast toward Stone declared captured. Not in a rush,Coach Bags Online, followed by a further twist, stretched out a hand with long sharp nails, sound, a man bold type, not close to the ancestor bones! "It's half-human beast monster, his mouth issued a hoarse howling hand speed, swift pace peerless. Stone declared not take any action, hanging on the neck of the" imperial necklace "Suddenly automatic flying r up to Road unspeakable singular force bombing factory open, this half-human beast monster suddenly gasp, actually seems unbearable, strike was thrown out to eat, Xi} d just go out of the palm kernel, such as electric shocks. Stone declared somewhat dumbfounded , looked at his chest this necklace, and this half-human beast monster has been up and exclaimed: "The emperor soil of the chain? This is the emperor's necklace, ah, how will your skill? "Struggling to climb up, eyes horrified look." What did you say, how do you know this is the emperor necklace? "Stone declared busy came up two steps, could not help Chung out his right hand, holding this pendant. Semi-human beast monster face unspeakable fear all look, watching Stone declared, looked at the side of the giant bones and its l a phalanx of human small fist Pearl, voice full of awful feeling, slowly: "God is the only God ...... earth necklace accessories soil, but has lost a long, long time ...... I stayed in the Palace of the demon god among the legacy of ancestors have been several times as long, never seen that can really controlling the relics of Emperor spider creatures ...... you ...... you can actually make the month {necklace ...... then you ... ... You are quasi? &qu; Stone declared not answer, asking, Chen Sheng said: "That's who are you? these villages," 'l, what is? And this Pearl? This is the demon god ruins? Half-human beast monster faint Yi Tan, seemed to experience the endless years, slowly: "I am a guardian demon god ancestors 'day demon clan', which bones, it is the incarnation of the demon god twist bones of ancestors, if you can really manipulate this imperial necklace, that this pearl, you should also have a sense of. "Here, in his eyes, hoping the pan shot a look, looking stone sermon:" If you really can use the power of the emperor ... ... then ...... "suddenly excited again. Stone declared slight frown, see this monster has pulled back to J &qu;, schematically Stone declared it a try. Stone declared against this monster is not without vigilance, but equally effective in this Pearl felt a curious thought, finally Chung shot go, leaning slowly float up. This is claimed to be "days Yaozu" half-human beast monster meat dish with Stone declared in his eyes, the look is very urgent, it seems Stone declared able to touch this pearl, its purpose is very important. Stone declared before floating to this dry bones, Chung shot, and finally lightly touch to this pearl. Only this light touch, but suddenly, especially if the shock, could not help but cry Li Jiao, leaning heavily flick flying, but at the same time, he was wearing this necklace on blossoming plant emitted a strong light, wrapped around a stone declared and then fell down firmly. "What is this thing?" Stone declared feeling the last minute, if not this necklace power to protect their own forces came close to being this pearl bite to eat soul soul was scattered, could not help but look to the harsh bark J 'this monster, this monster he suspected motive poor intention is thought framed on him. Monster watching Pearl Stone declared to be bounced back, could not help people lose the hope, sigh shook his head slowly and said: "We are a family of big demon, Lao legend, legends in the world of samsara eschatological}" has a 'Son of Greek Chinese' that can collectively Royal imperial power, monarchs Ning universe, re-order ...... The hope households, is the only way of controlling the power of imperial relics and creatures, strange ...... While you can not touch on the imperial crown of Emperor nuclear beads, natural not hope J &qu;?, however,, ... can be as early as they will take the initiative even emperors necklace protect you? "Puzzled face.! ~! .. <

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