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25.05.2013 10:02
just around the dark antworten

> "Domain of God", that is a part of God's most powerful and most terrible power. wWW. quANBen. coM only achieve "Lord God" level of existence, Diao 'will have their own "domain of God", so-called "God's domain" is world rule, species, already belongs to the power of humanity in a part, to this realm, deserves to be called true The "gods", the brand has sustenance world void of life, we can say almost on the other a child a few truly immortal existence J, want to kill the Lord God, children almost impossible, only imprisoned or seal. Now Tianmei Feng, still only in the "god" of the environment, in the study and understanding of their own "God can" level,oakley sunglasses store, from the evidence was "Lord God", within the foreseeable future. Others, such as card was almost magic or Buddha with God, and only retained fitted yield crystals were fitted yield is not the same, Stone declared evolutionary way you want now, is light all the five kinds of esoteric insight. In the United States Wind River Stone declared and sitting on this giant floating reef along the way of the wind drift space these days, the god of the orthodox crowd collection, and finally arrived in this dark space, En Gev's death, his boss , to take charge of the Third Army} a god in the "Vulcan" Immediately he sensed, who understand their Bu is a "one hundred priests' fall,air jordan outlet, which made him feel a shocked. After getting the message, Stone declared realm is not high, then why can the Third Army I jumped back a man, "Lord God" in the Raytheon, all because a saint Lu Qin legacy of the "Trinity spare no effort" and two Extreme force Hallows King, not the power of Stone declared itself how strong. Lun! This time, the first to achieve "god" realm "Bu priests" sister Fanny died, God has taken into account these orthodox sense J 'surprised at,} (lJ' when 'on God "Sige Fu also died J &qu;, The ten people on God '1, tempted the wrath of the Lord God the fire department, outraged, heart with awe-inspiring time, these messages observed at J 'up. received the news of the game's main character and the third legion Caesar coax Adams could not help but feel f trace of an accident. Though Sige Fu just "the god" realm, in the whole pantheon concerned, only a moderate strength, but these are not considered plant Stone declared in terms of how the presence of strongman This message allows them to feel J 'shocked,Coach Madison, the only explanation .. That is, Stone declared in constant progress. "can not wait any longer, to be collected, we must kill him that took the early risk." game dominate eyebrows among black mysterious light flashes inexplicable wrath, but a number of them that the most powerful, is riding a medium-sized spacecraft, being forced to catch up in the speed of the moment, ten thousand orthodox God has cracks have been moving in this darkness gathered addition En Gev, the second batch arrived this power have two "one hundred priests' Bu existence of God series, each commanded a team into the space crack, arrived in this dark world at the moment, because the spacecraft Tianmei Feng Shi Xuan and drought has been damaged, and they have lost the solid stone Vision and Sichuan Meifeng message finally learned the news is Sige Fu in this dark space Fall killed. batch batch of orthodox god then arrived, when Sige Fu's immediate supervisor,} a take charge of God in the "Vulcan" multiplied spacecraft into a medium-sized four-dimensional space in this dark, there are already thousands of orthodox God arrived, divided into one hundred squad, starting at this dark space Rong open the closing dragnet investigation. Vulcan arrived Sige Fu fall of the Department, still vaguely capture the subordinates who killed himself after trace of breath, could not help but long sigh. now has lost Stone declared atmosphere, although Vulcan arrived suck, but can only wait to find those who received the news, rushed over to the orthodox Fortunately God more and more, spacecraft and its four-dimensional radar scan scope, so pull the net income to find Bu, so long as Stone declared somewhere still in this space, it will inevitably escape their system for searching, while at this time and Tianmei Feng Stone declared, still boring to stay on top of that giant pumice unparalleled in this boundless space among the floating asked, does not know how much time, finally, they are in this vast darkness and silence of space to make way distant, found with a trace to a small shiny ball. first glance just like a group of small bright spot, but everywhere in this dark silence of space seem very is dazzling. saw this bright little group, who already do not know How much time floating stone Vision and the Sichuan America in terms of wind, just so that they almost jumped with excitement. "fast whither." They never gave up this giant pumice stay on active flying that step immediately tiny burst of light go now and the old Mei Feng Stone declared both to otherworldly realm, so that a full flying speed suddenly accelerated increase, along with the two men flying in the distance a small light group gradually growing, while its bright but gradually faded down, just around the dark, but gradually brightened up. so flying all the way in the void, after half a day, that was originally a small light group, has been expanded to become a rock boom than the giant ball, continue the flight, but also a long time after the ball has been turning to a giant planet, shadowing J 'in front of the dark sky, while Stone declared and Chuange save nearly the speed has slowed, they felt the gravity. appear In the previous Stone declared and Tianmei Feng is not a complete planet, but a planet scattered remnant, the volume may seem very giant, but compared to the planet and true, but children almost negligible, and its diameter is about about one kilometer, when Stone declared and the Sichuan Meifeng fall rather when, in this rather see is endless soul burial cool, no trace of signs of life in which the l claw, everywhere you can see a very scary article deep cracks, vaguely seems back memories of this planet have suffered terrible sight. everywhere an uninhabited desolate atmosphere, Stone declared closed and the Sichuan Meifeng check something no gain, is preparing to leave after a sigh , all of a sudden this other side of the planet scattered remnant, suddenly sounded a cry howl. howling sound is not loud, if not the Stone declared and Sichuan Meifeng very spiritual eyes and ears, this sounds together, they go to see a stone has loudly declared Di: towards the other side of the planet wreckage and ran, almost ignored in the past. "go -" body households slips sprang Tianmei Feng idea of ​​a move, the air remains slightly down her pale fire red figure, the order between two who appeared in the wreckage of the planet to another hillside saw scattered at the side of the residue, leaving a pick, a huge pit, watching the pit cracks, obviously newly Diao 'is broken out in the In these pit among the eight one-sided it was a glorious archangel, one side is a few tens of meters long black devil, was surprised that when Stone declared and Sichuan Meifeng Blackstone rupture encountered while awake two monsters. ! ~! .. <

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