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25.05.2013 09:56
black robe Elune Asian antworten

> Lei Huoer not hide, he will immediately receive superiors sewage Italy, then led two "on God" level of "one hundred priests' and two hundred orthodox army of God of gods, and one thousand three eye family strong level of God, help solve the gene family, ready to destroy the human world, the result is not surprising day Saints Lu hidden holy year three days of the force, suffered a crushing defeat, and that the use of the power of holy days, controlling the three supreme Hallows humans, that is exactly the same look and Wade Wang, Lei Jin a Denger not mention his failure to flee, only to say that they one and all for Weed soil, solid and return to report. WWw. quANBEn. This clearly rate Com robe woman love the whole story, light a chuckle: "So, the things of God within the military commander of adults classified management, and I 'Weed Dian' do, but you are a god in the military priests Bu , failed to destroy the human world, everyone returned should first commander reports Diao 'yes, how will first come to me' Weed Dian 'it. "Lei Huoer a stifled. Black robe woman giggle smiles tenderly up, she naturally clear Lei Huoer mean, this time Leihuo Er failure, not only the military command of the army of God, not volts, and even lost a four-dimensional spacecraft, can be very remiss, only fear that they will suffer a very severe punishment, solid and not God, he abandoned the military report, but instead to the house of Victor _I several reports this matter, because without it, just want to help Wade Dian escape punishment. God Dian Army and Wade are two completely different systems, the Army of God can stop Wade Dian Similarly, Wade Dian also not interfere with the Army of God, and God solid military planners destroy the human world of the book, even the black robe _ female households, are unclear. The so-called Army of God, is the strongest one ** Pantheon, Pantheon is a regular combat troops, divided to ten legions, the strongest forces, who Leihuo Er, it is one of the Third Army of ten people "r-priests," one of the orthodox governing r-names of gods, of identity, not low, compared to that, "ten priests" auf Tello, at least two levels higher, only this time defeat to Army of God in terms of combat is not small, solid and even Lei Huoer back, also subject to God's punishment duty military iron, Lei Huoer under fear, only to take refuge in Weed Dian, Dian hoping to escape Wade Over the robbery. Black robe woman clear his thoughts, solid and giggle smiles tenderly, suddenly face a positive, said: "for whatever reason, want to benefit Month" With Weed Dian idea is to kill the stomach by special readers, but read you bring J 'the news, even if you merits and demerits balance, I do not punish you, do not award you to l,-j Shen Jun and that side, I'll give them to borrow you some time, if at this time inside,Coach Online Sale, you have merit, I think, maybe you will not only not be further punishment, anti! (lJ 'have merit. "Lei Huoer overjoyed, busy bow down:" Thank you, everyone, Lei Huoer certainly make every effort to ! &qu; Heron gown woman met J 'smile, light laugh: "You are a wise man, this thing, you do not say out, Hudson because, you first take him down to rest, later on, I have an important It thiophene Ilf, J you, as long as you do this book, on what punishment are gone. "" Yes. "Lei Huoer sigh, finally calm down, followed chummy l big} out. When they left, black robe woman's face turned gloomy, eyebrows wrinkled. Suddenly, a voice chuckle: "Iraq Lu Ya, frowned You can not beautiful." hear the voice, black robe Women Iraq Lu Asian faces busy smile, stood up, sweetly: "my king ......,, I saw one house, I do not know when, already more than one figure, this figure only loose on the simple robes , robes away, revealing a fine red upper body, the body and face, - and Stone declared almost exactly the same, there is no trace of the difference, the only difference is perhaps in front of the stone has a declared eyebrows among green accounted shaped pattern, chest of in J) IJ has a golden share shaped pattern, while its palm hearts, but also has a share of white-shaped pattern. And Stone declared to have the same appearance, accounting for three types plus body, the identity of the front of this there has been pretty clear. "King ......" black robe woman no longer just Leihuo Er while the former majesty and superior attitude, but became like a little bird in general, flew into the arms of the sudden out of existence. Stretched out his left hand and gently rubbed J 'black robe woman's face, this man touch a wide smiles: "That guy did not go die ...... I can not believe it, my original ...... Oh, he is still alive, and that What kind of king I Weed? his duplicates do? still just a man-incarnation? &qu; robe woman frightened, busy and said: "May my king not worry J, like that of humans, we only just need to move the root fingers can kill fire him, my king ...... "" Weed King "and said:" I have to personally rush ...... 'Just suddenly face changed, his mouth "ah" sound issued a tragic roar,Oakley Juliet Outlet, suddenly tumbling to the ground, covered with smoke engage them. "my king -" black robe Elune Asian woman exclaimed, rolling on the ground clutching the Weed plant king, but the king a stand Wade, it will be she was thrown far out, I saw the body of the three accounted for its printed on top of the changing light shake, strange inexplicable. Wead Wang seems to be the extreme pain, his mouth was haha ​​laughed: "I finally understood what I Why has not the power of fusion ... Wan like what some instability So this, cut because the guy is still alive ...... this ...... this power is the power to get rid of me, that guy's body to go back to Iraq Lu Ya ...... , can not wait, be sure to slay the fire, be sure to - &qu; "co-king eleven" Elune closing also want to speak, Wade King suddenly shouted: "Do not mind me, immediately went to '{1 Spirit' and told him, must kill the guy. "Elune Asian Eye Weed plant anger" jealous, not to say,oakley outlet store, immediately back down, said: "I know, I immediately went. "Turned out to Ben, she knew she was not willing to Wade and the former king of pain roll, throw ** parts department is a Weed King never aloof existence. Wead see Iraq Lu Wang Ya leave, which Diao ' relieved, and then roll over the floor, suffering howling, covered, even these three patterns at the mountain, out of a road thin crack crack, it seems the whole body would crack open. long while, Wade King howling Sound Diao 'gradually stopped, lying on the ground, covered up, bloody, and in particular if he collapsed, lying on the ground, even a, J) Rui instar head can not move. "Damn -" Weed King sudden howl, which sounds Rong clouds cracked stone, leather swing the entire temple, so that all that exists here all static if chilling, even the atmosphere did not dare to breathe.! ~! .. <

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