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25.05.2013 09:53
his face ants exposed antworten

> Yin Ming Tan Langxing monarch, sex fluid giant doors Xing Jun, live Paul kept Xing Jun, Xuanming Wenquxing gentleman, month one yuan Chen Lian Xing, Arctic Wu Qu Xing Jun, days off breaking the military Xing Jun, the seven Xing Jun, Each one's strength has reached "grid god who never in the day" ten priests "auf Tello under the power of the moment Seven Jun showcase destruction, calling balls gradually emerge lesson Zhen Stars, planets above the seven stars fall, bombers into battle ten among these base level. wwW, QUanbEN, coM the stars of the Big Dipper force, no human can withstand almost J Bu, instantly exterminate hundreds four base!} war ten large, it Even where the terrible mystery hidden rival, has also been an instant kill fire. longevity Emperor eyed man, from which obviously saw a tragic death genes among seven war, even flashing light out of the road star, heart of a cold, and instantly understand that this is the orthodox pantheon of gods. Obviously, these genes war ten among the orthodox actually has a lot of hidden god of fire to kill their pantheon of human heart, has only a thin tear that last one layer of nerve. wipe hui died of septicemia, longevity Emperor finally disheartened man, felt so cold and since the Pantheon had made up J 'determination to kill fire them, they humans, what chance? them again strong, it can not match got Pantheon. "Sure enough, as I expected, the Pantheon is bent intended to exterminate us humans ......" Emperor Wu Tianyu sighing voice sounded human longevity emperor back, meat dish to J 'Wu Tianyu Dili, looked sadly: "We After J &qu;, has no J 'any machine "recalls Green China and the emperor, no longer bother Chuan' front 'and' South Gate 'is the gauntlet, all come back, open the one hundred and eight Xuan Du Heaven PFLP! "Haotian person issuing the order after the emperor, turned back his Dian, all eyes are no longer seem to care. Emperor longevity of people look startled, said: "Yes! Emperors being, in addition to J 'Haotian Emperor, Emperor Ziwei people outside Dili and longevity, while the remaining two colors Emperor of Qing Hua Rendi compassion bitter phase and divinity Emperor Emperor stern man, Wu Tianyu DEFA order immediately after, far in front and Nantianmen Emperor Qing Hua Rendi and people no longer ignore Emperor Shen war happening here, straight back day Saints emperor to them to achieve incredible realm, short short minutes on the return day Saint continent, and then launched a one hundred and eight mysterious are large array. called Xuan Du PFLP, layer after layer is an absolute defensive battle, with this array, immediately Lu will be day Saints wrapped in one hundred and eight layers spell big fuss among the day saints land and cut off from the outside world. never crowded battle ten genes was blocked in front of the outer lfll &qu;, which has Lu Tian Sheng scored some of the genes lost battle ten soon be killed. was blocked at the outside and immediately attacked the soldiers of genes, but their attacks but as a dead letter, not this mysterious are the PFLP, are people whose mysterious Array comes out of energy, also relying on the past ten volumes into the war were destroyed. tried this PFLP power of four genes that fight ten of those hidden family of three strong level of God even where a Most of the orthodoxy of God, in which the color,Air Jordan Flight The Power UK Sale, not close in the void above the innumerable army top ten genes war, at this moment there is a four-dimensional eat giant ship Titanic,Madison Coach Bags, quietly come, but this ship but did did not reveal the real capacity, and even the day of the saint Lu Hao Tian Jade Emperor, the existence of such, can not perceive the moment of the spacecraft above the road are several towering figure among the most middle is the one dressed in sky blue looks very noble colored robes man, this man looks very young, only twenty years old, the skin is very white, almost transparent white as children in general, the middle of his forehead with a bunch of the same sky-blue turban, headscarf middle,oakley sunglasses, covered with a sky-blue gem, at the moment he was standing at a high Pro, the unfathomable eyes, penetrating from the floor, staring at the bottom of the day Saint continent land beyond the moment day Saints, has been one hundred and eight of the mysterious Du PFLP wrapped into a ball of light enveloped and surrounded by numerous genetic war!: the moment is trying to attack, but could not shake got the hundred and eight channels are people Bu car into a mysterious ball of light in the dress both sides of the blue robes of the young man, but also the number of stands were people, including two wearing a black robe, a man went into a woman, a man with curly golden hair, eyes glowing Biguang, the woman to see the appearance of about three about 10 percent is very full round face looks. robes on both sides of the man and the woman have badges, epaulets have three stars, and their eyebrows among those who threatened to fight}! have erected ★ ★ ★ type of stigma , watching the mark had to show their identity, is impressively by the pantheon of gods from orthodoxy, and it reached the two men and a woman epaulets stars, have shown that they actually have more than who "ten priests "auf Tello higher status. Apart from these men and plump blond woman outdoors black robes, as well as a bear wearing white robes and white and with both hands, and this man with a mask on his face ants exposed three eyes, has marked his identity, is from three families. well a look} is a mighty one minute old, face L full short beard, tall and strong, at the moment among Morohito , but added to his momentum address wins, he is neither a three family, nor from the orthodox pantheon of gods, but they are tied to, and has said that this mighty man's identity can never be normal. moment, this five people looked at together under day Saint continent, who have been wearing a white robe and a white person has been issued three accounting for some strange voice: "This large array hundred and Dogen are still days when the three saints Lu 'holy days' left behind, has the absolute defense capability, for now, we are powerless, I see, Gene Wang, you still will copy your war ten withdrawn due to come. "Said as he looked to the side of the mighty old man turned out, it looks very mighty old man, is actually the king of the whole family of genes stick, claiming gene king and mighty old Gene Wang low grunted, said:" if it wants to maintain such a matrix, the most energy loss is also very amazing, I do not believe that a large array can continue. In the middle of a slight young man with blue awarded first and said: "Yes, this mysterious are the PFLP, it does not last long, because the energy loss will be depleted and swim lost, they do not understand the idea of ​​Wu Tiandi it, this mysterious all PFLP, we can not stop us how long ah ...... "the young man gently bomb the bomb his forehead bangs, demeanor, even shy young hint mean. "Everyone, under the command bar, mankind has no future up." This young man around, that stand between the eyebrows at the Ding Chuan ★ ★ ★ type imprinted black robe man, respectfully bowed slightly, said. At the moment, both sides of the mask three genes and that the king, are looking to the center of the young man seemed to be waiting for his orders. At this moment, it looks even younger with some shy young man meant, eyes are shot J 'in line with the vicissitudes of the young never far gaze day Saint continent, suddenly yo' sigh, finally raised his hand a few J: "Do it a"! ~! . . <

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