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25.05.2013 09:50
declared already know that antworten

> "Suck" waves suck - "Suddenly, a piece of equipment exploded, the book suddenly, Stone declared him raging out of momentum appalling child-bit micro-orthodox tempted God in shock, I saw Stone declared the true lfll ' projects have been exposed out, long black flying, left BU a glaring black pattern exploded, a wave. "pop" sound, the bald man Yingmu not react, it was a type of the destruction of the light beam pumping accounted for in . "roar eleven" the orthodox God tempted Puhou, although he was only at the lowest level of the gods,Air Jordan 10 UK Sale, but in the end is the real gods, although the body was destroyed in an instant smash swept light whip, but also jet black eyebrows among energy recorded, even counterattack Stone declared, which is the force of godhead ★} will,Coach Handbags Sale, is the real power of the gods. energy recklessly destroy the power of the gods, the air burst out, "bang" a loud noise, Stone declared could not help but shake the back, and this bit bald Yingmu orthodoxy of God has heard l grumble tsunami, but was followed by pumping Stone declared split over the destruction of the second step can record light whip 111 &qu; 1,. "suck" to cry, ★ fly type godhead out of the bald Yingmu orthodoxy moment God has fallen, Stone declared in vivo trials instantly soared 15 million points, the total rose to 95 million points trials point suddenly, the god of all orthodox surprise, even the "ten God Long "auf Troy could not maintain the level held, could not resist Li Jiao loudly:" Weed King? "Could not help but fall a step back, but soon he come to reflect, once again called J &qu; out:" destroying the fire? You are Destroyer? Your face ...... "The Offutt Luo Youxing who had seen" Weed King ", and finally saw the stone in front of the king declared actually looks exactly the same, and Wade, hope interest, the mind, especially if lightning thunder, and instantly understand everything. Suddenly, cold mind again, think of all sorts of dire consequences, he never imagined being in this human world, a surprising hidden such a startling secret. "Not at all consideration, gave I grabbed him -,, this moment, Tian Meifeng becomes no longer important, the Austrian non-Tello directed Stone declared, almost child is screaming again. "Stone declared -" Tianmei Feng could not help but scream, while the remaining seven orthodox god, though surprised at just hope Stone declared Gang d between killing a man who Yingmu bald, but still remains open between the eyebrows in the blink of Yang] ★ type mark in the power of the gods, into seven broad beam, fired Stone declared. Stone declared the destruction of energy no matter how powerful, can not simultaneously match the power of the gods seven orthodox. W.l6.N heard shouts, Stone declared astride pace, expand the "Dragon Wu eight-step", an instant Chongxiao sky, and seven people on the ground that the will of the gods Bu, eyebrows even in the divine light beam automatically turns, still forced the Stone declared shot up. The} a God Offutt Luo Yizhen body length gown, between the eyebrows in the vertical ★ ★ imprinted on a black mysterious light flashes again, flash mortal body, and finally took the initiative to force up. Stone declared it is too important, it is important to let him children almost shocked feet weak, this, moment, what Bali Na and refuses Dan's important, what Tianmei Guo restore memory in this reserve army of God is not important , and Stone declared compared to their simply trivial. Stone declared Chongxiao sky, seeing beneath seven ★ type divine light beam remains Zhuixi up, could not help but uttered shouts and waved his left hand, an immense destruction of the energy giant once again thrown light whip, went up to a J 'which seven ★ type beam. "Boom" terrible noise, sounded deafening Baoxiang the ground and have a giant earthquake cracks and surrounded thousands of human beings is Hai Ji howling, some meager strength has been planted shook ears bleed emancipated fall. Stone declared in the eyes, knowing that bad, Ran heard shouts, destroy energy agitation, even handedly these seven ★ type beam bounce,! (LJ himself and flew toward the distant accelerated crazy if this Glory people against these orthodox gods Lu} Bu was the hard work they have just completed, some inheritance can not be completely destroyed,Air Jordan 9 UK Sale, Stone declared need to select another battle field. "chase -" eight orthodox god, ten priests in Austria without special Luo's leadership, of order eight black light immediately chase J 'up, then, no gods ignored} 11 Mei Feng. Glory humans on the continent in shock, watching Stone declared and eight orthodox god disappeared, all pale , Li Jiao Shi Xuan Chuan Mei Feng could not help but forced up, but her speed even close, simply forcing the less, while Stone declared and eight orthodox god, has long disappeared in the horizon. Stone declared flying all the way to the Royal Air , Destroyer of energy surging, this war extremely sinister, although he could have destroyed those most fire, but there is no little confidence will do, opponents are eight gods, and in which it eyebrows J) IJ has bristling ★ ★ imprint of man is that he felt the unfathomable, it seems that not only inferior to him a destroyer. Then Stone declared already know that these orthodox God is the strength of the points. Ten minutes later, Stone declared has arrived 'vast boundless ocean sea sky Ting, finally stopped flying J J' down in the human community, and that he will inevitably only challenge. Speed ​​is not the God of orthodox than his slow, especially who "ten priests" auf Troy has held fast behind him, and the remaining seven other gods, then again behind about ten meters. Stone declared stop a J 'down, without a word, turned and fired a left hand that is, to destroy the energy beam extraction, especially if a giant incomparable light whip, pumping towards the light to catch up when the Off Troy. Off Tello slightly Di Xiao, eyebrows among erected ★ ★ imprint on instantly ejected two ★ type beam, Looking Stone declared ruin fire whip, a move right then, suddenly, the sky above the flames of numerous road BU to come from the clouds, crazy toward Stone declared Sunburn burn up. Two ★ type beam recklessly Stone declared the destruction of light whip, even fight a box secretion rather, Stone declared his mouth could not help but uttered Li Xiao, the right hand over the pages and want to remove White Pond flag, with one mind to resist the flames of the sky falling, but Prefer not actually manifest, when he was suddenly aware of their deity failed to break later brought weaknesses. Had only met the general orthodoxy of God's power to destroy it alone can be resolved, and although the Black Dragon strongman who encountered extremely chaotic but also relies on the origin of the force last minute victory, but at the moment, although I feel this bit orthodox god mouse does not necessarily force strongman who had destroyed the fire, yet allows Stone declared felt overwhelmed. Received only a left-handed, reverse the upward slightly Di Xiao wave. "Popping" sound, to destroy the energy swept, wiped out on stage between diffuse air falling flames, while the eyebrows Tello auf ★ type beam in two heavy bombers have been declared in the body of the stone, so that he could inevitable. ! ~! . . <

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