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25.05.2013 09:47
I've been to some unknown person antworten

> Yu-Hui Zhang counterattack Stone declared saint's head, Stone declared and no shot against the file, only Zhang left foot, dip ice live holy, double palms upward lift, pulling the ice holy, and immediately make him pace superficial, stumbled, oblique crashed into Yusheng. wWw. QUAnBEn. cOM sudden uproar had no idea how the ice sheet will suddenly rammed his holy stop the J 'own attack, but also want to wash its hands busy talking, Stone declared suddenly waved his left palm, I heard Di: "My request is not know you hear what I said? &qu; ice St. This turnaround, its one pair of palms tables flesh has been completely destroyed energy swallowed, with only one pair of phalanges,Air Jordan Flight 9 UK, and even fitted yield crystals are difficult to recover, I'm afraid you must To slowly practicing half an upload, Diao 'may recover. "What are the requirements? Arrogant man! "Jade holy anger, but also want to get involved, ice saint has heard Di:" Sister Stop it. "I only own one pair of hands has been retracted Shougu J 'sleeve, he knew, did not let him Stone declared publicly that ll +, this is for him in countless ice jade human face before leaving point .. Just a moment of what grips, ice Caiming Baishi Xuan St. terror,Oakley For Cheap, which has taken the final step in the realm I'm afraid, as God sanctified the existence of such, even if they are human perfection strong, there is no sacrifice milli able to resist, he finally believed} 1lJ people just Hualong Fu said three of the twelve holy family fallen on the ground all the land of the people thing, the original humans, there is a surprising book 1J such a powerful presence. "how the? "Ice San Yuan} a sudden stop her, Yusheng hesitated Ice holy face was accounted strange, huddled hands, deep channel:" heralds F to go, the army retreated, allowing the army to you ashore to rest, another ...... send F supplies, even though you hope commanded specific needs, we work with are human beings, care of each other, it is share of things. "Ice St. sudden change, jade jade holy land in and around the ice stunned human foes, Stone declared it a slight chuckle: So it was very good, thank you ice saint and you, I place the continent on behalf of human thank you J" indisputable 2 & ; qu; Ice Ice partner in this holy land is the power line, since he under J 'command, others naturally followed, people army began to retreat immediately, while Yusheng face of doubt, you want to look for asking, but was ice St. with his eyes stopped. Yu Ming from St. This is wrong, do not ask, has been asked to find ice and later privately holy, holy to the moment when the ice happened speak clearly, Yusheng only suck down air-conditioning, they realized that she At that time has grown from the jaws of death at the left circle back, how did not think this looks younger man,Oakley Sunglasses Store, turned out to be a taken the final step, has attained the Avenue of the human race. If it is not changing fast ice saint, I'm afraid this time, they brother and sister, will be sacrificed here. "Land of the people on the land is indeed ever.! 'Ten A to make offspring, although at the end off the plant, but the amount of its potential is underestimated by} day." Finally, Yusheng could not help sigh. Ice five army to retreat, those countless Zoid warships also left, to the land of one million human beings who began landing ashore, ready to take a break. Ice jade originally not welcome them, this solid stone declared, Hualong Fu people have decided to just fold! ! Inch rest here recharge it, and then leave immediately, others will do not welcome, where people share their photos, too, into boring. According Hualong Fu people, Qin Kang et al lazy thinking, Stone declared open day to raise long ice San Yu J 'Of Mice and Men's material needs, what food Freshwater tents energy oil so everything. Ice Jade St. and St. secretly crying, while the former only in Stone declared, only bite of the power to the whole nation, as far as possible to meet their needs. Stone declared the ability to naturally summoned to a large number of times per bag, then these 'J &qu; 9 supplies are all put into a sub-element bag by hand management assignment,! (LJ-J concubine down to two days, While they rest, prepare materials, while they in the business agreement next trip. continental ice five people they are not welcome,} (lJ others Lu's human, I'm afraid not much better attitude, will make one million people on earth, to which person will become unstable Lu Lin} Su, causing suspicion rulers in power, and so on, sooner or later lead to war, while the ice solid partner in the practice of land while making them angry, but think about it, but also makes sense. know what to do in the crowd, the Stone declared suddenly mind a move, said: "This is among the human world is not the end there are a lot of undeveloped land Appreciating do? Since other people will not shelter us terrestrial humans , why do not we running the rehabilitated? recreate human land belongs to us? ask for help, less speed. "four weeks crowd hesitated, from the look to the Stone declared which Tianmei Feng nodded:" Yes, I've been to some unknown person Lu , although Warcraft rampant, but we are now selling. was, enough to clear ten net, though unknown person Lu a poor and white, no nothing, but we can credit to build their homes, I think Stone declared the commenters ah well. "Shi Xuan Wei stick now reached, a peak, he said, the views out immediately, there must be a majority of people agree, of which only a minority persons Hualong Fu frown. Hualong Fu humanity:" Stone declared, you know wasteland TOYE rebuild their homes need more than military manpower and resources l ma? Although this slogan shouting up is very appealing, but really implemented, it is not easy. Qin Kang also some wrinkle force ...... "shook his head," We have one hundred people, manpower and, at present fairly adequate, but this thing some frustration. Stone declared laughed, his face showing children silk smile, said: "a difficult one, P Plus support, we humans are not the most stress is this you? Now we are in trouble to the people of the land, more than 100 pieces of other people do not point in human land support? without their efforts, but the wealth of material, I think they would not be so stingy it. "crowd all a startled look to the Stone declared, Tianmei Feng could not have been born a flutter l laughed: "You're the bad guys, you have the nerve, but this way, you are afraid of humans should offend everyone Lu light up." Hualong Fu people can not help but exclaimed: "You are someone else would like to ask Miss substance? Maguo Stone declared mouth smile:" I will visit them one by one to the door, and I think they give a little substance to those of us Passion stricken compatriots, should still be willing multitudes were all silent, watching Stone declared, like watching a demon. apparently already made up his stone declared holy like the same threat to the idea of ​​ice, ready to force people to find other land to ask There are early stone objects with Yi Han Yu Wo U artificial objects. say nothing new home. Bu C early ballad conditions not foreign minister _! ~! .. <

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