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25.05.2013 09:34
will cause no small repercussions antworten

The 131 chapter [tell me, how do you want to die?? ] in the evening, the setting sun gradually down hill, afterglow poured in the mountains, looking ahead, a golden, beautiful lets the human palpitation. It is located between the East China Sea and hang, a piece of the mountains. At the foot of a mountain, nearly hundreds of police vehicles parked in the car in front, there are several car without hanging Jingpai luxury cars,Air Jordan Big Ups UK Sale, in addition to the five Audi a6. Of which three cars hanging Donghai. City Commission license, the other two cars is hung with public. Administration licence. "You so many police. Police let that bastard hijacked Qing Yan out of the East China Sea do not say, also went into the forest, you are doing something to eat?" Under the setting sun, always gentle Jiang Gang anger rushing the police man roaring leading more than. In the face of Jiang Gang roar, including state leaders, the East China Sea, and they have no anger, some just. Mu Qing Yan was kidnapped, the police first time sent hundreds of police driving to the robbers that Mercedes intercept, spent nearly twenty minutes stopped,Nike Jordan SC 1 UK Sale, but...... The car is a person without. Then, when the command of the sea. The ANN Bureau Deputy Secretary for the first time ordered each intersection sheka, trying to mend. Have to say, his decision played a big role -- through the intersection sheka, hijacked the robbers Mu Qing Yan soon appeared, but the side are more than three associates. Later...... Because of the hands of the hostage's sake, four robbers, one way to break through the bayonet, escape from the East China Sea, was forced to the foot of the mountain, choose to abandon the car, into the mountains, so that the police besieged end. "Mr. Jiang, please rest assured, we must ensure that rescued mu miss." The police leaders take an oath devoutly to ensure road. As the police hand he wears. Committee. Commission, the level is vice. Province level, but...... At this moment, he did not dare to put on airs in front of Jiang Gang. Because...... He is very clear, in today's society, the death of a person may not have too big difference and died a dog, will not cause people attention, but...... If a famous person is dead, will cause no small repercussions. Mu Qing Yan is now the entertainment circle the most popular actress, even known as a new generation of Asian days! And now,Nike Air Jordan, Mu Qing Yan was kidnapped in the East China sea...... He toes can think, if Mu Qing Yan has an unexpected misfortune of words, even if because of his backers well, peaked cap will not be lost, but he will also be affected, the same, also have a number of people. In such a scenario, where he also thought with Jiang Gang airs?! He knew that a pressing matter of the moment is the most important rescue Mu Qing yan! I hope so. Jiang Gang's face was hideously. "Zhao Bureau, Tianxiang Group Chairman Liu lady." When the police chief Jiang Gang anger temporarily put out at the same time, a police reports. "Let her through!" As the police chief, director Zhao clear Liu Yue secret identity, but Liu Yue and Jiang Gang are the same, the surface is clean, and the hands of Liu Yue Tianxiang entertainment company is one of the main responsible party > Mu Qing Yan concert

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