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25.05.2013 09:22
has gone beyond the level antworten

> Both sides fight, throwing stones should instantly flew ten thousand meters, the drop into the sea among the waves splashes one thousand meters. WwW, QunabEN, coM ancestor of the Black Dragon is also slightly Nuheng soon, for the attached two strike did not destroy the Stone declared felt angry, tail pendulum, mortal flashed on to the sea on top of the lower head, again jet black light beam, crashed into the sea of ​​being, vowing to destroy the Stone declared. Stone declared in vivo in the Horn of Dragon breath, let ancestor Black Dragon and the Dragon by Ning thought of hatred, so he wanted to Stone declared destruction. "Black Dragon -" the sea bottom, Stone declared roar, and then impeach rooms left! ! Inch between, remove the dragon horn, in the destruction of rats absorbed energy under the Dragon's Horn finally play a real power, of the order of a few tens of meters wide and incomparable giant blue Pilian, breaking crowd fly J 'up. "Dragon's horn!" Black Dragon roar wrath, his forehead is also the center of the Black Dragon's Horn fly protonated go, the same technology for a more giant black Pilian, instantaneous and Dragon Horn boom in together. Mutual bombardment, sparking off Mun layer of energy waves, have twisted the whole crowd moved, the end of countless sea dragon hiding in the mountain of meat tragic death. Stone declared broke open sea,Coach Classic Sale, Chongxiao sky, send Nuxiao again, this time, he and his close contact with the Black Dragon, more to the near, the more I feel this was a huge black dragon, is simply huge boundless. Shi Xuan Ganggang flash wanted to melee attack, which has black dragon mouth a duh, the ultimate Draconic magic moment comes, countless dark sky falling meteorites, crazy smashing down toward the Stone declared. This is the power of Draconic magic word, compared to those far more than one hundred thousand times the dragon monarch strongman? "Boom! &qu;" Bang! &qu; "Bang! hope among countless Pente loud explosions, endless darkness chasing Stone declared meteorite bombardment. miserable Stone declared loudly roar, and instantly is the hundreds of thousands of meteorite bombardment, Stone declared once again blown far down into the bottom of the ocean. "Ha ha - kid - go die -" Black Dragon Tiger air laughter,Coach Handbags Sale, again, call out a dark sky light beam, falling from the clouds, shining stone Xuangang Gang Bi straight people fall H to the sea bottom. &qu; roar - "Stone declared seven holes spurting, Black Dragon's strong, it is far beyond the orthodox gods, even the stone declared energy can not be destroyed by the enemy, but in the successive hit under the energy of his soul was destroyed Sunburn burned pushed to the limit, and suddenly heard howling, destruction can record from Stone declared ripped body, forming an enormous black energy light group. The destruction can record blasted black, forming a giant incomparable light group, Stone declared seventeen holes miserable blood, look distorted, especially if the spirits, laden with tight Chongxiao can destroy the sky, and the Black Dragon Zhao! ! Free of heavy black light beam coming together. "Ko Crash," a loud noise, in particular if the world suddenly collapse crack, Stone declared the eyes, representing the light pattern welling straight emerge about inches long, and his own family have been turning to a black Yi bomb, after a while Drag the accounting-type black light beam, smoked behaved boom in the Black Dragon. Roaring Black Dragon Emperor ancestor, Chung out against a Talon, Talon and Stone declared him into a black light beam significantly between, forming a barrier, both sides fight force, suddenly,New Arrivals Coach Bags, the Black Dragon roar, eventually handed matchless power, overwhelming Stone declared Destroyer, its heavy bombers were once again down to eat out. "Kid, what do you force? This is no dragon book 1J some -" Black Dragon finally move suspect, only to feel more powerful Stone declared the Vietnam War, which comes out of the atmosphere, it felt the destruction of the road. Roaring Black Dragon while the side door and then "Dragon Black Dragon personally utilized angle shot once in the Horn of Black Dragon, Dragon Stone declared resorted to the Horn of how black is one of the enemy is far exploded around the Black Dragon's corner in the air Once again turning to a giant Pilian, instantly forced Shangshih declared around the empty one turn. "bang" a loud noise, Stone declared remove Colorful Light, blasted seven light, the angle brush to open the Black Dragon, and then remove the white flag and the town of Chak Indian demon, his mouth roar, will throw together two pieces Hallows, smashing into the Black Dragon. Stone declared the destruction of surging energy though, seem to be Armageddon, but why is the Black Dragon strongman incomparable, its dark energy, not only destroyed by fire than weak, even hidden there beyond the trend. Destroyer mouse while powerful forces beyond the gods, but ultimately does not really ruin the line to achieve the ultimate, when confronted with this on. bite Proto-Drake, finally suffered a life- strongest enemies, all while being suppressed, Stone declared although Nuxiao constantly, but every bombardment, have been a more powerful force black Longchuan most bombers were down seven back. physically broken, seven-hole bleeding, Stone declared shrill, especially if spirits, he and Black Dragon of the war, has gone beyond the level of God, the whole dragon world groaning in tremor, countless people being shattered forces, tsunami somersault, which is strangling countless Dragon. Though Stone declared lost, but not flinch, his crazy demeanor, namely the Black Dragon constantly laughing, just because he is a crazy as the ancestor of the dragon, solid but will then cause other four teamed together ancestral dragon attack, and finally brutally seal head Shen, "China today. Stone declared crazy to feel the excitement of the Black Dragon, Black Dragon force most silent queen getting more and more crazy, actually surging again and again will become the destroyer of bombers flying boom times again defeated. Destroyer suffered an unprecedented hit, its power is tightly suppressed, while crazy expansion upgrade, suddenly, Stone declared roar, even opened a broken world. Broken gap is opened factory in the world, Stone declared broken left hand to the world of a secondary, then out one in the mountains, he even in this war 'cones prepared with broken foot in the world of competition in the fall of Tuen sea mythical countless unknown The gas must battle fierce Black Dragon. Crazy mythical most turbulent of being able to declare an endless supply of stone to absorb into his body, so his body from a terrible mutation, I saw his face, an account of the various strange Mageweave surfaced, black hair has dragged heels, and suddenly, the body created to listen to some equipment and clothes are ripped, his turning to the existence of a whole body **, and its naked body on top, covered with a variety of exotic God lines and strange magic pattern. "Black Dragon - Come on!" Stone declared insane absorb the mythical power, look at the sky up to several hundred meters of the Black Dragon that incomparable giant tail volley shot down, not only fear, but issued a crazy grinning, suddenly a shrinking palm then Ji Zhang went. Body, especially if the shells into the sky. "Boom" terrible noise, Black Dragon's tail hit the heavy first bounce back. ! ~! . . <

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