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25.05.2013 09:08
third-order people complete antworten

> "Human bile -" This brilliant humanoid see Chuan Mei wind really dare she lit arrows, could not help but excitedly angry: "You think you can protect mere Yu Wangding get your week a do? These nine against one never before , even the holy vessels are not really, how can stop me? today I will destroy Ding punish people, ye gods dare to play with human beings, all of which punish! that voice loud, larger hands pressed, Sanding issued immediately!! The squeak crisp! Yeah Soeda America Wind Star Arrow shot to drop almost a touch of their hands was far Zhenfei. wWw, quaNBen, COm "Stop it! Indestructibility of yuwang burn - "Suddenly, the other side sounded a cry hoarse Li He, the void around one acre or so giant canopy down from India, Hong Xiang brilliant figure. Town demon India appeared to person Lu The most powerful "nine Yamashina" in the "Cheng Tang King" came. another mountain place, watching everything through the Stone declared gently sigh, he knew he must be able to do the bureau,Nike Air Jordan 5 Sale, as long as they were forcibly jiuding attracted by, you can not escape this board, this board is not the biggest key will be to jiuding while these strong shot, but as long as they came to the house of God out of the gods Wan dignity, will never let go They, both solid and Rush in the difficult mien. divinity challenge against the gods, these people like Ringo ants, whether passive or active into the Council, as long as there is the need to die, which is God's majesty, You Ruolong the inverse scales, can not touch. really come this glorious humanoid one, knowing full four weeks each man strong, but still there is no fear, respect all incoming strong as death, and this is the absolute confidence and bullying. Pantheon, It was heaven and earth, from the Pantheon out of existence, every word, all represent the God Vaillant, must not have been offended Bansi all incoming strong, only vaguely aware of this moment is calculated, but seeing Among the jiuding Sanding incarnate, all could not help heart, coupled with seeing this brilliant man resembling words to destroy Yu soil contact, could not help, of course, the most important is that this glorious human form but does not reveal who Wan the identity of the god orthodox temple surrounded by forcing everyone to know that although incomparably glorious humanoid strongman, may have taken the step after level reached the realm of the gods, but it is not one of fear all} There is so much stronger in, even if the other is the gods,Nike Jordan SC 1 UK, but also can kill. Cheng Tang head shot, Hallows town demon printed a strike, the power to destroy the fire. &qu; 11 Hang - "If I had known this glorious four weeks humanoid rationale underlying each human community forcibly, but but nothing to fear in her eyes, the presence of these ants are like frogs in general. A Conspire, larger hands towards the top caught out, even abruptly withstood the "town demon seal." Cheng Tang Bu taken aback, could not help but shouted: "Now is not shot will be when?" Shadow flashed into the air above the palms to the town by the demon printed above the downward pressure coming, wanted these India under pressure in the glorious human form. "Today you all as to punish -" brilliant humanoid issued sneer, one hand against the top of the town demon India, one hand over the pages, was surprised to find a shiny spikes emerge, mortal flash. Mid-air above the Cheng Tang Wang suddenly scream, abandoned J 'town demon India, her hands to her eyes roll "Come." Sun Magic? "Someone exclaimed the dark, followed by an old man dressed in clothes gossip cents figure showing disease Gone I {lJ-to precisely Zhou sage" emperor "to. Emperor play in the hands of the" Eight Diagrams ", as J 'one giant light wall gossip, Zhao Xiang in the middle of glorious human form, a floating body households, but went straight to fetch Tianmei Feng Yu Wang body-week three people burned. other side of the same figure a blue flash, demeanor and mighty, mouth uttered Duan, land immediately sounded slightly audibly giant l sound, even showing a giant among Conspire black iron Bo,Nike Jordan 9 Shoes, is the ancestor of the Green River man land "Green God" to his mouth to drink loudly: "I see a mask Heart oak. "Hit the heart of oak, precisely on account Hallows, one brandishing a can be issued, then a pick handle oak shadow attack, filled with corpses, terrible clinking, the power of each of oak, are called Armageddon." Hit What kind of oak heart? Comparable to the old factory ghost Wan twenty pieces? Xia Xia - "Suddenly the other side there are doing all sounded gloomy, a wrinkled old bald head, especially if the dead if there, right hand holding a corpse than a giant mountain of countless people Guchuan into a huge, these countless between human bone, carved cinnabar sigil, but also a holy Yi Chuan now .. This bald old man Lu Yuan is not hilly king OK, though already half dead, but a force caused by the same person satisfactory to third order realm, one waving the specter Wan bone pieces, and immediately chilly wind roaring, Guikulanghao, a tumbling bones of the dead appeared in the chilly wind, filled with corpses Zhao Xiang J 'glorious human form. same time, Tian Meifeng drop off to catch five star arrow , heard shouts his mouth, five arrows shot, turning to a pillar of fire braided, flying hit glorious human form. Suddenly, emperor, Tianmei Feng, Qing Emperor Ling Wang and do not r .., four reached the third-order people complete state forcibly while all the holy vessels, Quanliyiji together at the center of Hongxiang glorious human form. glorious human mouth Nuxiao, a show of hands will be completely overturned town demon printed out, right hand fingers twisting action, suddenly Void Rays then flash, then a root Jian Zhen flashing light appeared. "drink - &qu;" Well - &qu; same I discuss, the number of sound Nuheng sounded busy emperor raised Bagua map toward the front of a block, the number of roots in the upper and light acupuncture, Gold and Iron intersects a harsh voice. Qing Emperor a sec-hand, left arm shot up suddenly two L Jian Zhen, harsh light exploded, immediately a left arm is rotten, it Jian Zhen, is the "Sun Magic." Qing Emperor flashing light on his left arm, his hand split immediately visible to the naked eye velocity grow back out. "drink -" brilliant humanoid harsh bark, hands a sec, suddenly vanity top, a giant paw incomparable fall, bang bang, do not say nothing pounds Mausoleum soil is heavy bombers in the hands of the ghost Wan bone pieces flew across, body households' history, such as broken Kite fell out. figure again Akira, suddenly fell to the field while the former beauty of the wind, Chung out a larger hands, until fork to the Tian Mei wind. Tianmei Feng Li He Nock, but it was this glorious humanoid grabbed his May the hands of the broken bow, l slightly audibly caught on ll: open throws. Tian Mei wind panic, wings vibrating electric speed Feitui. distant Stone declared in the eyes, extremely shocked, desperate, with roaring rushing, he never imagined that the so-called Army of God, even to such a strongman can not think of the realm, nine people Yamashina perfection strong third-order levels, even vulnerable. Cheng Tang Wang, Qing emperor in succession hit, and suddenly void laughed, surprised to find a .1. 'strange black whip falling straight fight to glorious humanoid. "fight Kamimuchi" appears, Zhou bloomer also came J'.! ~! .. < ;

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