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25.05.2013 09:08
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At the confluence of the mouth of the Yangtze River and Qian Tang River, in the north and South 19 km long beach in the East China sea. "One of the East China Sea is the top ten new leisure attractions" the coastal tourism resort. It is located in the port within the town, south of Northeast Asia's largest shipping center Yangshan Deepwater Port, north from Pudong airport 12 kilometers,Nike Air Jordan, East on a s è vast sea water. Early in the morning, when the vector space distance to spit out the greenish white, a Lincoln limousine in the protection of two Mercedes-Benz cars, arrived in the coastal tourism resort. The car stopped, as Liu Ming bodyguard and driver wolf off for the first time, opened the door. Lincoln. The car door open, early Eastern cold plume less active on the other side of the door jumped out of the car, Pei Donglai times, Roxy L ì East Wan son and Liu Ming is from the side door Syaoran's car. And the past is different,Nike Jordan 5 Sale, today's Liu Ming did not wear work clothes, did not wear those who often appear in the Milan Fashion Festival fashion, but wearing a "shipped" moving service, with a "shipped" sneakers, and Roxy L ì East Wan son is wearing a small vest, heat K ù, carrying a a small drawing board. Yesterday, Pei Donglai kill Zhou Futai back to Tangong villa, Roxy L ì East Wan son will be jubilant to tell him, because he,oakley sunglasses outlet, Eastern cold plume and Oriental Wan son is about to start, Liu Tong specially taking a day to accompany them to the coastal tourism resort play. Is coming so early is completely because of the small turnip L ì East Wan son ready to draw a picture of the sunrise of the East China Sea, to give to Pei Donglai. Although it was still early, but resort behind-the-scenes boss learned that Liu Ming to early, wait not to say, in the brief exchange and Liu Ming, but also personally with four people went to the beach. Arrived at the beach, resort behind-the-scenes boss and Liu Ming courtesy of some to leave, just before leaving naturally or half unconsciously to see Pei East to eyes, expression was significant doubt Hu ò. This is all because, in the boss behind the memory, since the East Chen died, also no man could survive and Liu Ming, Oriental Waner, Eastern cold feather three people together to play out. A lot of people think, but dare not: many people dare, but no chance. Resort area behind the boss left foreleg, Roxy L ì East Wan son took out the drawing board, ready to start painting, Liu Ming to accompany her side, a face of a face. "East brother, etc. after school to me that you live in, is convenient to coach me, or I a person dead boring." See Roxy L ì East Wan son took out the drawing board, Eastern cold plume and Pei DongLai Railway Station on the beach, watching the stretch as far as eye can see the sea, listening to the sound of the waves, turn, face looking at Pei Donglai asked. Pei Donglai shook his head, said: "I'm going to live in the school dormitory, so convenient. On the weekends, I'll go there you are to give you guidance." OK. After two months together, the East cold plume also know Pei Donglai not only very strong-willed, but once the decision was made almost does not change, also no longer persuade, just become dejected and despondent should 1. "You understand, this more than a month has made great progress, as long as you keep going, score up no problem." Pei Donglai smiled and change the subject. Since always, Eastern cold plume are uninterested in learning, until Pei Donglai gave him when >

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