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25.05.2013 09:02
Stone declared silently antworten

> Only almost, Stone declared we should give this horse demon king buried. wWW! QUAnbeN! COm dragon flame strength is too horrible, ten meters high horse demon king, was the dragon flame engulfed just burned less than ten seconds time, they turning to coke, a cracked block fall down . Ball of light emerged two groups, one group of white light energy group, flying into the Stone declared in vivo, and the other group ball of light, impressively is green. Is rare equipment. Stone declared heart racing, is preparing to pick up when you get up suddenly, silhouette flash, the scene even more than one person, a step faster than he picked up a green ball of light on the ground, it seems, he had been waiting for this moment of it. Moment, Stone declared stunned. Wang Wenlong, actually it was Wang Wenlong. Now Wang Wenlong, made no mention of fitted yield, thin face, revealing a very strange dark smile, he just suddenly appeared from view, he had simply been hiding in the side. But, why he did not notice his presence? "It surprised? Ninjutsu This is just a very simple kind Dunshu it." Tow face after winning smile, came to Stone declared, while walking, while showing the body fitted yield. This is a chance in the next Tow Institute ninja Dunshu can be well converge their breath, and the surrounding environment to make it blend in, to lie, Juenan be found, can be said to be a wonderful means of escape The only drawback is that there can be no little action, as long as a move, will immediately profiling, Tow is the use of this Dunshu just quietly lurking in the side of the stone edge, and only witnessed Stone declared war horse demon king. Tow see that now fitted yield lasting Stone declared inevitable running out, but he did not dare to attack him, just because he's fitted yield lasting only restored in less than ten. Even if he can one killed Stone declared, there is no guarantee Stone declared not dying back, come to a die in the end. Like previously in that channel within Tow lurking for a long time, at a distance so close to the case, although batted Stone declared, his face was too heavy door counterattack, which makes Tow fear, not in their own I also hit a few lasting Stone declared the situation down, so he decided to grab the first green containers, when found this green dress turned out to be a warrior with a breastplate, with a total increase of 650 points total lasting, could not help rejoicing, what So many sub explosion lasting, allowing Tow completely fearless shalt Stone declared kill. "Chi Chi" twice, his hands in the dark sword, Soul Eater sword, have come up. Stone declared stood up, suddenly apart from anything else, turned tail and ran. Tow hesitated to react, yelled out: "bastard! You run what? Do not mean to decide who will win and I do! Bastards!" Busy to catch up. Stone declared doing the full, crazy rushed into the distance. In addition to escape, he had no choice. Potential human life is really very terrible, who are charged with heavy losses, had been feeling exhausted the Stone declared, in the shadow of death threats from terrorism, even do not know where the strength pouring out, has been Kuangtao, stormed it Horsehead Wang Qun, a fast horse that even the king did not react, he rushed passed from the side. Tow tightly locked him all the way Kuangzhui, while chasing telling them swore. Now Stone declared, no doubt, is the most vulnerable time, Wang Wenlong naturally will not miss this opportunity, as previously Stone declared not let him. "Crying wolf beast!" Has been thrown Tow not open the Stone declared, and finally summon wolves who have been resurrected beast awakening. Man wolf beast roar, stand in front of the Tow. "Beast, go away!" Already has three green installed Tow more terrible, just get the green dress is a breastplate, covered with black spikes, flowing an evil and terrifying beauty, this green containers, so that his enduring magic energy and defense, are greatly enhanced. As soon thundered, Tow hands Diablo sword hit, suddenly sounded shrill Feng Xiao. His goal is not only one wolf beast, but in front of the stone Kuangtao Huangbuzelu declared. Wolf beast who is very flexible, even flashed away, but Wang Wenlong, another sword has been spending a handle, suddenly these people wolf beast from the waist cut the open. People cry wolf beast miserable howl, his arms a hug, but tightly delaying Wang Wenlong. Seem to perceive the owner present predicament, who issued the wolf beast storms of life I can, constantly mad howl, tightly holding Tow just do not let go. Tow furious, but also two swords down, finally make this man wolf beast vanished completely disappeared in the air. However, to get rid of the man wolf beast, the stone has been spared declared without a trace. "Damn!" Tow could not help Pooh slamming spit a mouthful of saliva. Showing the front entrance and numerous branches, Wang Wenlong do not know where to escape into the Stone declared. Tow thought, they gave up the idea of ​​catching Stone declared, but lifted the fitted yield, quietly lurking up. Has three green installed Tow, now confident this can be completely overwhelming Stone declared, in that case, why are so nervous to kill him? The most important thing is to let the fitted yield back to top Sheng period. Tow now fitted yield, has not yet fully recovered, of course, Stone declared awkward than 10 points only more durable and strong. Tow lift up not to mention fitted yield potential, say Stone declared. Stone declared running all the way and ran into one of the caves in the escape on the way, he clearly felt the call of the lives of the orcs into a wolf beast 0:00. Man wolf beast killed. Stone declared the hearts of a pain. Evolved into a mature stage of the ultimate state of human wolf beast, each killed once again reborn, life will drop 100 points. When death too many times, life down to 0:00, summon, will also want to be completely dead. Ben does not know how long, Stone declared exhausted fell roll out, rolled over and fell on the ground panting, surrounded by darkness and silence again, only heavy breathing Stone declared, echoing here. Slowly climbed the side of the side walls is touched, and sat up against the top, lifting the fitted yield, quietly sitting in the dark to rest. Mind, thinking Wang Wenlong,Air Jordan 3 Sale, will help to think of Lin Yao. Lin Yao, where are you, is not certain blocks in the city are now efforts to live your life with? I will find you alive, so please you, too, must live well. Stone declared silently biting her lip, my mind could not help but think of the immediate situation. Wang Wenlong, plus I have been robbed him go green containers, he already has a full three green containers, strength has improved a grade, this war, more and more difficult. However, until the last moment, Stone declared will never give up. Must the horse tribe kingdom, and that Wang Wenlong, the separation of a victory of life and death. I did not die, that he die. Stone declared silently thinking, slightly squint, in this darkness, against the side of the cliff sitting in a corner, like into the darkness, motionless. Time, in this dead-like silence slowly goes forward. A long time,Nike Jordan Big Ups Sale, do not know in the end even the Stone declared passed long, he only knows that his body was finally completely repaired, and Manner pushed to the peak period. God's enduring magic beast could have restored to the highest value,Air Jordan Store, but man wolf beast, also re-raised. Although, now people wolf beast, the highest value of life with only 800 points up. From the darkness, opened his eyes, leaning walls Stone declared slowly stood up, stretching a bit body, because the activities of the next sitting too long and some stiff body. Activities of the body, then down the mind Stone declared Goze crystal indicator, in this black hole in the walk through the cave. When he finally left the dark cave, the sky dark, dim mist again, demonstrated in front of the stone declared a black extremely dense and tall mountains, mountain top, stands a solitary Lian Lian's black castle. Horsehead tribe kingdom last squat point, the demon king of the castle, has finally arrived. Wolf helmet, Redstone belt, gray gloves, both have appeared in the Stone declared outside the body, the beast God starts again come. Final battle, arrived. ! ~! . . <

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